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  1. What retard kills a baby undersized fish like that then brags about it on Fecesbook. Where is Legasea and all the outrage????
  2. Ah ha, that explains why I was seeing sporties heading up SH1 on Sunday. 99% sure one was you 44, there can't be that many speeders that colour up north. We crossed paths around Ta Hana.
  3. I'd say 'pretty full' batteries and a sunny day easily explains why you are seeing 0.9a, it's just topping up the nearly full batteries.
  4. Definitely listen to that. Pins both sides are fine and common but you don't want a sloppy fit.
  5. KM...

    Boat Names

    Built a beer ballasted trailer sailor that was designed in the Masonic Tavern. It was going to be called 'Sixty 9' but after being reminded NZ had gone metric it got launched as 'One Ate One'.
  6. The designer/builder of the other boat has considerably more experiance.
  7. The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread. One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well. Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.
  8. KM...

    Boat Names

    There is a Ross 780 called Fine Entry. The owner far prefers it being called 'Rear Entry' I maybe lieing a bit there, OK shitloads to be honest, but if you are up for it calling it rear entry does get some bloody funny reaction. Best to do so from 1.5 arms lengths or more though, he may just have had a bad day. Safety first and all that
  9. Blusty and Lundell are now the Spinlock people in NZ.
  10. Looks like a lot of boat for the bucks. Some elbow grease needed but that's cheap and a great way yo learn your boat. A comment about water damage, I think referring to that area by the port chain plates you can see in the photos. I'd be checking that out hard. Also get a engine tech in for a suss, it looks old and could do with some love which is not to say it doesn't go well or continue to but.... Can't say I remember sailing one but I've known the name for a long time and I can't think of any negativity around it.
  11. On it's way to the Spencer exhibition I think.
  12. KM...

    Says it all...

    Agree, they do look very much 'Govt Dept' type questions.
  13. KM...

    Says it all...

    Hmmm.... yeap the usual. I don't know what it is but YNZ seem to be going out of their way to not recognise the problem they have. One is arrogance but many put that down to leadership being there so long it;s become a fiefdom, there are many signs there is something to that, how much is debatable. But the big one is this insistence they are club only yet they want direct access to the individuals. They seem either unwilling to accept if they go to the individual the individuals will regard YNZ as there for them. Ask around and most individuals do think YNZ is there for them, ask YNZ and
  14. I'm pleased to see your daughter must take after her mother. 5 bikes 8 beefs 46 dairy ladies and yes I'm a yachtie so that tight I have the bare minimum warp of 60m. Which means I do indeed have 2 boats. Well done Micro Mrs Fish..... or a cunning smokescreen by her dad That's the one. She's done a few miles now in many hands and looks to be doing so for a long while to come. Something we won't be saying about the tupperware being built today.
  15. KM...

    Says it all...

    What was the sales pitch by YNZ on that?
  16. I have 3 motorbikes more than I have boats, not counting dingys I have 3 more beefs running around the farm than I have motorbikes. I have 38 more dairy ladies on the farm than I have beefs. I have 14 more meters in my Cat 1 primary anchor warp than I have than the total number dairy ladies. How many boats have I got? None of my boats are on Trade Me or for sale...unless someone wants to make a silly offer. Just so happens I know Zilch, the 747 on TM, and her owner who is, as you gathered, a multiple boat owner. He's in the same spot as Booboo in going shopping before
  17. I was working with the mad scientists under the previous owner and there was a wee experimental angle about it, the no primers, undercoats or bog under the paint being one. It seems the new people want to zizz the company all up more corporate like I suppose. The low sheen / stain are preety much the same thing, certainly not different enuff to be obvious so my guess it they simplified their offerings. The LS is good though but still has some sheen but definitely a long way away from gloss and their gloss is 'in your face retina burning' glossy. Yeap they were using it on floors, Vec
  18. This one is also being sold by another rich prick with more boats than he knows what to do with so it's price is most likely open to arm twisting as well. I haven't been close to the boat for a while but I know the owner is anal so it will be set up well with good gear.
  19. That's more due to PHRF than the race. Get a Std 930 and in a hard reaching race you'd do very well as that will negate one of the only 2 differences from the Stds, their big keels.
  20. Even more secret now Cotec has a new owner who doesn't want to deal with the public, what a silly billy. You can buy it at Wairau paint Center and I'm guessing elsewhere. This stuff - https://cotec.co.nz/TDS/Industrial/Tuff%20Cote%20Finish%202K%20WB%20Urethane%20MAR%2020.pdf 2 pot water born. I used the high gloss in the bilge and engine room, satin inside and by inside I mean top to bottom inside over bare resins and bar wood, I use zero primer or bob. A low sheen on the exterior. By exterior I mean waterline to masthead over everything, I used no primers or bog. The gloss is white,
  21. First Addem and now you, this thread is rocking some fantastic one liners
  22. Hang on I'm googling intellectual. It's all to do with the anti money laundering and terrorist financing laws. It's very invasive and the questions very poorly qualified. I went against advice and answered them honestly. The question where it all went bad was "What do you intend to spend that money on?', we have a sum just sitting in Rabobank. I replied 'Sperm', she said 'What?', I said 'Sperm', she said 'What's that?', I said "Sorry I don't feel safe explaining that to a female in these days of #metto', is there a bloke I can explain it too?, she went septic. All she should have done is
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