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  1. Thank you for providing unquestionable proof we don't need to lose the uniqueness and good economic benefits the Taka site currently gives by changing it to another use (at a horrendously large cost) for a small elite group who will not provide anything like the current economic benefits and will only create a larger parking nitemear and inevitable conflict with the 1000's that already use the area. The high performance centre is a good idea of that there is no doubt but the Taka location would be one of the worst possible places for it though... and on many levels. Well over 8.5 milli
  2. I think that's fine it's just small things like - Sail number - Yes thank you, it's a 4 digit one beam - Jim? No thanks but I could kill a Gay n Dry. draft - or a bottle, I'm fine with either call sign - Pisces, Pisces where are you? and a few more. I'll see if the PHRF Cert still has all that on them these days. Been a hell crazy busy couple of weeks so I'm running a bit behind schedual.
  3. Judging by some of the nefarious happens that are going on it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Chated to a chap a few weeks ago who said 'I've managed to get 6 submissions in...' and finished it with 'so far'. Don't know why he bothered as this was a done deal a long time ago.
  4. KM...

    Locker Hatches

    I know one mob who says yes but the 2 well known brand name ones I got both said that yet busted without a foot going near them, so I'd take the claim with a grain of salt. I am considering making some carbon ones using a plastic one as the mold. I can't see why not. Would cost a bit but then we are boys and they are our toys.
  5. I'd be exceptionaly interested in what the foil dude says. I'd like to change keel now but the current misson plan does have a good dollop of keel related action in it so I have to let that run it's course before I change. I have tweaked the boat ready for it though. But I've been thinking once I've seen what I want with the stock maybe I do a big face lift to it, leaving the weight, keel blots and all that where they are but rershape it to see what happens. Hence I'd also like to know what your bloke says about that as a possible option.
  6. Ah so you're more looking to reduce the keel weight a bit by going to a little bit lighter bulb to get all the weight lower. Not that I'm any sort of design knowledgeable dude, I just used and abuse smarter peoples designs, but that does sound like it could be quite a few bucks for maybe not a huge change. But I could be wrong, that did happened once Can you do a reshape to your existing? A 930 that punches above the fleets weight is reported to be a stock boat but a little seagul tells me while the keel is stock in it's draft and etc it has had considerable liposuction, botox and oth
  7. I'll get my entry in as soon as I can find all the info the entry form needs.
  8. Looks like fuel but could be water or maybe just readied for something but then never used. I like the idea of fuel in the keel. Handy spot hard to get too hot and handy knowing water isn't in there slowly eating its way out. I think you'd want to check if the hull is up to the greater loads a lot lower weight will put on her. Some of the 930's have had some quite big reinforcing added during keel swaps. Mind you the change from the old to the new is also quite a biggie. Same issue and time frame as TimB but using the latest Firefox with 1366x768 screen reso.
  9. I like the socket idea,it seems so much safer. I'm tweaking my beast to do the same thing as some stage soonish. Did Redlines original keel have a fuel tank in it?
  10. KM...

    Locker Hatches

    Lovin your test methodology Scottie Due to how I've re jigged the cockpit I have 2 lockers in the back with entry from the sides. The idea is to use those 2 for fuel and gas, sh*t that doesn't taste nice in rum or can go real bad if you aren't careful. So I need a way to get in and out of them but in a now and again type basis rather then every time. I am leaning towards Spanish Flys thoughts but I thought I'd ask the audience thoughts on the ones like the photo. Leaking isn't a huge worry as they are not water tight mission critical but it would be nice to have them dry. If one d
  11. KM...

    Locker Hatches

    This is about these sorts of hatches. For the side of the cockpit for lockers that will have gas bottle/s, fuel tank/s, and crap like that. Being a Ross the sides of things can often quickly become the floor so they may get stood on from time to time. The lockers can not leak into the boat should they fill of water but dry lockers are the preference. The ones I usually see that look like that seem a tad limp and I'm told most leak. Anyone have any comments on them like what are good, what aren't and all that stuff. Anyone have a possibly alternative? The usual glass topped dec
  12. To true Romany, he does seem to have hot it on the head. His comments have got massive coverage, he was even reported on the front paper of Icelands main newspaper.
  13. KM...

    Y88 Nats

    Did anyone win?
  14. KM...

    Y88 Nats

    Who are the teams to beat?
  15. The most knowledgeable man on the America's Cup has accused current regatta bosses of "abusing and disgracing" the event and hit out strongly at their treatment of Team New Zealand. Britain's Bob Fisher is acknowledged as the doyen of international sailing journalists and is the leading America's Cup historian, having covered the event since 1967. In an open letter to the America's Cup Events Authority, whose chief executive is Cup legend and Kiwi Sir Russell Coutts, Fisher said the late changes to reduce boats sizes and take the challenger series away from Auckland "has been nothing
  16. I think that AC doesn't stand for Americas Cup any more, it's now Always Changing. Luna Rossa have now cancelled the opening event in Cagliari.
  17. KM...

    Y88 Nats

    This weekend I hear. Anyone know which of the many Nats they have this one is?
  18. I've been told Luna Rosa has every intention of honouring it's agreement to host the event.
  19. Haven't seen anything to say it isn't but then all I can find has Luna Rosa all over it, something that now seems to be redundant.
  20. In NSW only $10?? That must have been a long time ago Kevin. It's around A$170 a year now if you get the one that covers all craft. About 250 to get a license in the first place. That's just in Sydney (NSW), if you go boating in any other state you have to do it all over again for that state. And then you have to license the boat you'll be using, with all those fees of course. Yet there water ways have a far larger retarded boat user component than ours do. Totally concur.
  21. I didn't vote as It's not a NZ team nor is it NZ's decision. Totally agree, the AC has lost it's mojo and even Hubble would have problems finding any sign of it at the moment.
  22. The boss funder dude has been saying for a few weeks the changes will effectively make it the AC in name only. The AC has never been a mass appeal event nor has it been OD. So it's hard to say he's wrong.
  23. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11427337 Oracle are doing brilliantly well at eliminating any threats they may have to face.
  24. The crew have voted and it's your time to leave, now jump and start swimming No record in this race, bar maybe the level of some hangovers.
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