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  1. 2 hours ago, Fogg said:

    Pretty disappointing coverage. The official CC website news hasn’t been updated since first boats crossed the line early on Sat am.

    These days if you aren't a 60ft + rocketship or have foils you don't really feature in the minds of race organisers any more. That's why the offshore race fleets have been decimated.

    Am I reading the results right in seeing only 17 boats finished inside the time limit? Man o man what a drifter it was.

  2. On 19/10/2020 at 10:27 AM, Fish said:

    I don't understand this statement. They aren't going to be in govt. Wasn't that the whole idea of the OP's point? if you don't want the greens in govt, vote labour...

    Looks like the strategic voting worked a treat.

    It sure did. I was chatting to some rurals yesterday arvo and all 3 voted red in an effort to keep the greens out.

    I see Fed Farmers were quick to make sure Jacinda knows why a lot of rurals swapped camps for this one.

  3. Again I'm left a little in awe at how defensive the politically captured can get over what was nothing more than a simple and factually correct interest only passing comment.

    The sad part is if people can get their knickers so twisted and go out of their way to deny the truth over a little nothing post like that then do you have to ask the question 'Is it any wonder we have so many poor outcomes in NZ when thought process's like that get to use a voting booth?'

  4. This mornings haze is hopefully related to a 21st last night and what I'm told was a brutal attack on many bottles of 1800 Tequila but it maybe covid, I'm still waiting for the test results from 2 separate tests. Either way the days plans of hacking the drive into the back of our place is not happening, no way I can handle a screaming 2 stroke at the moment.

    74 active cases in NZ according to the media this morning.


  5. Wowwwww, your obvious disdain and disregard for the majority of NZers is noted.

    As is how scared you are of a basic and undeniable truth you have to try and make it something it's not.

    You better hope the 3 million you have no time for do exist as the majority who voted for Jacinda won't be paying to cover the cost of the unprecedented borrowings, the grandiose virtue signalling nor the damage that is causing the planet and my fellow NZers, all 5 million of them.....especially the children and those at the poorer end of the spectrum.

  6. Back in the day if you were gay you were just happy.

    If you were a muppet you were made of fabric

    If you had a man bun it meant your filled roll was bigger than your girlfriends

    A tranny was a radio

    A yacht always had sails

    and eliminated meant it had ceased to exist.

    We're dangerously close to being able to argue No can also mean Yes.


  7. Had both Simrad 32 and Raymarine 1000 and 2000.

    Found no discernible difference between brands.

    Tend to use the 2000 the most as it is the fastest.

    The Ray 1000 has been swimming at least twice but it still works fine....much to everyones surprise.

    The 32 died when a drunk fell on it bending it in half.

    If you buy one new I'd consider some extra waterproofing, maybe by spraying a few coats of Soft Seal, or something like that but better, all over it. Water ingress does seem to be the most common killer of tiller pilots.

  8. The mooring lads are back into full pace now which means some furious catching up to do.

    It's not a high paying job but it is often a wet cold dangerous one fighting moronic bureaucracy and at times highy unrealistic mooring holders. Also high entry costs hence there are not many takers. I did it for years and enjoyed it but I did get over the bureaucracy, some of the custies and the unrealistic expectations.

    The lads try to do areas in blocks to keep costs down. The barges aren't fast so they can take a day to move from up the Tamaki to Hobbie sort of thing.

    As long as you are booked in with one of the contractors the council are generally OK is times are pushed. They may remind you times up but won't do much more. As council knubnuts go they are a bit unusual in being good to chat too if you need to.



  9. 16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Not for general H&S they don't.  You as employer are required to take reasonable steps to manage the risk.  You cannot rely on the road vehicle limit for people operating a chainsaw (by way of an example).

    It is a known guideline the courts have used so for me it's easy, if they shouldn't be driving a car they shouldn't be doing lots of other stuff. I have a very well known guide to use. A guide that is very easy to explain and even most dumbarses would get it.

    There is nothing like that for the lectric puha.

    Looks like it's going to miss anyway. They need to bring it back more along the lines of meeting what is happening now and society seems quite fine with. I'm walking down the road smoking a splif and the plods arrive. I'm pinged just like a speeding ticket, fined some pointless sum and told to f*ck off home. Basically the plods are running a 'decriminalised' type program and next to no one I've spoken to has a problem with that. It would also tick many of the boxes people are having issues with in the current suggestion.

  10. 13 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    So let's be conservative and say that the hypothetical family goes through 4L of milk a day.. 28L a week = $46 a week, just in milk. I went through the Online Pack n save store (Botany) and clocked just on 140 bucks just for milk, 2kg of cheese, a kilo of butter, yoghurt, 2 trays of eggs and 20 loaves of shitty bread (and 2 blocks of butter is nowhere near gonna spread over 20 loaves of bread.)

    So we have covered for each of the 6 family members using the above shopping load -

    Breakfast each day - a couple of eggs with toast and splash of yoghurt with a big glass of milk.

    Lunch each day - a couple of cheese toasties or sammis. More milk.

    Now only dinner to sort out....something ..... with milk and toast ;)

    But now I'm confused, I thought the thread was about high food costs but Doc's just feed 6 people 2 OK squares a day 7 days a week for only $3.33 per person. I'd have thought that's pretty damn good.

  11. 14 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    "tomatoes"🤔 from Up North?

    "Hey, bro, I need a cuppla deliveries of "tomatoes" aye, you know what I mean...." 😉

    Sudenly I am reconsidering your posts in the referenda thread.


    :) :) I had a site meeting with hard case older builder dude up north last week and sussing the plans he saw one of the bays is tagged 'propagation/workshop'. He said "Mate you don't need that, northland specialises in outdoor. I know a few people who can help set you up". It took me a second or 3 then it clicked. "No dude, I called it that as we don't want the council knowing it'll be a short term crash pad". The response to that was 'Good on, the council here are wankers'. He is old school hard core and very funny.

    When I got home I downloaded the application to get a cultivation license. Not hard nor that costly, 6K. Maybe I can feed it to my super cows to make the world first green, literally, steak that comes with built in silly grins. I wonder if I'd also have to grow some munchie shrubs 🤔

  12. 2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    I'm guessing that since all those terms are relative, we might view it differently.

    I'd say consider things differently, I think we probably view a lot in the same manner once you remove you're obvious politically constructed judderbar ;)

    But then you did wade straight into what was another bit of an ambush, you will note I did not post who the author was, that was intentional.  Crew is no different than life where people assume sh*t due to something quite unrelated like someones job or boat or car, silly things like that or the boomers too many of whom tend to still be living in 1980 and apply that to today which in most cases is a huge f*ck up. This thread has a few other along the same lines as you, look at Pricillas raves, they all look to be based on who posted the post not the contents of the post or it's author. So removing the odd thing is good as it removes that angle. But sadly some don't take the opportunity to consider the contents, they still just thoughtlessly pile onto the poster.

    It's not the first time. One of my most favourites was from Charlottesville (where the retarded fuckwit mowed down some lady in a car). I posted a photo of a very dodgy bunch of people in para military type gear obviously out to inflict biffo, they had a big sign. I photoshoped the signs contents out and posted the photo. The outrage and vile comments being thrown hard and fast about the right wing fuckers bashing innocents came flying in, it was very nasty. To be fair known leftists and rightists on Crew piled on in, not just leftists even if they were the most in numbers and ickyness, but then it was a very heated moment in time that had everyone pissed off about some aspect.

    But I made that thread go instantly silent as well by posting the untouched photo which clearly showed they were bunch of hard core leftists who had just beaten the f*ck out of some old dude using many assorted weapons. I do believe some of them did get prosecuted for that and rigthy so.

    Contents.....judge posts on their contents and comment on them accordingly. Commenting based on who posted it is often not the wisest way to do it ;)

  13. 19 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    BTW, you already have this problem.  Except for people operating a motor vehicle, there is no statutory level of intoxication at work.  Heaven forbid, after all, that government tells an owner how to run their business.

    The courts use the same as driving so there is a legally defined level of impairment around alcohol.

    18 hours ago, muzled said:

    Truth be known I imagine you're in the minority that read the bill IT.

    Yeap I suspect so but as it is such a big thing and it is all about the bill maybe if people haven't read it they should not be making what are effectively uninformed votes.

    But then this election is about and only about Jacinda and her covid respnce so it;s little wonder bugger all seem to be putting much, if any, effort into making informed calls.

    16 hours ago, Rangi1 said:

    I do...

    The best post by miles  😄


    even if it did take me a minute or 2 to work it out , opps :0

  14. 16 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

     They did have tomatoes for $12.99 kg

    That's cheap. I went to get some yesterday and they wanted $19.95 a kg and the things were hothouse...so I've send word north to my trusty tommie supplier who grows them in dirt outside in the weather. They'll cost 20 odd a kg but at least they are real.

  15. 20 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

     Its the Standard Right Wing Old Guy rant. 

    Standard = correct, I've seen him post on it a few times and his utterings often be the topic of conversation (The Standard, a very left wing unionist website that is way out there...way out well past Lenin)

    Old = depends on how you define old but he'd in his 50's I'm guessing.

    White = dick

    Guy = again correct

    Right wing = I'm laughing my tits off right now.

    Rant = Is it still one?? 😁 😁


  16. 15 hours ago, Priscilla II said:

    Pretty well sums you up KM severely detached from reality.

    Wowww..... just Woww..... that's a extra special series of rants P, you've out done your usual self.

    I do apologise for agreeing with what you have stated more than once and I will refrain from agreeing with you in the future if only to try and keep your blood pressure under control.


  17. A wire 'sprag'

    12mm now would suggest 10mm fancy cord would be the replacement. If you want to lighten even more strip the cover.

    The 2 key things when swapping are -

    1 - check what your jammers can handle as CP noted above. CP's gone a little extreme with his heavily laminated jamming zone but we often add a extra layer to beef that area up to match size or in many cases minimise rope damage, some jammers are very brutal on ropes, some aren't.

    2 - Check the sheeve at the top for sharp things, we call it the red test. Get up there then stick your finger in and rub it all over the sheeve and anything the rope may touch, if it comes out dripping red then there is something sharp that may do the same to the rope as it's done to your finger. Obviously that's not good so make whatever it is go away.

    Otherwise go for it.

    If stripping DO NOT use Vectran even if you coat it heavily.

    Dyneema is the go or for most Spectra is the better option, 90% of Dyneemas goodness but at a lot less cost.

    Watch out for Chineemas, some are OK but some are simply sh*t.


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