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  1. I found someone who is a drogue expert and he said the opposite for maximum drag but the big before the small will also work, they are designed to be used in a few configurations. He reckons the above are brilliant as you can stage them, unlike many that are either on or off with nothing in between. like chutes and most Jordan styles, not that those and the above are designed to do the same job. The idea is in low/average wind you have a great steering drogue should you have a rudder/ steering system failure. You can also use it to slow the boat a bit or just help keep the bum behind the b
  2. Good point that dairy one Steve.
  3. Whot he said. But then solar can get a shite load hotter so does that change the game? Interesting stuff. What are the respective sales pitches saying?
  4. Jordan Series is not the answer and never will be. I have a 2.7mt chute for my boat. A very well made thing made in the US. A Paratech ........ maybe??? It's a little cutie and when packed away it's no bigger than a hiking sleeping bag rolled up. That's also what the owner and I believe them to be and why, they are too small to be any sort of stopper. We aren't sure what would be the best way to rig them up for the best performance. I'll measure closer tomorrow but they are a metre maybe a bit more wider and with 2 of them they would present some nice drag. Each would have to pre
  5. One of these. One is bigger then the other, not by a lot but by easily noticeable. Would you have the big one in front or the small one? Would you always run the 2 together or use one then as things got worse add the other? So to speak as no way would I deploy one them bring it in during the storm to add another. The call would be use one or both and deploy as such I'd expect. The boat is a 50 something raft that has been around the world already with thee on board. I'd say they have never been used or if they have certainly not in vengeance for any period of time.
  6. I'm finding this, seemingly now constant, agreeing with you a little disturbing after you being so wrong so often in the past. What's happening to the world Yeap totally agree, it does seem common sense is following the Dodo for sure. At times there is a need to watch people and be their mummy but that shouldn't be in a grown ups yacht race. By the stage you are up to that you should have a good idea of limitations, possibilities and consequences. Kids are a little different as they have to learn a lot of that so they do need more mummy action. It is a tricky one but who will know be
  7. While I do know what you mean I don't see that happening anytime soon. What bureaucracy would be willing to take on that risk, none I could think of. It will serve their primary aim in life i.e arse saving, way better to leave it to the skippers so they can be hung out to dry instead. I do see a raft of more than likely costly, hard to enforce, easy to misinterpreted bullshit rules being written by someone who probably gets sea sick when faced with a cup of tea. We get sudden changes in Akl like other places but not as many. More than once I've looked back to see the black wall of doom
  8. No need to amend anything, the Rules allow for all eventualities already.
  9. That is 100% correct. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong. The RC is not your mother.
  10. No idea IT, it does seem very open ended. I've asked the manufacturer so it will be interesting to see what they say.
  11. The bottom has been torn out of the PP, that's sad.
  12. We did love seeing this on a new product.
  13. Oh, so I wonder why it's news worthy. I'll see if I can suss them again as it sounded as if something unusual was happening. The Council has proven arrogant so I can see it thinking it can bullshit at whim, which it does it in other areas so I can't see why this is different. The existing use pays rent on the land and provides quite an economic benefit locally as the visitors do shop for goodies and use restaurants etc. The proposed change will mean no rent and it's hard to say a few, who are always hands out for coin, will spend anything like the same. But on the upside the office block
  14. Decided rather than do the ANZAC200 I'd though all those telling me the more I sail OP's the longer mine will take to get floating should be listened to. A short term pain for a long term gain call was made. Twas a big weekend but very productive so KM's a happy chap this morning... bar a few aches and pains from having to simulate a small chinese contortionist when glassing some spots. I'm nothing like as flexible as the women of my dreams are Last Thursday morning - This morning - Last Tuesday morning - This morning - Still a pile to go but it's good to see her
  15. Bugger. The launch in the last photo looks like it was a looked after classic (ish), that's sad.
  16. News reports are saying YNZ got to see all the submissions prior to closing so they could add, adjust or play with what they wanted. That is seriously dodgy and I wonder how many in the council are in YNZ's pocket and what do they stand to gain by being so? It's a sad day when a sports body is reduced to fiddling the system. I see a couple of organisations I belong to, some unwillingly, submitted on my behalf or so they claim. Like the dude I was talking to a week or 3 back who had submitted multiple times, those organisations also all lied. I saw the BIA's one and talk about the definitio
  17. That took a while to announce. So who have we got so far - Oracle USA Oracle France Oracle Britan Artimis maybe ETNZ and now Oracle Japan. I can only see 2 of those as potential winners.
  18. 200kg Crew, good golly that isn't at the lighter end, even if many of the top boats have 100-115 and long crews. Good point about the loads. You could carbon her up but then you'd possibly push the loads into other places not that ready for them. She looks like she has the sorter foredeck so why not just leave it there. It maybe the smartest move given her age and how they were built. I'll be chatting to a couple of Javers this evening. I'll put it to them and see what they say.
  19. I reckon it's a magnificent idea and a challenge to end most challenges. By sextant in the odd spot is going to prove fun. Talking about shipping lanes and so on, some of them are busy as now so you'd want to make sure you kept clear. Any idea why there is a 6,500kg (pound??) minimum weight requirement? Is that to match his boat from back in the day maybe.
  20. KM...

    Locker Hatches

    I've got a plastic and making a carbon top for it shouldn't be hard. Use the plastic frame and just swap the top. I got one where the top comes 'over' the frame so if it's stood on it should push against the boat behind it, not the frame as such. If it goes as hoped I'll have a mold for 2 sizes if anyone else wants to do similar. Still have to buy a plastic one for the backing frame and latches, which should swap over easy peasy. I am going to try to clear finish them but I'm not to sure I've got those skills. We'll see shortly.
  21. Why have a deck at all? Why not just rip the existing off completely and replace it with well positioned frames of some sort. You can put the prod chute back in easily enough without the whole deck. Nice open clean boat that one. Which one is it, do you know?
  22. Ah ha, A Jav. In that case Yeap you'll need a curved track for sure. Having been there done that on a few skiffs, inc Javs, the only other way is by too many strings to pull at the time you don't want to be doing that. You may like this weapon then. A 2015 Javelin last weekend. The latest Dave Lee design. Wickedly fine in the bow so will slice through slow swimmers with ease Looks better in the flesh, the photo doesn't really do her justice.
  23. Some of the imports like Hanses have straight self tacker tracks. But they are short and don't go to the gunwale hence they don't have a massive need to bend. If you want to be able to get a good range for the headsail I'd think you'd want a bent one. From personal experience you really do want a clean fair even bend or the car will find hard spots, for lack of a better word, to sit in and that is damn annoying. I would seriously recommend you find someone with a roller to bend it or you may end up with a serious of flat spot and that will just piss you off. Thinking about it I now hav
  24. Having a read of the news on the proposed PHRF changes (see Scotties link above) I do have to wonder what the rational behind one bit is. Surely a boat that sailed 24.9 nm doesn't suddenly slow or speed up a 100mts later. So one does wonder why drop SH but keep under 25nm and over 25nm instead. Also wouldn't dropping the SH surely lead to some strange distortions and the ability to game the system even more? Example - I sail SH a lot so after a while PHRF would adjust to me sailing slower due to no rail meat. That's fine as long as I stay SH. But say I rock up to the fully crewed A
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