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  1. No worries. I have 2 important sucks to go. They should happen in the next week after that it's bits and bobs.. ..and a big carbon 12K tow bedhead, that should look cool, at some stage. But you're not quite ready by the looks so that's handy.
  2. A Wheels2000XLS TURBO 4x4. A Wheels creation made from bits of a printing machine, his boats fuel system, and some other parts he got from gawd knows where. He's damn cunning for a footpath owner It's not huge volume or even big volume but it's a good sucker. It'll easly do what your looking at I think. I've done 3mt x 1.5 panels with ease, a Javelin outside skin, and a lot more. Ya wannna borrow it? Suss the vacume thread I did mid last year maybe????? Found it, bad spelling again. The pumps a lead player in that plot http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11212-vacuum-bag
  3. Bugger you didn't post this before yesterday. On Wednesday evening I chopped my laminating table down from 3.3 x 1.4 to a lot smaller. I've finished all my big panels so are regaining a bit of cave space. The table was made using a 22mm think MDF cover sheet scored for a dozen stubbies from the local Caters. I then gave it a coat of west resin with a god splash of acetone in it so it soaked in more fast. That was old resin I wasn't happy using on the boat but it worked fine. Then I sanded and gave it a full coat, sand again and another full coat then a fine sanded and a few coats of a good
  4. That's an interesting beast I thought you'd like. You can deploy it as a single smaller anchor or one big anchor (both stay locked as one) or in tandem like the vid, that is rather smart. I was expecting a bit a bitsie or fiddly and a locking mechanism that was a horror show waiting to happen but after having a hands on they are well made and clever in their simplicity. Had a quick play and all looks very good. I think I like them. Can say my eyes are as eagle as yours Steve but when I went for a play we just use std short link and it was fine. The locking gizmo had no problem with it.
  5. at least he won't get stuck in traffic! Nor will the Vulcan be Mr Spock. And IT better watch that traffic or he may not live long and prosper. Sorry but it was asking for it
  6. Do these battery monitors consume battery?
  7. That ones been thru a few changes as well. Most anchors evolve after the first come out. Some for performance some for cost and some just because the manufacturer thinks it's a good idea, which it isn't always. I've chatted to 2 boats with the XYZ and they are both very happy users...but they did say only in specific bottom types. Most aren't huge fans, to say the least. I think this is another that suffers the 'It just looks wrong' syndrome, which coincidently the Spade did as well in it's early days. People just wouldn't buy it as it looked so different from the main players of the day b
  8. I thought you'd like that one. Assorted reports on it's performance but it suffered a issue with the UV breaking down the bubble part which is plastic. It never really took off. A bit the same with the Boss as well, it's never got any real traction either. Some do have issue with it's shank and think it'll bend to easily, some don't like the size as they are MASSIVE for their weight and they do hang low in the bow so can have issues in big waves. Performance reports are mixed but generally OK to pretty good. I think it suffered a bit from being released at a time when new ones were popping
  9. If you want odd google the Hydro-bubble. You'll love that one
  10. The Mantus is arguably more a Bugal tweaked design than the Rocna, which pretty much is one also anyway. I see what you mean by unbalanced Erice. I like to ask things like that as there is so many terms for the same thing and lots of regional differences it's good to learn what people use and why, that way we can help others easier and faster. Differing terminology use is a common issue in my world. Yeap the shank moved froward on the flukes can male it look strange but then it does work which is what it's all about. It's another way of tweaking to generate tip weight without adding ex
  11. Unbalanced. That's an interesting word to use E, why do you say that?
  12. Nothing wrong with the original Rocnas IT. These days I, like many, have issues with them being so over priced, the little too creative marketing and the continual changing of the anchor. When the Supreme does the exact same job there's little need for us to stress if we recommend one to a punter. Besides the Supreme is way better value for money these days. If the Rocna was unique then it would be a different story but it's not.. The Sarca has been around a lot longer than the Rocna and Supreme. It's nearly the same vintage as the Spade. The Raya has been spotted again. That's the anc
  13. My understanding is both the hatch and the washboards have to be able to be open/closed/pined from inside and outside. That's from the rules angle and it sort of just make sense to have that anyway I reckon. The last, only time, I closed and pinned my hatch from inside was in the Rakino Channel about 3 or 4 New years Days ago, huge hail storm which was both freaky and got painful hence we all dived inside. I have done it offshore though, more just for crap weather than any rollover fear.
  14. Not a surprise Erice. Many forums have favourites that get better coverage then al the others. CF is well known to like Rocnas due to 2 mods and the sponsorship of the site by Rocna. But I notice lately it's now gone Mantus.... again with adverts. Shame really as when I was a Mod on CF we weren't allowed to lean any specific way and were pulled up if we did. It seems that has changed. But suss around and you'll find forums that like this one or that one. It's just the way of the interweb. Not that I read the link but you also need to suss what's written, what's not written and by whom
  15. And you look like Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy but I doubt you work the same as them Erice If you put a Excel next to a plow you'll see massive differences. All anchors can bend their shanks. Sure some more than others but generally most are fine when used correctly.
  16. Oh yes Steve. For a mob who has as one of their main selling pitches 'we must be good look who's copied us' to see them blatantly do an almost identical copy to the Spade and then try to spin it as their new revolutionary design.is laughable. Even more so when you consider the Rocna was going to be what the Vulcan is i.e. a very direct copy of the Spade but they weren't brave enough and we couldn't find a way around the Spade tip weight patent, hence the rollbar. Add in the Rocna shank being a copy of the Deltas, the Fisherman version a direct copy of the Supremes shank and the flukes with so
  17. And they are all off. Nice clean starts in 5-7 knots of wind and lots of sun. It's a magnificent mid winter day out there... assuming it doesn't fade away to nothing which sadly is the forecast. Sadly one or 2 boats may have left the marina for no reason today due to not being prepared as per the very clear SI's, safety briefings and very well know SSANZ tilt towards safety. A couple were just stunned mullets when asked to show very basic safety gear. One or 2 also took longer than it takes to sink to find their safety gear. There is no reason not to be prepared. Jacklines in bags mark
  18. Saw that on the news. Can it get much cooler than a white whale? I think knot.
  19. With the seemingly little idea what boats are to be used, could we have stumbled onto ETNZ's new one tucked away inside a naval base for security?? Maybe the paintwork gives away one of the new sponsors 'The Mobile Rust Surgeon'?
  20. Weather looking OK. Cool but not totally fading out as was being suggested earlier in the week.
  21. I'd agree with that. Most of the ply I removed from mine had some, small but still there, glue line issues/failures. BUT none of it was proper 1088 marine bonded ply, most was just bog standard and untreated. Most of the glueline issues were in the areas that got the most moisture but I have no idea if the failures were water related or just coincidence. They were also in areas where the ply was more 'strips' then 'sheets' so to speak if that makes sense. Just thinking if the boat twisting and/or racking and so on may have been a input, not that we ever saw any twisting/racking though.
  22. Doh, I keep calling him Craig, no idea why and no surprise I also confuse Ange from time to time. Thanks for the correction Mr Chop.
  23. I like wood but having spent the last 18 months striping down a glass boat that's 30 years old. I'm pretty sure I'd have had found a lot more issues if it was GOP. In fact all the possible dodgy bits in mine that have been totally replaced due to age degradation have been plywood. Those bits of wood aside we have found zero age related issues to any of the other structure. My boat is also considered by some to be a lightweight flyer, which it may have been 30 years ago, so it's got a foam core and isn't solid 25mm (whatever) of glass. It's also spent it's life being thrashed by yobs and it's s
  24. Thats the smartest idea of them all, bar some specific circumstances. But then you are a distance cruiser so in one of the smartest sectors of boating....... not totally smart though as it still has it's smattering of idiots, very lucky ones some of them. We sellers have to deal with the full spectrum and I can assure you some sections of boating are bloody stupid and resemble a bunch of 14yo school girls on Facetwit with their 'fashion fads'. So we have to say things a lot more carefully. If people ask us for a swivel the 1st thing they hear is 'Why?'. Around 40% of boats with swivels pro
  25. Yes I've been wondering that myself but as these ones are only part time exposed and are in places where if they fail it's not a biggie I'm going to give them a go. They are in use and have been for 20 plus years and I haven't heard of any issues so fingers crossed. They are also NZ made so if they kill me the man who made them knows every time he jumps on his missus he'll look down to see my face smiling back at him instead. He still sold them to me so must be confident
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