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  1. Yeap. Panuku still call the shots though.
  2. Yeap. But it's OK as boat owner are all rich white pricks so deserve to be screwed over, or so the Panuku mantra goes. The thing is Panuku wants to knock over Westhaven and it's users as they know it's the hardest one to do that too so once Westhaven et al fall the rest will go quicker than a tax man after your wallet.
  3. RTFA = read the f**king article or possible the tamer version being 'Read the flipping article' AFWIW = And for what it is worth WTF = While they fornicated
  4. 😀😀 Ha, that's the exact same reason I still have all my staff and have not fitted bullbars to my ute.
  5. 1st full coat of Vivid just went on. Looking not bad. Board looking 1000% better after some welding, bogging and a some poxy primer. Pressure washed the old Ultra, sanded it, put a coat of vivid around water line and high wear places. 3 full over that in differing colours and should be good for a sail on Wednesday......if I can get the board back in which maybe fun, the not fun fun. many many years back in one of Dads 'i must have a weird car' phases, he had a couple, he got mum a Skoda, the old one with the wheels they were always on funny angles. Looked like crap but get it on
  6. Surely they are and they did and it sure is. It's the promenade, been in for a few years now and going OK, thanks to a acro prop. The latest structure is the big expansion of the commercial sales berth which is illegal under the rules Westhaven is governed by. But the Council/Panuku just said 'We are above the law so it can get fucked' and did it anyway. One of many things that busts the laws down there they not only ignore they roger right up the chuffy. It's sad and disheartening to see the carnage the council is causing to Auckland heritage. Also not that fun being fucked over by
  7. 😁😁 It's highly recommended and it's just like anchor chain, more is better then less It's not a large lump of tupperware paying a K a week, they won't care. They want us gone from Westhaven and are actively working towards that end game.
  8. Oh gezz, aren't you just a bundle of joy, that sounds scary There's so much going on down there a and into seabed with 200 years of gawd knows what gone into it evil will be lurking in many corners. But as this is a new phenomenon we're picking all the tupperwares and that lectric stupidity will be involved somewhere. The timing is just to coincidental. Bitch to Westhaven and what will happen? A Jacinda, a nice mummy concerned smile while they increase the rates yet again.
  9. Your boat will be polyester not epoxy I'd expect. But using epoxy now is fine as long as any surfaces have had a hell sand, far superior adhesion that way. Lateral has the technique sorted, have fun.
  10. Before the last big contest I told my crew as the day was looking lite we needed to save every gram we could so spend the night being a bunch of whores. Not surprisingly they listened. I even got a txt from a WAG asking of I'd told her mate to shag her silly, I replied I sure did. She replied 'Thank you'
  11. How many Skodas did it take and did the dealer do you a deal? It must have been damn handy being able to drive that medium to the site considering you'd not get many in your boot
  12. Do you mean the promenade that cost $21 million dollars and has been held up since new by a $100 acro prop? Yes about 3m from it, about 10m from the acro prop .
  13. Even if it is a great way to reduce fire risks in these long hot dry days Oh and if you're in the state house behind us, mowing your lawns means you can find your 2 dozen odd chickens that are in there somewhere.
  14. Oh yes it sure is, that's what there is so much head scratching going on. No thru hulls. Yeap anywhere the water touched bare metal....fizzzzzzzz. Sort of like your photo but the metal is fizzed away. Other boats are sussing today and over the weekend so we may find out more in a day or 2. When I was giving her a bum wash for Mahurangi I did notice the concrete pontoons are eroded maybe 20-25mm and some reinforcing is visible. At the time I do remember thinking 'Crap, will I now glow in the dark. Hmm.. that's cleaner reinforcing that I would have expected'. At the time the
  15. That dude, formerly known as Ben Nathan but now travels under Maori name, that hammered the AC, literally, is sending emails to all the clubs and everywhere saying how proud he is he did it, how it highlights how the AC is at the core of White Supremacy, is responsible for harming Maori elders and why Maori have to live in bus stops. He's also promoting a TMe auction for the hammer...which pans out to be just a T Shirt, proceeds to some organisation with a long Maori name. A passionate man for sure but maybe not the best when it comes to thinking strategically.
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