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  1. Way easier than rigging wire. Bending 1x19 into thimbles etc is a huge pain in the butt. I used one of those crimp punch thingys, no idea what they are called. You put the wire/crimp in and whack down a punch like thing that puts divot, so to speak, into it. A few on each crimp and it ain't coming off ever again...I know I cocked up a colour so tried. Wire cutters won that one I'm a strong user of the right colours in the right places as who knows who'll be looking in there next. I have opened things up to find 100 odd wires, every single one of them the same colour, sort of thing
  2. One set was done by a sparky who now runs a chandlery, the other 2 were done by a dude whose card claims he is a marine electrician. I made a set for the farms small solar array over Xmas, as would be expected they are perfect. It's not like it's rocket science or takes more then 30 seconds to check all is good is it.
  3. To use the Milford yard you have to be a member and there is a stand down. The big fancy in there belongs to a member.
  4. Oh is that a specification, I didn't know that. It certainly was a trick one. It caught at least 3 professionals out. The crimps are probably like a vast array of goodies that are made imperial but sold as metric and the other way around, maybe the wire was off spec or the wire and crimps were at either end of the allowable tolerance range. The wire was reported to be LR Approved. We run into it a lot...I even did mid Sth Pacific ocean when replacing a broken water impeller. The spare pumped but not in volume so I couldn’t get much more than a fast idle before overheating. On return
  5. Also when stripping the cover off good sized wires CHECK you don't have wire that has a lightweight gladwrap like skin over the wire itself under the far bigger far gruntier plastic coating. We've had 3 instanced in the last year where new anchor winch installs suffered WTF power supply issues. All 3 had the wires crimped professionally, all 3 times the professionals missed this skin, it is very hard to spot and is only on some wires. But it is enough to cause issues and once under the crimp its invisible which makes diagnosing it just a guess. The first time we just couldn't figure it ou
  6. Be aware some of the places being mention here have stand down periods so if you think you can join the club just to use their haulage facilities a week later you maybe disappointed. They are aware they are being used just for what your wanting to do and aren't that keen on being used as a handy convenience.
  7. Will Pioneer finally become a real Supertanker 34?
  8. I lied my arse off, I told them I voted for Jacinda To WTF even more, I got a dispensation to get my license when I was 15, the age at the time was 16. So that's how long I've been a fine upstanding indigenous member of NZ society. Saw neighbour again last evening and she reckons the prop fell off in the Motuhie Channel. There are little signs the retainer may have fizzed off. So that one wasn't stolen FLC.
  9. I'd like to agree with all of the above...............except possibly Aard until I suss his what his homothingy word means. We've had our moments, more IT has and I've had to correct him obviously but he's still welcome to dive into my fridge all day any day.
  10. Yes... but it is more a 'possibly' than a 'Done deal'. My neighbour put motor in gear and went no where, the 'damn gearbox' turned out to be 'Where the F has my prop gone?'. But then I was uttering 'Where the F has the end of my C board gone?' at the same time. That's a interesting question to ask though dude so spill...... And I like the Seal ....mainly as the bitch hasn't eaten any of my fleet or charges for a while. Maybe she heard that after 7 months of waiting my gun license renewal has finally come thru so yesterday I brought a pump action 12g and a semi auto .22.....ev
  11. Ya just gotta love a good Logan.
  12. Just watch the '% against History' number. If it's over 100% your improving, if it's under ya need to pull finger. You can also use the FAQ's, button at very top of page
  13. YNZ are asking the following 3 questions of the clubs and will represent the feedback they get. The questions are - ONE. Does your club support or oppose the following: No swimming within 400m of marine mammals TWO. Does your club support or oppose the following: Approach no closer than 400m of marine mammals. No pursuing interactions - view on marine mammals terms - if approached by marine mammals within a distance of less than 400m remain idle/neutral/drop sails/stop until all marine mammals are 400m away. THREE. Does your club support
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