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  1. Installed the engine mounts I made yesterday. They are good for a Perkins 510 so should be OK with a Yammy 9.9. Installed on the engine floor I made that will stop a small calibre bullet it's that grunty. That's the only part of the old boat that gave me grief, like it tried to sink me during a WBC solo race, so I made sure this one won't do the same. Then went for a bike ride and ended up in Pine Harbour. Talk about many hectares, and growing, of man made landscape.
  2. Nope, it reflects your style on the forum. If you didn't attack people, constantly repeat yourself, dodge and deflect answering questions so much you'd see a different thread. .
  3. Ah an attempt at the old dodge n deflection trick I see fella. Sorry but you have been wanking on now, for around 2,958,985 +/- a few posts, that TNZ haven't been held accountable. So if you are now trying to say TNZ isn't accountable to the people who fund and do the yards backing it, then it's accountable to whom exactly? I think you're time would be far better spend trying to explain why you find cheating and the throwing of your own team members under the bus while trying to hide it, as acceptable. Where your call for accountability there?
  4. Oh but they have and is why your argument hasn't really got much to stand on. That's after excluding the fact TNZ has less need to satisfy you than they do their local dunny paper seller or you saying it another 10 times making it near 2,000,000 times by now or the fact it's now history. If TNZ's management (which is way more than just GD now) are to be believed, and I can't see any reason not too, most if not all of their sponsors have signed up with them again and new ones have joined in to play in the next round of whatever that was. Ergo the people TNZ are accountable to must be ha
  5. AC = Yawn But good on ya for trying to hang in there with it, I do admire your determination. .
  6. Sorry but that's pretty much irrelevant now nor was it a gift, You will notice though that with the change of Govt there has been a change of heart, one that you'll probably like so look forward and stop looking backward.
  7. You mean just go for my usual spray, an unintentional almost non-skid like finish. I can do that I suspect you have seriously over estimated my spraying skills Yellow carded already, that's not bad going
  8. TNZ is a private organisation so if they want to have a flatulent Komodo dragon driving their boat they can. You don't get a say sorry fella. I'd suggest you forget the AC and concentrate on yacht racing instead, it's way more fun to follow...even if the boats don't always look quite so Star Trek like.
  9. You can add 'tweak a R930' to that list as well, as strange as that may seem
  10. I'm liking your theory fella and I hadn't thought about that. Double splatter in white I do like the idea of. Now don't get yourself send 'on holiday' until I'm ready to go at which time you can direct me
  11. I think it's a great concept. Sure the execution seemed to be crap but as IT said, at least he had a crack. Nothing ventured = nothing gained.
  12. Oh hell no. Don't ask what's happening. If some bored bureaucrat finds out about it I can see them liking what I'm doing and wanting to make it compulsory, we don't need more crap like that. I'll give you a peek in a bay some where at some stage.... then maybe I'll have to kill ya, we'll see what sort of day I'm having
  13. I just got myself some new gear. I went with Klim. Was out getting pelted by rain in 70kts plus, not one drop of water got in. Best I've ever had, most comfortable as well. It replaced Musto.
  14. I'm not to fussed about the looks in the 1/4 berths and up the front so being able to see the tapes is fine. All I really want is to seal it up so people don't get the ichy's if they react to glass. In the lounge/dining/Kitchen/media room area I'll be a little fussier but not super so. No way will I be fairing bugger all, maybe tickling the odd ruff bit. Not too keen on the splatter stuff. I'll suss durapox but it sounds heavy Oh yes K there are coves there. Nice ones for the very reason you state. I'd just sanding everything and hadn't cleaned that up so you are looking at a fair bit of
  15. A mate put in a SunMar marine composting dunny last year, he swears by it................. unless I heard him wrong and he swears at it. I'll check. The hassle with composting dunnies I didn't think about until Bogan pointed it out (he put one in a F1020) is they have to be keep feed or they go to sleep. Once they go to sleep there can be a few days of nasal abuse until all the bugs get back up to speed. But if you are live aboard you'll be fine. If it slows down have a curry night
  16. I have lots of area like in the pic, a combo of cleaned up polyester hull, new plywood, new carbon panels and carbon/glass tape. Most of the hull did have Frontrunner (that carpet like stuff) which has all been removed. Not a massive fan of that myself. I was thinking a spray gun jambed down 1/4 berths for a one coat wonder of some sort of enamel paint, flow coat maybe? In the lounge, kitchen, master bed and en-suite I'll do 2 coats. Anyone got any cunning ideas? I'm always one for at least a suss of new or sometimes left field suggestions. Any cunning products that may make pl
  17. What a great idea that 'Akaroa Hospitality Package' is. Good thinking someone.
  18. It was good to see Associated Press have to correct it's story/headlines that "2014 is the hottest year ever'. The truth is getting lost and headlines like that sure don't help.
  19. Totally agree IT. While standing on the finish boat during last years SSANZ series we noted more than there should be boats with the following or a combo of - No lights at all Lights so weak we could only see them within 50mts, one or 2 less There was a few we could clearly see both a forward light and the stern light at the same time.. and not just for the odd second as the past us. Some we could see were wrong by 20 to 30 degrees. Could see both port and stb when 20 degrees odd off to one side = WTF??? Some hidden by sails It was a little surprising so many just weren't up to
  20. KM...


    Too true I suspect P. Correct M but we do we see so many incidents that are incidents that are followed by no on the water action or later in the protest room. Some boats are now doing dodge on purpose as they know the other boat/s won't do squat about it. That's a slippery slope.
  21. Many are using welding cable from the likes of BOC. It works well but you do have to be anal about making sure any exposed wire is well protected from moisture... and will stay that way. Tinned is better but you can pay large for the privilege. It it helps, for a 1000W 12V motor with a cable run between 10 and 20mts Maxwell wants you to fit a 34 sq mm which is a AWG 2 size. If it was a 600W 12V they want to see 22 sq mm which is AWG4... 4 AWG???. For the same 10-20mt run. If the run is less than 10mts, for the 1000W they want to see 22mm sq or AWG4. For the 600W that's 14mm sq and AW
  22. KM...


    Just chatting and discussing why protesting seems to be going the way of the Dodo these days. The 5 of us took about 2 minutes to list 10 protestable incidents we had seen or been involved in this season alone, yet not one protest was lodged in any of them. The common theme as why not to was 'Didn't want top piss anyone off', generally from the boats owner. The question was raised is it time to bring back the rule that said if you saw a incident and none of the parties involved protested you could protest them for not doing so? Or do we all just throw our hands in the air and fit 7
  23. The Dive Centre in Wairau Rd on the shore does it as well.
  24. Yeap, but not this year..... so far. Don't know what it is but this maybe the 3rd time in 10-12 years we've seen not rust rust and weird sh*t happening a bit like you describe. Not massive and many wouldn't have noticed but for us it's been significant. Some sort of algal bloom or that sort of thing that makes some things look like they are rusty as a rusty thing yet they aren't. A bit of accelerated galvanising wear also happens. Also weird sh*t that has to be connected like when I dry docked my boat not long after I got her. She had about 6 month old anti foul at the time. When the dock came
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