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  1. At last update not long ago....... at least 27 starters for tomorrow. Magnificent..... as the forecast say the weather will also be.
  2. Finished my new companion way hatch. 2.2kg of carbon and foam that I can now jump on. That replaced 4.8kg of perspex that could just support a 6 pack. The best thing is I think I now have the 1st ever waterproof Ross hatch in existence
  3. It is not illegal to use the primary harbour marks. If it was what's the point of them being there? But if you do use one and nail the topworks off it be prepared to pay big bucks to replace it all. They have cracked down on that and rightfully so, us yachties were being pretty hard on their expensive and important safety gear. Hard to drive a gazillion tonnes of steel into a skinny harbour at night if you have no path to follow due to some drunken Y88 driver nailing No 17 buoy. The 930 just in front of him missed of course as they are sailed by gentlemen The yellow race buoys went i
  4. I think that B buoy went away years ago or was renamed something else. Looking at the chart crops on the Solo IQ website it looks like it's, or whatever is intended, is a few 100mts east of North head. I have asked some powers that be for clarification. I'll be back here as soon as any news comes to hand.
  5. Not having read the course I am assuming they are referring to is the off off Whangaparoa as shown on this thingy https://at.govt.nz/media/1157005/harbourracingbuoyschartandpositions.pdf No hold the boat, I just read the course. I'm of the thought that 'B Buoy' is a typo and they mean Rough Rock looking at the position. B Buoy off GHM could be the finish line Outter distance mark. I'll see if I can find an official call for you. As a FYI the start boat will be a 5mts MAC fizz boat, the finish boat is the Watchman,a 35ft odd white oldish school looking launch. It will be flying
  6. I'm being told over 20 signed and sealed entries so far. If you want a personalised goodies pack you have to enter the series and get the paperwork in by 6pm this evening.
  7. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/12281-125m-berth-at-baywater-to-rent-320-per-month/
  8. I nursed a Ford back from the Island with what seems to be the same or similar issue as you. When working the was OK but a tad limp in pressure meaning we heated up too much after 30-40mins odd and had to shut down to let her cool before going for another burst. After the pump was stopped for a while I had to reprime it. I had the original impeller fail about 2 days out as part of one fin had failed. On sussing when I got back it was a case of the spare impeller I had was a metric equivalent of the imperial it was, being a older motor. On looking at them you couldn't see any difference. Bu
  9. I'm hearing a tune in my head but cant quite get all the lyrics. Something about black, kettle and a pot. Would you have any ideas what they maybe? But as I get my new bike on Tuesday, next week is looking to be slightly unproductive.... but smooth, fast and probably a very good one for speed cameras north island wide. You check the spelling on it closely? I did on the good priced jeans I scored in Nadi. Yeap they were 100% genuine Elvis Strauss
  10. No stress fella. I'm just trying to put the other side of the debate out there. Sure us sellers have our moments but then a lot of those are generated by the customers themselves. And rest assured I am no different than anyone else, I just get to see both sides of it. To the other poster, I'm 1/2 way thru it now. Had a big late arriving shipment yesterday morning so it's been all hands on deck to get a large number of back orders out. It's one of those 'moments' when it would be good of we were all Octopus's.
  11. This mornings email brings email 9 and 10 for the same customer. Each email has a small request that will take me a few minutes to deal with before replying. None of it is revenue generating for the company. To make him a happy customer will take 2 hours odd by the time we sort out the courier with all their paperwork for the item he purchased, after a lot of backward and forward discussion, getting to the courier (he's in aussie) and his continual emails. He's brought a item for $22 which we have a 26% gross margin on so the company reaps a huge $2.86 per hour for that one prior to taxes etc.
  12. Now that's a image no one needs Suss Vetus Maxwell (http://www.vetus.com/boat-windows.html). If you find anything in there I can aim you somewhere.
  13. Quoting that easy ya reckon. Here's one for you fresh off this mornings email - That sort of email is very common, and what I was saying above. It took the dude 15 seconds to write it. It'll take 2 or 3 emails back and forth before I can even start to give him a decent quote. If I don't ask the questions about the best I could reply with is 'Approx $1000 to $6000 depending on a lot of variables'. I somehow suspect it anyone got the 'Approx...' reply they would simply think 'Tosser' and go elsewhere, I sure would. Yes quoting is usually easy once you have damn near had to water-board
  14. The solution is beyond our control Kevin. It's simply a issue of the age we have to just deal with. Some are doing it better than others. Just trying to bring balance in a very one sided conversation.
  15. To fix a problem, first you have to understand what it is. Your post suggests you don't sorry.
  16. Can I start a thread called 'Boat owners and their unrealistic expectations, crap manners, lack of basic knowledge of their own boat and how they would far prefer to believe some random website on the other side of the world before some one who has been doing it for decades'? We can shorten that to 'Retards who own boats and how they are often their own wallets worst enemy'. Sure that's far from all or indeed the majority but they still are a significant % of boaters out there. Those people do cause you sane ones issues. Weakest link and all that stuff. Also on quoting, the interwe
  17. Had a ripper. Anyone who's been on Marshall Law will have trod on a magnificent set of companionway stairs. Carbon, comfortable and light weight. In a twisted bloke way I have to have them... but Smithie is big, scary and worst of all can run faster than me so he can keep them. In my boat was a set of stairs beautifully made out of lightweight alloy but they are seriously uncomfortable to use and with the change they are now a tad short. So the goal was to build a set of stairs that are like Smithies yet weigh no more than the existing alloy ones, which is 1980gram The old and the new.
  18. Use FB as a feed/push to the website not the other way around. A lot don't FB but everyone does website.
  19. 33% would be low Wheels, very low. In many cases 33% just wouldn't kept the doors open in a lot of business models. I know of many 100's of % mark up in places. In a way the public have pushed many up that high in their search for bigger discounts, as right or wrong as that maybe. 70% off. The be able to do that and not lose money means you have to have a minimum of 333% mark up and then you still aren't making anything. A conversation I had last week - Bloke - How much to replace my chain? Me - What size is it you need? Bloke - the usual anchoring size Me - Yes but we do have over
  20. What was the Boat Show missing? I go to them about every 2-3 years as they seem to be getting more and more bland with little change.
  21. I've got a far more powerful big gun than the Marshal. You can use my Ross boat FLC ..... but I suspect it's perfermance would be very similar to yours but without looking as good
  22. Oh shite are you guys n gals in trouble now. That's right folkes.........KM is coming out to play and he's bringing the big gun.
  23. KM...

    Beau 770

    Nice, very nice.
  24. I hope that's talking in the maritime sense and not in a 'I just found a motel receipt in my wifes handbag' sort of a way I've decided to stop looking at other boats. I reckon it'll get mine back in a lot faster.
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