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  1. Thanks Wheels. Nothing on the LCD at all. It still works in that I can engage the pilot and change my heading etc. but nothing is showing. I'll pull the unit out and get someone to have a check it over. Any recommendations on who I might get to look at it?
  2. Thanks Matt, would love to upgrade and it could be a possibility but I don't think I'll get sign off in this years sailing budget if you know what I mean. But, we'll see how we go.
  3. On our boat, we have a TMQ AP50 Autopilot and the display unit's LCD screen has failed. They are a discontinued product, I can't see one on TradeMe or eBay and the new AP55 unit is incompatible with other AP50 components on the boat so an upgrade would be a major. So thought I'd just put it out there on the off chance that anyone out there has one lying around and wanted to sell it?
  4. Not so much a good email more just sticking to my guns: "While I understand the need for enforcement in the Westhaven car parks I do not accept the outcome of this appeal. As I stated in the reason for the first appeal I was entitled to be parked in that spot. I was on the marina as a guest of a berth holder and if we had anticipated the problems we were to have we would have been entitled to a pass from the marina office. This is simply a case of oversight in procedure and not in anyway an attempt to park in breach of the terms. Yours Neil Lawton."
  5. Seems the second appeal was worth while - ticket waived Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Parking Breach Notice 755574645 Registration AYJ262 Thank you for your recent communication regarding the above Breach Notice. After careful consideration of the evidence, we can confirm that it was issued in accordance with our procedures and the Terms and Conditions of parking which are displayed on the Important Notice and signage at this car park. However, the good news is, we can confirm that the Breach Notice has been waived on this occasion. Please make sure in the future that you comply with the T
  6. Have appealed again. Don't expect a different outcome but I'll make them run around as much as I can first.
  7. On Tuesday morning I got pinged for $65 by Wilsons while parked at Westhaven. I appealed this on the following basis (all of which is entirely true): "On Tuesday 5th September 2017 I was parked in Westhaven in a white space opposite the entrance to P-Pier. My purpose in being there was to assist the owner of the boat “Close Encounters” (berth P59 – ****** contact 021*******) in the setup and testing of a new gennaker sail. This operation should have taken only an hour or so. However, due to complications in setup and the particularly light winds on the Waitemata harbour that morning this t
  8. Neil

    Dogs on yachts

    They love it, especially when on the rail and their ears get to take off speed.... https://youtu.be/55mBwFCIrd4
  9. A couple of hours in vinegar and... Guess I should take the rest of the galley to bits now
  10. Not sure why the pics are upside down, they looked the right way up on the laptop
  11. Trivial question but on our boat, all the chrome-like taps and fittings (not sure what they are made of these days) are showing their age. All dull and tarnished - see the pics of the base surround on one of the galley taps. Any easy ways of bringing them back to life? Any magic potions out there? Or is it just lots of polishing or buy new fittings? Ideas?
  12. We bought that boat Should really change my avatar... It was by far the best on the market but obviously still with an endless list of (mostly minor) things to attend to. The survey highlighted some items that were fixed by the vendor, but a sound boat and we are very happy. Sold my 88 at a very realistic price to make sure it got sold but on the up side, this market did allow us to upgrade to Placido which a few years ago would have been out of reach. I don't expect the market to change anytime soon and it doesn't really matter as we are in for the long term on this one. We looked a
  13. Thank you for the suggestions and help. My new (second hand) instrument arrived today courtesy of e-bay and YouShop
  14. Yep. However, even though the auction details seem to indicate it will ship here on placing a bid I got: "We are sorry but the item you selected may not be purchased due to Seller shipping restrictions, country specific import/export or other relevant restrictions." Which is a shame...
  15. On my boat, I've got an ST50 wind instrument (see picture) that is faulty - the direction needle slowly rotates around the dial continuously. With Lusty and Blundell's help, we've confirmed it is the instrument itself that is at fault and that the masthead unit, wiring and sensors are all good. So the problem I now have is that 1) the ST50 is no longer available and 2) the newer units are not compatible with the ST50 MHU etc. In short, I'm looking for a second hand ST50 Wind Instrument. I could be waiting a long time for one to pop up on TradeMe. So.... I'm wondering if any of yo
  16. Was thinking it looks a bit like a combo of no wind and the Karori rip running?
  17. We have a wee dog that we've started to take away on the boat. When he's on board it's mostly overnights around and about Waiheke or Rakino as there's no issues with him going ashore etc. (note we clear up after him and leave no mess!). Quite rightly most of the gulf islands are off limits and I totally understand why but does any one else have any ideas for dog friendly destinations? I presume most of Kawau is off limits but what about around the KIYC etc? Thoughts anyone?
  18. Oxalic acid, my new best friend
  19. Neil

    Owhanake Bay

    Larry Ellison (ORACLE) pulled up a power cable to Motutapu with his super yacht Katana ages ago and had to pay (a lot - $140,000 to $160,000) for a replacement. I know the article says "from the mainland" to Motutapu but I don't think there is one from the mainland?!? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=887799 Anyway are these two cables the damaged and replaced ones? I don't know? Anyone know where Larry had his accident?
  20. Right colour anyway although some of the details are not quite right... Would have thought the navy would have scuttled it though.
  21. Looks a lot more like this one: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/cyclone-pam-french-yachtie-heartbreakingly-ditches-yacht-takes-shelter-with-nz-navy-6254677.html
  22. Thank you all. Oxalic Acid it'll be...
  23. Any experts out there on how best to tackle this kind of staining? Any help, suggestions much appreciated...
  24. Neil


    Owned by some friends of mine, PM me if you'd like their contact details.
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