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  1. We've been waiting 2 months, over I think, for one set and 3 weeks for the other. I'm sure if this covid thing was serious we wouldn't be.
  2. It Got

    Coastal 2020

    These days if you aren't a 60ft + rocketship or have foils you don't really feature in the minds of race organisers any more. That's why the offshore race fleets have been decimated. Am I reading the results right in seeing only 17 boats finished inside the time limit? Man o man what a drifter it was.
  3. This mornings haze is hopefully related to a 21st last night and what I'm told was a brutal attack on many bottles of 1800 Tequila but it maybe covid, I'm still waiting for the test results from 2 separate tests. Either way the days plans of hacking the drive into the back of our place is not happening, no way I can handle a screaming 2 stroke at the moment. 74 active cases in NZ according to the media this morning.
  4. Back in the day if you were gay you were just happy. If you were a muppet you were made of fabric If you had a man bun it meant your filled roll was bigger than your girlfriends A tranny was a radio A yacht always had sails and eliminated meant it had ceased to exist. We're dangerously close to being able to argue No can also mean Yes.
  5. It Got

    Coastal 2020

    18 yachts are currently sitting off Ngunguru doing sweet bigger all.
  6. Had both Simrad 32 and Raymarine 1000 and 2000. Found no discernible difference between brands. Tend to use the 2000 the most as it is the fastest. The Ray 1000 has been swimming at least twice but it still works fine....much to everyones surprise. The 32 died when a drunk fell on it bending it in half. If you buy one new I'd consider some extra waterproofing, maybe by spraying a few coats of Soft Seal, or something like that but better, all over it. Water ingress does seem to be the most common killer of tiller pilots.
  7. The mooring lads are back into full pace now which means some furious catching up to do. It's not a high paying job but it is often a wet cold dangerous one fighting moronic bureaucracy and at times highy unrealistic mooring holders. Also high entry costs hence there are not many takers. I did it for years and enjoyed it but I did get over the bureaucracy, some of the custies and the unrealistic expectations. The lads try to do areas in blocks to keep costs down. The barges aren't fast so they can take a day to move from up the Tamaki to Hobbie sort of thing. As long as you are
  8. It Got

    Main halyard

    A wire 'sprag' 12mm now would suggest 10mm fancy cord would be the replacement. If you want to lighten even more strip the cover. The 2 key things when swapping are - 1 - check what your jammers can handle as CP noted above. CP's gone a little extreme with his heavily laminated jamming zone but we often add a extra layer to beef that area up to match size or in many cases minimise rope damage, some jammers are very brutal on ropes, some aren't. 2 - Check the sheeve at the top for sharp things, we call it the red test. Get up there then stick your finger in and rub it all ov
  9. Them be purdy.... Sounds good just keep remembering 'chafe' and position to minimise. Also watch for screw heads and tiny burrs and other things like that, they do get more ropes than most would think.
  10. Too many. But only a few days to wait now......
  11. I use a Sevylor 1000, which is an older model now. Takes 2 people sober or 4 to 5 when shitfaced, paddles like a rigid, 3 separate air chambers, floor is inflatable and can be used as a paddle board, tuff, complies with YNZ Regs requiring 'a dingy', when used as a 'race requirement dingy' I can deploy it faster than a liferaft......and be onto my 2nd beer before those with dingys tied on deck get even close to deployment ;)
  12. Why do I see so many calls to let people into NZ of compassionate grounds when we have a Govt that refuses to be compassionate to NZers already in NZ. What have NZers done to piss you lot off that much you have no compassion for them?
  13. Nice work Aard. Roll the stands a little more as you tuck them and go one more tuck. If you roll the stands you won't have get that lumpyness in the splice. The the on the right gets lost of points and is far superior to many, most out there, good on ya. One more tuck to comply with BS...not that the BS exists any longer but it is a good well proven standard to use on older school strings like laid nylon and polyester. As a CV .... I am in the market for another splicer
  14. It Got


    A lot of rum has to be pretty nervous about now. With this weather a lot of sailors are going to be extra thirsty
  15. I've just had a interesting chat with a Cruiser up in the Islands who is packing up his craft ready to voyage to NZ, he said he's got 2 weeks before he can leave. He reckons the word he has been told is 'get ready'. A very interesting but not unexpected twist, should he be right of course.....and I have zero idea if he is or not.
  16. That worked for me on both one bike and one boat. But Tuffies boat is bigger than that one, it's my baby one, so he'll have to be a faster scrubber than me
  17. With mooring lines we are constantly saying to people 'Yes today that 12mm would be fine for your 50fter but it is now 3am and cyclone Bitchface is rattling the windows of your house and will be for the next 40 hours, are you happy with that 12mm now?' the response is always 'Ahh..good point and No'. So like moorings, marina/pile lines are the size they are to give lots of redundancy and time, 2 things that will keep your boat where you hope it stays a lot longer. I had my baby boat in a very safe corner of a marina...I still used 20mm ropes that have the strength to lift 3 of the bo
  18. What's the difference between a hotel with some 100's of covid possibles in it and 600 + cruisers who are also possibles? The hotel has them all contained in one place easy to watch and control compliance. 100 boats scattered around are just as controllable and containable? As we have seen a few in the hotels are more than willing to ignore laws and direction but then so have a few cruisers. People in the hotels pay (or so the Govt likes to say yet f*ck all actually have been charged by the looks of it), cruisers won't. If someone in a hotel comes down with covid they are e
  19. A pair of those simple little now way old school fairleads would do. Maybe countersink then in to stop sheets catching etc. Cheap, simple yet highly effective and will never run out of battery. When you put the new ropes on fit 300m of Chafe-Pro or similar on them. New smooth leads and added chafe protection, done...and done for not a lot of cost. They are available around town and should be easy to fit. Watch for sizing, there are options so you may want to have a suss to get the best fit. I'd make sure you can fit a 20mm rope in them. While up the river 16 is fine if the
  20. The designer of the above craft said as the rig has been moved aft on the hull the rudder needs to go aft as well or 'ya can't steer the f**ken thing'. Also as Madyachtie mentions when at big pace downhill if the foils are too close steering is a nitemear so he wanted more separation for that as well.
  21. I don't buy the 'we must let them in for the marine industry' as most of the industry has f*ck all to do with either superboats or cruzers. Sure a handful of companies may be struggling without them now but I'd argue there is a case some of those have brought that on themselves. I'm sure many will now exactly what I mean. Tourism is struggling so if we open to support the marine industry on economic grounds so does that mean those calling for the boats to be allowed in are also calling for skiers, trampers, caravanners, freedom campers and anyone or thing related to tourism? Wha
  22. It Got


    Isn't it just.... Gotta love a good Ross boat
  23. Steerage downhill would be my pick but I shall as the proverbial horses mouth, stand by.
  24. Do you mean the paranoid hysteria that has been the forefront of the NZ Govt, specifically Jacinda, for months and is the basis of the labour parties election campaign today? Join the dots dude..... So just hold ya waters until the election is done and I'm sure the cruisers will be allowed in.
  25. Lookin flasher by the day. Good to see what a 15yo can do when you manage to prise a cellph from their hand. This is the Roper design not the Leech design.
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