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  1. I've just been reminded my EWOF expires at the end of August and after reading this thread, I'm frightened. Who would be the least painful person to go to for an EWOF in Wellington? Cheers Anthony
  2. No that didn't work out. I found one in Wellington in the end. Anthony
  3. Thanks. I've already bought it. I thought I'd be better off saving the money that could have been spent on a survey and using it to fix things that need fixing. I have previously tried negotiating on the basis of what's wrong without much success. This time I said I really like your boat but I only have this much money, which was true, and now I have the boat.
  4. Do I really have to pay for a survey to get my new boat insured or is there someone locally who can just come and have a look and say OK it'll be this much? Thanks Anthony
  5. I had thought there might be a conclusive way of establishing and transferring ownership so yes it is interesting that there isn't.
  6. The thing I was especially worried about was whether the yacht was security for a loan under a name other than the sellers; for instance a company owned by the seller. There is no way to search the properties register for a yacht other than the owners name. I have no doubt the seller is the owner in a common sense way. Both he and the boat come with very good references but I thought it would be irresponsible not to tick all the boxes.
  7. I have checked that and the seller is listed as the owner on YNZ.
  8. I'm in the process of buying a 35ft yacht. The owners will have left the country by the time I have transferred the money into their bank account. Until that happens we have agreed they will leave the keys with a third person. It's a lot of money so although I have a good feeling about the sellers I'm still anxious. Are there any safeguards I should put in place? I have searched the Personal Properties Securities Register under the sellers name but is there a way of establishing who actually owns the boat? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks Anthony
  9. Thanks everyone. I did fly down to look at the yacht on Saturday. The picture of the engine is misleading. The yellow string is the engine stop and the cable tie is there to tidy things up. Other than that the engine setup is very clean, well organised and easily accessible compared to others I've seen. There is superficial rust on the shackles but up close they look more than adequate. After seeing the boat , the rigging was my biggest concern although the shackles themselves looked fine and more than adequate up close apart from superficial rust. I thought, with my very limited experience
  10. The person selling it didn't sound interested in helping post sale when I asked. I can see it could easily reach a price at which it no longer makes sense, especially if I pay someone to help me shift it. It doesn't come with any safety gear either; lifejackets, epirb, harnesses? liferaft? How thoroughly equipped in that respect do I need to be?
  11. Thanks for the advice. It's all very useful. This is the yacht. I'm going to see it tomorrow. I'm trying to work out whether it would be viable in terms of time and money to safely move it to Wellington. I also appreciate that dreams, knowledge, money and reality may not yet have coincided. I have a berth at Evans Bay Marina here in Wellington but I'm not allowed to have it longer than three months without a boat.
  12. I was thinking I'd probably have to do that anyway. I was more interested in weather, timing etc.
  13. I'm considering buying a boat in Akaroa and sailing it back to Wellington. I sailed dinghies twenty-something years ago but beyond that I don't have much experience. Does anyone have any advice. Thanks Anthony
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