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  1. Had similar problem, set up a pump that would reach into the bilge and pumped it all out then pored in water and bilge cleaner and let it soak and soften , agitated the mess and pumped it out again. repeated this proves many times until the water appeared clean. The pump I used was a long pump similar to a bike pump but it was a bit of a reach so try a diaphragm type bilge pump
  2. Boat is a blue water cruiser 42 feet Island Time, can you give me your contact details David
  3. Hi I am researching for a new instrument/charting package for my yacht, the existing Furuno/ Nexus gear is now about 14 years old and while working does not have the capacity of the current generation. Looking for suggestions of what I should be looking for and also recommendations on manufacturer. Thanks in advance David
  4. Hi, I used to own Airobics also a Mk1 Gazelle. We had a failure in the seals of the hydraulic ram due to a bend in the spear (a previous owner had hit the bottom) we removed the system and had it repaired including a new spear. I would get the seals replaced and stick with the hydraulics, it is a simple system and you don't have to worry about electrics and batteries. To remove the system you will need to lift the boat off the keel using a travel lift. It is a good time to fair the keel and paint inside the keel box. David
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