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  1. In 60kts of wind - NO waves A H28 would see around 1100 kilos of horizontal load. A S34 around 1500kg. A TP52 around 2700kg In 30 knots of wind The H28 - 250kg The S34 - 375kg The TP52 - 700kg NOTE: all of those 3 are low wooded so lowish windage. More windage means a higher load. Wave action isn't included and could mean 3-4 times those loads in the spikes, usually more like 2-3 times. Being tucked up in Bon Accord with the massive 300mm waves doesn't really count, they would add a little but bugger all. Scope is not all about centenary effect. The drag thru the water of a a
  2. The Marshall's are a mini USA. The Marshall's marine administrator is in Virginia. The CIA's HQ is in the same Virginia. I liked the Marshall's.
  3. Yes you are totally correct, Goad was the word I was after thank you. 100% concur on both points. I'd hate to break Smithys baby. Urban also showed some interest last weekend, mind you that was in Jack Tars with beverages in hand so not to sure if it still applied the following morning
  4. With Smithys baby, Marshal Law the R40. After beating both the R40 Cowboys (Provincial and Urban) last weekend on a E40 now I reckon we can do it again using a weapon just like theirs. The rumours that I maybe trying to goat the other R40's into coming out to play could be 100% true
  5. It's being discussed Clipper. Stand by while things are fine tuned. Must say the interest in this event is big, that's bode well for the SSANZ's lads putting in all the hard yackker getting it sorted and run.
  6. Around 50% of my containers consigned to Auckland actually get off loaded in Tauranga and trained up. If that didn't happen I would have suffered some nasty delays in getting the gear over the last few years. From what I can see it makes no difference to the speed we get our gear whether the ship is tied to a Auckland wharf or a Tauranga wharf when the cranes unload it, strikes and all that crap excluded obviously. The opportunity for Auckland to stop/lose the massive borrowings it's doing and has racked up already plus play for Lens silly train set plus do lots of other good stuff plus ow
  7. Due process has already happened. Keep up to speed fella. Stop, drift, under the bridge in full flow, look at your GPS, you maybe surprised.
  8. Don't go near the pylons in full tidal flow. It gets swirly whirly in some spots. It's not a biggie but does happen. As that lieing piece of sh*t Len Brown continually makes us ratepayers pay for spin doctors who make a massive mountain out of tiny mole hills in a effort to back up his wasteful and dumbarse projects it's 100% valid for the likes of Chris Dickson to 'suggest' a thing, that does actually happen, maybe a bit bigger than it actually is in support of a worthy cause such as this one.
  9. :D Lovin the requirements and the description.
  10. You really need to learn to read. Nowhere did I even try to suggest the cruise ship watchers were protesters. Where you go that from I hate to think. Yes there are rips and whirlpools up there, they are obvious to anyone not legally blind. A lot are more than likely caused by the increased tidal flows from a harbour that's been narrowed. Narrow it further and they will change, maybe for the better but probably not. Yes we all boat in them knowing parts of that area are nasty so we avoid them and take other actions to minimise risk. Exactly the same as you do when you cross a road.
  11. I think he said 2.9mts draft Fish. Good question on how it go down the river. I'll see what I can find out.
  12. Well you need to improve your counting skills as I was in amongst them all. There was over 200 easily. No boats there were racing. There was way more than 500 on the wharf. The number of boats was far more than I was expecting to see. All the local clubs had teams out there, good to see. There was a good 100-150 people watching from the stern of the cruise ship, most probably in wonder of the show Akl put on just for them. We thought that boat was magnificent. It had a dunny strapped on the bow and a big sign saying 'If it's Brown flush it down'. Len Brown is the lieing piece of s
  13. Just gone splash a bit north of Auckland. A BBW Z39 with tweaks. The rig is going in next week I think. I'm having massive keel envy issues again. Bugger!!
  14. I heard they are starting construction next week. Bunch of tossers !!
  15. Weather looks like it's gonna be a lightish regatta. Not the best for the royal barge but I'm sure we'll battle on, as we do.
  16. I'd bet if you asked 50 random boaters to describe what a anchor ball is you'd get maybe 5 correct answers. If you ask what a day shape was you'd still only get a dozen or so correct answers.
  17. The Gypsy incident involved a big failure by MNZ which lead to a limiting of the possible outcomes. The whole incident was a litany of cock-us by many, if not most involved.
  18. With the help/consent/brave call of a very nice benevolent/crazy/brave bastard owner, I'm coming out to play as well now. Looking forward to it.
  19. A tale of 2 centuries I see. Battle one between the two 21st century boats and the bigger battle between last centuries. Nice work race organising mob and a interesting watch.
  20. Guess what happened at the orifice today? Exactly what happened to Terry. I now also have perfectly good extinguishers that are not legal plus some new ones. Fire gear checking dude told me exactly what Terry was told. 5 years between tests, the testers are thieves, new ones are cheaper. That is in a commercial work place. That's a little bizarre. I learn of it yesterday and get the same thing happen to me today. But at least I remembered it for 24hrs so I've got one up on Terry That's clever
  21. Just so happened I saw something from the boss bloke of Contiki Tours yesterday, the mob who specialise in trips for the sub 30's. He was saying that the days of drink, drugs and tents are gone. Today the sub 30's will just not camp, they want hotel like comforts. He was saying the 20-30yo's today are very different now than when Contiki started. It seems he's saying what your thinking P. From what I've seen I agree with you both, changing times.
  22. Smart of you to write it down then and I bet a pimply arsed teenager wouldn't have thought of that. See there is bonus's to getting old and crusty Nice post by the way, I didn't know that either.
  23. NZ is a high cost to build country for assorted reasons. So the only people who will build here are the 'doing OK thank you's' who will get a builder to do it. Or it'll be the home build. When you think back to the construction boom times a lot of the boat were hull n decks finished off by the owners. A lot of it today is the generation who did all the builds back in the 80's are now getting a little crusty. The new generation hasnot got the attention spans or desire to build. Add in most think sailing is only about speed and there is no way they could afford to build their desires. If
  24. Cheryl West would indeed love those.
  25. Too true Mr Bike. A year or 2 back we looked at changing our beast but after a good look around we came to the 'why bother' place. Once the tweak is finished she'll do all of what we want her to, bar doing it 10kts faster than she'll currently do , but at 150K minimum less than her replacement. We basically came to a place where we could have a new or newish 40+/- fter or a effectively close as dammit new 930 plus a pile of other toys. While new are currently cheap as chips they mostly are AWB's and SD correctly points out very few will be still going in 30 years time.
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