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  1. 16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Hang on, lets follow the logic of your statement here KM...

    According to you, YOU are being played.  So is everyone else.  The math is simple - if your statement is addressed to the general public EVERYONE is being played, no one is exempt.

    So, we know you are being played, and therefore you are not a reliable source.  If you are not a reliable source, nothing you have posted on the subject is reliable because you are in Group 2 - ie The Oblivious Playees.

    But then you alter your position - some ARE NOT being played.

    However, if you are not a reliable source (as we have already identified) its possible that you are aware and can See The Obvious, but you are playing us.

    The Matrix was easier to comprehend.

    1/2 way through that I had it in hand but you got too deep. What followed that got even deeper so I bailed before I drowned.  I didn't do goodly in england class, no matter how many years they made me repeat it, so much more then 2 syllables and ya may as well be speaking Mongolian ;) 

    16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    So, we know you are being played, and therefore you are not a reliable source.

    But is someone who knows they are being played unreliable? Is someone who doesn't or has yet to realise they are being played unreliable? I'm going to say No and No.

    It's known in war and other such uber ugly sh*t that when groups of people are facing piles of guns that are inevitably going to go off, some people are aware they are about to die but others hang onto the belief they can wiggle their way out of it somehow. So does that mean the group who know the triggers are about to be pulled and they are about to die are unreliable or does it just mean that group knows the reality of the situation they are in?

    The same can be applied to yachting. I was out 2 weeks ago in conditions that had come up a lot to where it had me puckering to a very high degree. Dude R was next to me and being new to the game he was quite oblivious to how close to nasty sh*t happening and/or swimming he was. Does that make Dude R unreliable or just in a place he couldn't see or had yet to realise he should have been puckering as hard as those of us who understood the situation we were in?

    I'd suggest that in both examples and the comments made in previous post, being aware you are about to be shot/have a rig drop on your head/being fucked over by media doesn't mean your unreliable, it just means some can see the situation they are in and some just can't...for many assorted and usually very valid reasons.

    I do believe those, or most at least, in this thread who are having issues recognising the overwhelming influence the media has and continues to have in forming their opinions are simply yet to realise that is happening and to such a large degree. In time some will but some won't. It happens every minute of everyday and has for centuries.

    I do believe a dude called Pythagoras died after spending his life being called unreliable, a heretic, a denier and more, due to his whacky assertion the earth was indeed round not flat as science had proved it was. Were all those who gave Mr P grief about being unreliable right or was it a case they just hadn't come to grips with what Mr P had seen and was saying?

    I like the 50's more than to early centuries. Pythagoras, Achimedes and that lot have hell tricky names to spell unlike in the 50 when many were called Bob or Harry or Mary, they are so much easier :)

  2. Holy crap, you lot still wapping on believing you have a grasp of the entire situation or even a small part of it.

    The winner in the US election was the media, the losers were the people of not only the US but those beyond it's borders who care, which is f*ck all but there are certainly some are out there. Not just those who voted for knubnuts or dickwad or the smarter ones who didn't waste their time on either but EVERYONE equally.

    You, me, the dude next to you, the dude next to me and everyone is being played. Some can see the obvious but sadly many seem quite oblivious. This thread does appear to have a disproportionate number of the later.

    The same happened in NZ as well but not to the extreme degree it is happening in the US.

  3. Our stream is running sweet and tests show it's drinkable. Fair bit of tannins in it as it's all coming out of the bush, but they can be filtered.

    Just brought a transfer pump that can put out 225lt/min @ 60metres head. So now sweet for topping up all the dams or tanks if required.

    I wonder if I can sell some to Watercare :) :)

  4. 16 hours ago, LBD said:

    With regards to a washer.... if the hole the the clevis pin fits through is a good fit then no, But if the fit is sloppy, then use a washer that is a neat fit to the pin.

    Always us a robust washer with the less sharp edge towards the split pin.

    Definitely listen to that. Pins both sides are fine and common but you don't want a sloppy fit.

  5. 13 hours ago, splat said:

    Hard to believe Dan leech would get target weight wrong. He has a bit of experience designing and building skiffs.

    The designer/builder of the other boat has considerably more experiance.

  6. On 10/11/2020 at 12:10 PM, ex Elly said:

    Build your own Cherub!

    Get the kitset for $8500 here!!

    The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread.

    One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well.

    Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.



  7. 2 hours ago, AJ Oliver said:

    I disagree with the entire post, but this in particular. 

    Very crude reductionism. 

    So ISIS is just like AOC ? Sure, you betcha. 

    As you have gone to some length to explain to us you are a died in the wool fan of the party who fought and died to protect your right to own slaves why would you think anyone would expect you to agree with the right of humans to have some personal freedoms or thier own opinion?

    Is ISIS the same as Auckland Obstetrics Centre? Hmmm... I'm going to say No but with some trepidation you may take us down some rabbit hole all the way to SadFuckerVille.


  8. There is a Ross 780 called Fine Entry.

    The owner far prefers it being called 'Rear Entry'




    I maybe lieing a bit there, OK shitloads to be honest, but if you are up for it calling it rear entry does get some bloody funny reaction. Best to do so from 1.5 arms lengths or more though, he may just have had a bad day. Safety first and all that ;)

  9. Looks like a lot of boat for the bucks. Some elbow grease needed but that's cheap and a great way yo learn your boat.

    A comment about water damage, I think referring to that area by the port chain plates you can see in the photos. I'd be checking that out hard. Also get a engine tech in for a suss, it looks old and could do with some love which is not to say it doesn't go well or continue to but....

    Can't say I remember sailing one but I've known the name for a long time and I can't think of any negativity around it.


  10. On 6/11/2020 at 7:33 PM, aardvarkash10 said:


    Not necessarily correct, but interesting.

    Yeap but well written and has some merit.

    On 6/11/2020 at 7:33 PM, aardvarkash10 said:

    For a start (and only as a start), the question posed in the poll 3 years ago was entirely different to the actual facts being voted on in the referendum.

    Yeap again, I think that was a big input to the result, a lack of understanding exactly what the vote was about. I see exit surveys show a huge % of under 30's, plus a good % of everyone else, thought they were voting Yes or No to allowing medical use, which has been legal for a while already, not a bill about recreational. That's bizarre considering it was Chloe pushing the thing.

    Bob is a bit of a battler isn't he. Sure at times he's WTF? but over all I think he is doing a OK job considering NZ's small minorities spectacular ability to stop the conversations we desperately need to have if society is to go forward without escalating sh*t fights. At least he's trying, which is more than can be said for the vocal shout downers.

  11. Yet again I called it correctly, a senile old corrupt racist won.

    Not to sure I like the idea of the US being headed by a proven war monger though, that's a bit scary especially when watching him talk does raise the question of mental lucidity. If JB and XJ ever chat face to face about the current escalation I hope someone with full control of their faculties is present or XJ will make dumplings out of JB real fast.

    I wonder JB's ongoing support for US war mongering will continue now it'll be in his name and he can't hide behind someone else.

    On 6/11/2020 at 7:02 PM, Zozza said:

    who just has a different political view,

    At the ends of the politically extreme spectrum, both left and right which are exactly the same, they tend to talk a very a big game of wanting equality, inclusion, freedom of speech and opinion but they are the very group who are the first and most vocal in trying to oppress those very things. Same thing with CC, the bigger the alarmist the bigger their footprint is or needs to be.

    Some here will have to dramatically change their posting style if Little gets his suppression of free speech bill passed.


  12. An interesting summation I thought.

    For those here, those many here, with sh*t house comprehension skills please read the line in RED following this well. As I know you struggle with even the most basic of words too often the bit in red below means I DID NOT WRITE IT.


    By Bob McCoskrie of Family First:

    Despite starting the campaign with a 36-point lead two years ago (according to Horizon Polling), the YES campaign lost the cannabis debate by 2.3 points (an incredible 38-point turnaround).


    This was despite an avalanche of favourable media support which even experienced broadcasters observed as very bias – (“the prominence of the pro-campaigners in mainstream media, the lack of balance”, and “The media in general has featured, to my eye, favourable coverage of why we should be legalising the stuff, as opposed to why we shouldn’t”).

    There was also a strong campaign by the Electoral Commission to enrol young voters using the enticement of being able to vote in the dope referendum – a group of voters more likely to vote yes.

    And there were accusations of bias by the government. In a paper in the NZ Medical Journal, the academics described the claims in the government pamphlet delivered to all voters as “inflated”, “unrealistic”, and “unlikely to be achievable”.  The BERL report – which the government tried to hide – revealed that pot shops will be as noticeable in number as fast food outlets, and that usage will increase by almost 30%. And government advice – which the government also tried to hide and was forced to release by the Ombudsman – said that “there would almost certainly be unintended and unanticipated consequences of legalising cannabis for personal use”, and that “there is insufficient data to understand the medium- to long-term impacts”

    So, with all the inertia behind the YES campaign, why did they still so spectacularly fail?

    • the attempt to legalise smoking cannabis directly contradicted the successful SmokeFree2025 messaging and campaigning
    • the YES campaign supporters tried to bring alcohol into the debate, but that actually reinforced the concerns people had about big corporates exploiting communities for profit and addiction, not health 
    • neutral voters who tried to engage with YES voters on Facebook were treated like imbeciles and dismissed 
    • YES voters trolled the NO campaign pages but, through their commenting style, actually reinforced the perception that cannabis use was not good for the intellect! Threats made against the NO campaign also didn’t help.
    • The Patrick Gower documentaries and the movie “Toke” (conveniently timed to air just before the referendum) simply reinforced stereotypes of an unrelatable subculture which turned middle New Zealanders off.

    The one thing the YES campaign did get right? 

    They used medicinal marijuana as a smokescreen – which fooled a lot of people into voting yes. Exit polling showed that 60% of Yes voters voted in order to make cannabis available for medicinal purposes such as pain relief. This is despite the fact that medicinal cannabis has already been legalised, and the Government clearly spelt out on the official referendum website that “Medicinal cannabis is not included in the proposed law that will be voted on in the referendum.” The silence by the media and YES campaigners around the private members bill of Dr Shane Reti which was drawn just before the election confirms that the YES campaign was keen to use the medicinal aspect to increase the yes vote.

    But overall, the YES campaign still blew it.

  13. The markets seem happy the US assorted whatever houses of senates or whatever they are will be infested with so many from all parties much of any significance will get done.

    1 hour ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Also of note - JA (as a symbol of all actions taken by govt) has no ability to directly impact health service delivery.  That is ALL done in the district health boards.

    That does seem to go against what JA herself said 'I have cleared the hospitals to cope or 14,000 NZers will die'. And she did repeatedly use the word 'Will'. 14,000 was a possible outcome of one scenario, there was a 1.3% chance of that happening, it was the absolute worst case of all the scenarios put to her.

    So not too sure what's going on there Aard. Either JA did say clear the wards which means she can directly direct Health Boards or the health Boards themselves decided to clear the wards themselves in which case JA was again telling porkies.


    It's now official, Labour won the NZ election gaining 28.87% of NZers votes. Now over 3.5 million people didn't vote for you so don't f*ck it up or penalise more than you are going to for that.

    The best part of the results is one of the most snottiest, wokiest, racist, arrogant sad fuckers in Govt got booted out. Bye bye Coffey, NZ will be a better now Rawiri has got the job.

    End of Life Referendum -

    65.1% Yes

    33.7% - No

     1.2% - hashed their vote too much to be counted (excuse the pun)

    Lectric Puha referendum -

    48.4% - Yes like spark it up dude.

    50.7% - Nope to dope.

    0.9% had a splif in the way in and couldn't work out how to use the voting paper or the pen, possibly both.

  14. Doubled the number of 4200l this morning after having a wee measure.

    So the shed will now have 16,800l which will be farm water once the house tanks go in.

    I'll have them inside 2 weeks...and before Fish gets exciting at how, I am getting them from the mob who does all our roto molding for our marina gear. The price does reflect the 5 figure sum I spend there each month and have done for well over 10 years.

    Also got a 2000l to put in at home.

  15. 2 hours ago, Fish said:

    So by taking action to stop the health system from being overwhelmed, so that cancer patients could still access treatment, JA knocked off 400 cancer patients?

    Directly No of course not, but indirectly decisions made by JA has lead to greater and in some cases unnecessary harm. That is if you believe the medical professionals, some of which are in very senior positions. I have no reason not to believe them and I do have reasons to believe them.

    NZ had no good reason to empty the hospitals if you believed what JA said, continued to say and still says today, 'The boarder is sealed'. But now we know she knew that wasn't the truth when she said it, how very Trump of her.

    So has the stupid old senile bullshitting twat won the US elections yet or has the stupid old senile bullshitting twat won?

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