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  1. Ask the missus, hell no. But I may ask the hot MILF over the back fence. At least the 1/2 hour near diatribe on colours will be mellowed by magnificent but highly inappropriate thoughts I'll be having at the same time
  2. Yes theatres, I'd forgotten them. They are just for night or mood lighting Kevin. So they want to be subtle and throw out just enough to get around the boat with. Flashing would drive me nuts, which is why the stereo head that came out of her had duct tape across the front of it, it flashed... once. The blue does look good but a play last night would suggest the red 'light up' more than the blue. They were the exact same lights just different in colour. I dunno if the extra light was just Red doing more then Blue due to a spectrum thing or it was our eyes seeing Red easier. But the pos
  3. Traditionally night lights have been Red but technology has now given us Blue. If you were staring from scratch and the cost was the same would you fit blue or red for night lighting? Anyone used/got Blue? Would you keep it or change to another?
  4. Yeah I suspect that a time on a sander is in my future. I'm wrapping her so that's one bonus.
  5. The video and the attached story didn't seem to match well. If there was a drouge in the end of the trailing line it was a pretty sh*t one, the boat was getting along at quite a clip. Also can't understand why they got off, it looked OK whether to bang up a chicken shute and have a hell ride.
  6. No its caused by only one thing, poor quality control.
  7. I had a Yammy 9.9hp 4 stroke Hi Thrust and was going to replace it like for like, she's old and done some hard yards but still goes OK. I ended up getting a Yammy 9,9hp 4 stroke but not the high thrust model. I did get a high thrust prop for the new one though. The new Hi thrust is remote control only, which I don't need nor the weight. The non Hi thrust is quite a bit lighter. The hi thrust prop for the new one isn't as large as the hi thrust prop on a hi thrust motor but it is a lot bigger than the std prop. So I've sort of split the difference between a Std and the Hi Thrust model
  8. I'm sure it's come up before but buggered if I can find it. After spending a hour or 3 going back to bare glass on my hull ready for deck bonding, the entire boat, shed, cat every freaking thing is green, the colour of the original gelcoat. I came out looking like a psycho Irish Clown about to go Columbine on someone. What a mess. I found I have 4 coats of paint, at least, plus the gelcoat. Some has to go but not all but if it's getting a biggie why not go for it all and start from scratch is a thought. What was the outcome of the idea to soda blast paint off discussion, a good or
  9. There are a few variations on that theme out there erice. One boat I delivered to Aussie last year had a fancy version. Looked very similar in over all shape but down the sides it had flaps, for lack of a better word, which opened depending on the speed you were doing, the faster you went the more they opened. It was cunning in that you could adjust the mechanism more or less depending on what you wanted or the boat it was on and things like that. We chucked it in at one stage but we weren't moving fast enough fr the flaps to deploy, we were bored filing in time waiting for some weather to fin
  10. It Got

    Solar Power

    My Weaco CF40 (which is also the CF50) using a nats short of a Amp when down to speed and not empty. Years ago a wise head told me to never have a empty fridge as it uses more power. On one boat we had a massive fridge freezer which was had to fill, I could fit in it. So I made so bean bags and used those to fill the space. The fridge power consumption dropped and did a fair bit.
  11. Opps sorry miss you sneaking in there Paul. Absolutely it all would depend on drouge sizes, relative sizes and positioning both from the boat and between the components. I like the smaller to a strength which them pulls out another drouge idea. Or have a way of deploying a certain amount of say a Jordan which at a set wind speed or some parameter it pulls out more. That would be damn good if you could automate that some how. The multiplier is, and this is my read of what he was saying but I have asked if he can draw something for me, about the pressure wave again. The faster you go
  12. Not data that I can understand IT but I have asked if he can write it in dumbarse for me. It's all about hydrodynamics, pressure waves and stuff like that. He said if the big one is in front the ones behind live in turbulence and within the 'boundaries' or 'envelope' of the bigger one. How much depends on how close and relative sizes obviously, our discussion was about the 2 in the 1st post more than it was general. When asked about these boundaries he said dragging it through the water created a sort of envelope which can extend quite way forward and wider than the drouge itself, that's t
  13. It looks tiny doesn't it, that was my first thought as well. I've had it out and it's very deceptive. It is a Para-Tech made in the US 9fter and rated for up to 4.5 ton boats when I'll be 2.5 give or take a few muesli bars. Of course I can't use any old string so that's a fancy super light but very strong 5mm which hangs out the back to a float (a fender in my case) for retrieving it all. I'll use my anchor rode as the main line. I will tweak the anchor line a little to suit but chutes and anchoring like the same stuff which is handy. So having some of the gear already which will be re ta
  14. Ah the old closing locker conundrum, I know it well. As I do with your small space issues. I climbed into my new auditorium as we call it, the bit in the middle between the 1/4 berths, and got stuck turning around. For a moment there I though I may have to chainsaw my way out. This is why I'm pretty happy. The chute and the red rope next to it is the 20mt retrieval line. Hardly something massive I'll have to hump around. That's a tidy installation and one easy to deploy from I'd say Partisan. While I'm not quite as bad haveing a few more feet of boat, I have found myself getting a bi
  15. Do you hook it all up prior to leaving so it's a pick up and throw? Tell me about the age thing. It makes glassing down the ends of 1/4 berths a lot harder than back in the more flexible days
  16. The Bronze Div being a cruising Div or ???? I'd think Vavau will be fizzing at the bung to put on a good show for you Beau. A good call on the destination.
  17. I found someone who is a drogue expert and he said the opposite for maximum drag but the big before the small will also work, they are designed to be used in a few configurations. He reckons the above are brilliant as you can stage them, unlike many that are either on or off with nothing in between. like chutes and most Jordan styles, not that those and the above are designed to do the same job. The idea is in low/average wind you have a great steering drogue should you have a rudder/ steering system failure. You can also use it to slow the boat a bit or just help keep the bum behind the b
  18. Good point that dairy one Steve.
  19. Whot he said. But then solar can get a shite load hotter so does that change the game? Interesting stuff. What are the respective sales pitches saying?
  20. Jordan Series is not the answer and never will be. I have a 2.7mt chute for my boat. A very well made thing made in the US. A Paratech ........ maybe??? It's a little cutie and when packed away it's no bigger than a hiking sleeping bag rolled up. That's also what the owner and I believe them to be and why, they are too small to be any sort of stopper. We aren't sure what would be the best way to rig them up for the best performance. I'll measure closer tomorrow but they are a metre maybe a bit more wider and with 2 of them they would present some nice drag. Each would have to pre
  21. One of these. One is bigger then the other, not by a lot but by easily noticeable. Would you have the big one in front or the small one? Would you always run the 2 together or use one then as things got worse add the other? So to speak as no way would I deploy one them bring it in during the storm to add another. The call would be use one or both and deploy as such I'd expect. The boat is a 50 something raft that has been around the world already with thee on board. I'd say they have never been used or if they have certainly not in vengeance for any period of time.
  22. I'm finding this, seemingly now constant, agreeing with you a little disturbing after you being so wrong so often in the past. What's happening to the world Yeap totally agree, it does seem common sense is following the Dodo for sure. At times there is a need to watch people and be their mummy but that shouldn't be in a grown ups yacht race. By the stage you are up to that you should have a good idea of limitations, possibilities and consequences. Kids are a little different as they have to learn a lot of that so they do need more mummy action. It is a tricky one but who will know be
  23. While I do know what you mean I don't see that happening anytime soon. What bureaucracy would be willing to take on that risk, none I could think of. It will serve their primary aim in life i.e arse saving, way better to leave it to the skippers so they can be hung out to dry instead. I do see a raft of more than likely costly, hard to enforce, easy to misinterpreted bullshit rules being written by someone who probably gets sea sick when faced with a cup of tea. We get sudden changes in Akl like other places but not as many. More than once I've looked back to see the black wall of doom
  24. No need to amend anything, the Rules allow for all eventualities already.
  25. That is 100% correct. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong. The RC is not your mother.
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