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  1. I'll chuck a meter across them and if a I see ??? they are all yours. They do look in OK nic, I did dry it out fast so they should be OK I think. But what should ??? be?
  2. It's how people are interpreting the words 'floorboard' and 'headboard'. It would be the same in AC boats as it would be for the Endeavour no matter the class rules. The class rules do not define either word.
  3. Agree, if the intent was that important it would be called 'the rules'. The headboard argument is trending fast towards what Tamure said, no hard panel so no headboard. While there are ?? about the square tops most think the same, they are just moving with the times and most are OK with that...but one or two aren't. The way the rules are written is a little ambiguous so I see some tidy up there, one way or another. The floorboards is a goodie though as can be seen by the comments here, some see an extended hull, some see floorboards. The boat is not self draining. The boat considerin
  4. OK maybe I need to explain it a bit deeper. The class rules state boats must have 'floorboards'. But one boat has poured foam in-between the ribs and stringers then sanded it flat to the top of the ribs/stringers and put a lay of fibreglass on top. The boat argues that the skin of fibreglass constitutes the boats 'floorboards' so they comply with the rules. The majority of the fleet disagrees with that and say the boat does not have floorboards. One other boat is about to remove it's entire cockpit floor and in doing so make the boat a lot more workable (a sh*t load more space t
  5. I had a battery tool that went for a swim with me, a marina fender fitting goes bad, and it went well for a week or so then died. It came as no surprise. But luckily the car fob in my pocket survived, I was down to my last one due to previous unexpected deep contacts with the wet parts of marinas. I pulled it apart just out of interest and for those who have ever wondered this is what's inside. A shed load more lectronics than expected. No idea what they all do but I suspect a lot are there to stop the users blowing their own arses off. But I also five batterie
  6. Can 'floorboards' be permanently fixed in place? Would you consider a skin of fibreglass over foam as 'floorboards'?
  7. When someone says to you 'boat floorboards' do you see a item that is fixed permanently or a item that is removable, maybe after undoing some mechanical fastenings? When someone asks 'what is the headboard of a sail?' how would you describe to someone what to look for on that sail. This is mainsail specific. There is a wee discussion going on around the definitions of the words 'headboard' and 'floorboards'. There is quite a range of opinions on both. What is yours?
  8. 100% correct but sadly the Akl Shitty Council has a very VERY solid track record of making the call they want then seeking 'consultation' in only places, manners and wordings that will come back saying those that responded want exactly what the council has already decided to do. The list of things they have done based on seriously dodgy feedback and support is far larger than the list of things the public do actually support them on.
  9. That's because it's part of the exempt fleet who are allowed too at specific times or situations. Also it's berth is only just around the corner from it's berth is the high speed lane which opens to no restriction waters so it's 'Sub 12kt' zone is only a few 100m at best, most of which is inside the Ports restricted area.
  10. I had no opinion of the organisation until earlier today. Needless to say we are starting off on a very bad foot.
  11. The NZSFC/Legacy commonly wank on about commercial fishing doing this and that. The make big calls along the lines of 'commercial wankers', even though what commercial is doing is legal, rightly or wrongly. So I don't give a f*ck about size limits as it's blatantly obvious that fish is a baby so if the NZSFC/Legacy support murdering baby fish how does that make them any different than the commercials they wank on about so much? It doesn't!! In fact it makes the NZSFC/Legasea no different to the priest who preaches kindness, control and respect for others then bangs a choir boy up the bum.
  12. What retard kills a baby undersized fish like that then brags about it on Fecesbook. Where is Legasea and all the outrage????
  13. Ah ha, that explains why I was seeing sporties heading up SH1 on Sunday. 99% sure one was you 44, there can't be that many speeders that colour up north. We crossed paths around Ta Hana.
  14. I'd say 'pretty full' batteries and a sunny day easily explains why you are seeing 0.9a, it's just topping up the nearly full batteries.
  15. Definitely listen to that. Pins both sides are fine and common but you don't want a sloppy fit.
  16. KM...

    Boat Names

    Built a beer ballasted trailer sailor that was designed in the Masonic Tavern. It was going to be called 'Sixty 9' but after being reminded NZ had gone metric it got launched as 'One Ate One'.
  17. The designer/builder of the other boat has considerably more experiance.
  18. The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread. One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well. Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.
  19. KM...

    Boat Names

    There is a Ross 780 called Fine Entry. The owner far prefers it being called 'Rear Entry' I maybe lieing a bit there, OK shitloads to be honest, but if you are up for it calling it rear entry does get some bloody funny reaction. Best to do so from 1.5 arms lengths or more though, he may just have had a bad day. Safety first and all that
  20. Blusty and Lundell are now the Spinlock people in NZ.
  21. Looks like a lot of boat for the bucks. Some elbow grease needed but that's cheap and a great way yo learn your boat. A comment about water damage, I think referring to that area by the port chain plates you can see in the photos. I'd be checking that out hard. Also get a engine tech in for a suss, it looks old and could do with some love which is not to say it doesn't go well or continue to but.... Can't say I remember sailing one but I've known the name for a long time and I can't think of any negativity around it.
  22. On it's way to the Spencer exhibition I think.
  23. KM...

    Says it all...

    Agree, they do look very much 'Govt Dept' type questions.
  24. KM...

    Says it all...

    Hmmm.... yeap the usual. I don't know what it is but YNZ seem to be going out of their way to not recognise the problem they have. One is arrogance but many put that down to leadership being there so long it;s become a fiefdom, there are many signs there is something to that, how much is debatable. But the big one is this insistence they are club only yet they want direct access to the individuals. They seem either unwilling to accept if they go to the individual the individuals will regard YNZ as there for them. Ask around and most individuals do think YNZ is there for them, ask YNZ and
  25. I'm pleased to see your daughter must take after her mother. 5 bikes 8 beefs 46 dairy ladies and yes I'm a yachtie so that tight I have the bare minimum warp of 60m. Which means I do indeed have 2 boats. Well done Micro Mrs Fish..... or a cunning smokescreen by her dad That's the one. She's done a few miles now in many hands and looks to be doing so for a long while to come. Something we won't be saying about the tupperware being built today.
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