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  1. Oh right that makes a lot of sense! Thanks
  2. Oh yup very helpful comments, thanks everyone! Had been thinking of composting toilet actually, we were literally talking about it today Interesting though that there's liveaboards at the bridge marina because they told me it wasn't allowed, although I only asked about the berths so I guess it would be different for moorings.
  3. Hi everyone, new to this forum so please be kind while I ask my potentially pretty dumb questions. My husband and I are wanting to purchase a sailboat and have the option to stay on it for longer times. Not fully living on board but go there on holidays and weekends and maybe longer periods here and there as well. We're in the bay of plenty and the marinas here don't allow this (the longest you can stay is 2 consecutive nights or something like that). So, couple of questions: anyone know of a marina close to Tauranga that would allow liveaboard? Is liveaboard at a mooring allowed? I can't
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