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  1. NZ was voted the most favourite destination for UK travellers for April 2020. I assume they must have surveyed the 2 freedom campers stuck here as we were all in countrywide detention.

    NZ was also voted the best country in the world to see a Kakapo.

    NZ was also voted the best country in the world to see a Hobbit. This true for me, I employ one.

    NZ was also voted the best country if you'd like to murder a child with no repercussions.





  2. On 26/11/2020 at 11:13 AM, Fogg said:

    The pilot boats break the speed limited every hour of the day.

    That's because it's part of the exempt fleet who are allowed too at specific times or situations. Also it's berth is only just around the corner from it's berth is the high speed lane which opens to no restriction waters so it's 'Sub 12kt' zone is only a few 100m at best, most of which is inside the Ports restricted area.

  3. Cromox is very top end and it costs accordingly but we do sell a surprising amount of it.

    But when playing in that end of the game you have to be very very cautious abut what you're buying. There is a mob selling 'german G50 SS' which is made in china and dissolves in warm saltwater.  We've replaced a length that was used on a boat to come from the Med to NZ via a few months in the tropics, it was 7-8 months old and beyind buggered. We replaced it with genuine Cromex G60. It's all about the steel and when around warm saline 316 is one to keep well clear of.

    15 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

    You all seem to forget that the USA was also supposed to be the country best ready for a pandemic.

    More media talking sh*t I think BOIG. The asian countries have proven far better prepared as they got a massive fright when the Bird Flu popped up. I was listening to the Taiwanese Minister the other day who was responding to our Governments statement Taiwan is a communist state, the Taiwanese Minister disagreed strongly, and he went on to say after the last scare they had plans in place. One impressive bit was they ramped up face mask production from 1,000,000 per day to 20,000,000 inside 2 weeks.

  4. 15 hours ago, KM... said:

    But wait, under Trump the US median wage rose $6000.

    Under Obama/Biden they rose less than $100.


    As I was in a wee rush I used a site which I tend to keep clear of as it's accuracy is somewhat questionable on many subjects. As this one involves trump the chances its accurate a pretty slim thinking about it now. Due to that I did credit Obama/Biden with 2 more years in the White House then they actually had. Due to that the 100 is incorrect, it's more like 2K round figures over their 8 year term

    Which coincidently is the 2nd largest rise in recent decades. The only team to do better and it was considerably better* was the Trump/whomever it is pairing.

    * - The Trump/whoever pairing raised the median wage $4000 in 2018 alone so twice what Obama/Biden did in 8 years.

    Many pundits credit that to Trump dropping US Corp taxes from being very high by global standards to only being a bit up there by global standards. In doing that companies paid their staff more. It's called trickle down, you know the thing most in this thread spend a lot of effort trying to pretend doesn't exist 😛

    As a FYI, US Corp taxes are still nicely above the global average but below NZ's. Both country's suffer 'entitlement' issues hence have higher taxes compared to the countries with good productivity, unlike the US and NZ.

  5. 2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    never mind, did it for you.

    Median income 2008 $31,560

    Median income 2016 $32,632

    Median income 2019 $35,977


    Looks like your figures are wrong by about 50% for the Trump figure (over estimate) and 1000% for the Obama/Biden figure (underestimate).

    I'm open to other interpretations if you bring them.

    Unless you can give me a good reason not too I am going to run with the US Dept of Statistics numbers over those put out by some random...who may or may not but more than likely does have an agenda.

  6. 14 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    But what's that the median of?

    This is the accompanying guff -

    This statistic shows the median household income in the United States from 1990 to 2019. The median household income was 68,703 U.S. dollars in 2019.

    Household income

    The median household income depicts the income of households, including the income of the householder and all other individuals aged 15 years or over living in the household. Income includes wages and salaries, unemployment insurance, disability payments, child support payments received, regular rental receipts, as well as any personal business, investment, or other kinds of income received routinely.

    The median household income in the United States varies from state to state. In 2018, the median household income was 86,345 U.S. dollars in Massachusetts, while the median household income in Mississippi was approximately 42,781 U.S. dollars at that time.

    Household income is also used to determine the poverty line in the United States. In 2019, about 10.5 percent of the U.S. population was living in poverty. The child poverty rate, which represents people under the age of 18 living in poverty, has been growing steadily over the first decade since the turn of the century, from 16.2 percent of the children living below the poverty line in year 2000 to 22 percent in 2010. In 2019, it had lowered to 14.4 percent.

    The state with the widest gap between the rich and the poor was New York, with a gini coefficient score of 0.51 in 2018. The Gini coefficient is calculated by looking at average income rates. A score of zero would reflect perfect income equality and a score of one indicates a society where one person would have all the money and all other people have nothing.

  7. NZ is voted to be the best at everything by randoms about every 10 minutes.

    The facts are many other countries have had less deaths without a world leading amount of borrowing and damage to the economy. Some of those countries are less then 1mm from China and don't have 1000km wide moats. but then they have PM's who govern for their country not as a job interview for the UN.

    Besides everyone knows Helen Clarke is still pulling the strings.

    Regalvanise your chain.... NZ was voted the worst country to to that in but it was voted the best to be able to but new stuff ;) Coincidently i was pricing up a bit of a chain game changer due in a few weeks and when considering the price I did bring re-galvanising costs in as a competitor. Still not quite sure what to do there, make it better then regalvanising and in doing so create waste or lift the price so used gets used until it's worn out rather than 'just doesn't look pretty any more', which is why quite a few people buy new. They tend to be mostly just JA's rich union mates, the ones that take money from the poor working class to fund their and the labour partys senior members rather luxurious life styles. Or the becoming even more uber rich literally by the minute property owners JA is throwing money at to ensure inequality grows just as fast.

    Shame about all those living in poverty, under bridges and so on, now she has got their vote she's cast them aside as unworthy of her consideration.

    Public transport????, sorry dude I live in Auckland so have no idea what that is.

    U started it ;)

  8. 5 hours ago, harrytom said:

    There is no size limit on Mahi Mahi and that was taken directly from the NZ sport fishing council page which governs legasea.

    The NZSFC/Legacy commonly wank on about commercial fishing doing this and that. The make big calls along the lines of 'commercial wankers', even though what commercial is doing is legal, rightly or wrongly.

    So I don't give a f*ck about size limits as it's blatantly obvious that fish is a baby so if the NZSFC/Legacy support murdering baby fish how does that make them any different than the commercials they wank on about so much? It doesn't!! In fact it makes the NZSFC/Legasea no different to the priest who preaches kindness, control and respect for others then bangs a choir boy up the bum.

    Bugger me, if the arsehole who murdered that baby had left it alone for 6 more months he would have had a decent feed of a decent sized fish, they do grow bloody fast, but No he choose to be a baby killer instead, what a prick.

    3 hours ago, lateral said:

    Hope you were genuine, never can tell with you KM. Took at face value owing to the indisputable shite on FB.

    Another species for us to mismanage.

    And the trophy hunters to drool over.

    You can tell if you read carefully what is written and don't assume.

    Yes 101% genuine and been very pissed off about it all day.


  9. 16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    Hang on, lets follow the logic of your statement here KM...

    According to you, YOU are being played.  So is everyone else.  The math is simple - if your statement is addressed to the general public EVERYONE is being played, no one is exempt.

    So, we know you are being played, and therefore you are not a reliable source.  If you are not a reliable source, nothing you have posted on the subject is reliable because you are in Group 2 - ie The Oblivious Playees.

    But then you alter your position - some ARE NOT being played.

    However, if you are not a reliable source (as we have already identified) its possible that you are aware and can See The Obvious, but you are playing us.

    The Matrix was easier to comprehend.

    1/2 way through that I had it in hand but you got too deep. What followed that got even deeper so I bailed before I drowned.  I didn't do goodly in england class, no matter how many years they made me repeat it, so much more then 2 syllables and ya may as well be speaking Mongolian ;) 

    16 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

    So, we know you are being played, and therefore you are not a reliable source.

    But is someone who knows they are being played unreliable? Is someone who doesn't or has yet to realise they are being played unreliable? I'm going to say No and No.

    It's known in war and other such uber ugly sh*t that when groups of people are facing piles of guns that are inevitably going to go off, some people are aware they are about to die but others hang onto the belief they can wiggle their way out of it somehow. So does that mean the group who know the triggers are about to be pulled and they are about to die are unreliable or does it just mean that group knows the reality of the situation they are in?

    The same can be applied to yachting. I was out 2 weeks ago in conditions that had come up a lot to where it had me puckering to a very high degree. Dude R was next to me and being new to the game he was quite oblivious to how close to nasty sh*t happening and/or swimming he was. Does that make Dude R unreliable or just in a place he couldn't see or had yet to realise he should have been puckering as hard as those of us who understood the situation we were in?

    I'd suggest that in both examples and the comments made in previous post, being aware you are about to be shot/have a rig drop on your head/being fucked over by media doesn't mean your unreliable, it just means some can see the situation they are in and some just can't...for many assorted and usually very valid reasons.

    I do believe those, or most at least, in this thread who are having issues recognising the overwhelming influence the media has and continues to have in forming their opinions are simply yet to realise that is happening and to such a large degree. In time some will but some won't. It happens every minute of everyday and has for centuries.

    I do believe a dude called Pythagoras died after spending his life being called unreliable, a heretic, a denier and more, due to his whacky assertion the earth was indeed round not flat as science had proved it was. Were all those who gave Mr P grief about being unreliable right or was it a case they just hadn't come to grips with what Mr P had seen and was saying?

    I like the 50's more than to early centuries. Pythagoras, Achimedes and that lot have hell tricky names to spell unlike in the 50 when many were called Bob or Harry or Mary, they are so much easier :)

  10. Holy crap, you lot still wapping on believing you have a grasp of the entire situation or even a small part of it.

    The winner in the US election was the media, the losers were the people of not only the US but those beyond it's borders who care, which is f*ck all but there are certainly some are out there. Not just those who voted for knubnuts or dickwad or the smarter ones who didn't waste their time on either but EVERYONE equally.

    You, me, the dude next to you, the dude next to me and everyone is being played. Some can see the obvious but sadly many seem quite oblivious. This thread does appear to have a disproportionate number of the later.

    The same happened in NZ as well but not to the extreme degree it is happening in the US.

  11. Our stream is running sweet and tests show it's drinkable. Fair bit of tannins in it as it's all coming out of the bush, but they can be filtered.

    Just brought a transfer pump that can put out 225lt/min @ 60metres head. So now sweet for topping up all the dams or tanks if required.

    I wonder if I can sell some to Watercare :) :)

  12. 16 hours ago, LBD said:

    With regards to a washer.... if the hole the the clevis pin fits through is a good fit then no, But if the fit is sloppy, then use a washer that is a neat fit to the pin.

    Always us a robust washer with the less sharp edge towards the split pin.

    Definitely listen to that. Pins both sides are fine and common but you don't want a sloppy fit.

  13. Built a beer ballasted trailer sailor that was designed in the Masonic Tavern.

    It was going to be called 'Sixty 9' but after being reminded NZ had gone metric it got launched as 'One Ate One'.

  14. 13 hours ago, splat said:

    Hard to believe Dan leech would get target weight wrong. He has a bit of experience designing and building skiffs.

    The designer/builder of the other boat has considerably more experiance.

  15. On 10/11/2020 at 12:10 PM, ex Elly said:

    Build your own Cherub!

    Get the kitset for $8500 here!!

    The top shot is one of those TM ones. The bottom shot is the one shown being built in this thread.

    One does wonder how heavy the top one will be when you consider the one in the bottom photo is above minimum weight and doesn't have all the extra lumber the top one has. Very differing bows and rockers as well.

    Should be interesting to see the 2 theories line up against each other.



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