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  1. This thread is fast becoming a very dangerous place to be for cockpits Those old 1/4 berths must have been massive. That's a good looking change Willow, lovin your work.
  2. Need a new main hatch FLC? I have a mold that sort of follows a 930 cabin shape so it may work for yours as well should you have a desire. I pulled out my old hatch, a 6mm perspex one that could support a few beers, at best, so not that conducive to safety in the deep blue. Over the weekend I made a new hatch. The old weak as one - 4.8kg The new foam carbon one that can now be stood on by fat bastard - 2.9kg Also grunted up around the companionway area and made the carbon treads for my new companionway stairs. Plus I got a couple of hundy more km's in on the Kawasaki Verseys 1
  3. If you have the head ropes, the ones running to the boat, coming off the riser then all the Fergi is doing is holding the riser up. A fergi costs 450-500 +/- where something like a A Series (often called 'Windy buoys') will do the same job for $100 +/- depending on just how much it has to hold up. The previous $700 reference to Fergi includes changing the mooring for a Fergi to go on, they often just don't drop in without other tweaks. Those PWM buoys are simply CC series with plastic tube thru them. As alluded to earlier if in areas where waves are often present 'saw thru' can be an i
  4. The fitting I pulled out was a simple SS strap, fitted inside my locker, of about 50mm x 5mm that had 3x 6mm bolts thru the stem. On pulling it out there were small signs that over gawd knows how many years it had taken some good loads but there wasn't the slightest hint of anything spooky. I plan to replace it pretty much like for like. I have laid on a couple of extra layers of glass to both sides of the stem just for a hint more meat due to the boats retasking. Holy crap I just saw Marshys nut, what a monster. As big as it is, just showing one does explain a few comments hear
  5. Interesting to note we still see enthusiastic debate, about individual AC races from 10 plus years ago. This race this did this, so in so went left left not right, due to weather this busted or happened, the seriously tight battle, blaa blaa blaa. In the last 10 years the only AC race related debate is about one lay day.
  6. We could hear strands starting to ping in one of them bungy cored ropes at 1300kg. That 16mm braid Yottie has shouldn't bust below 6000kg. Bog standard 16mm 3 stand polyester or nylon (wet) 4200kg minimum. The 2nd and 3rd items will also have vastly superior UV resistance..... as in they do have some.
  7. I think Mt Yottie will be mad with me now. Sorry fella but being in the game and seeing the issues each day I have to at least put the issues out there so people go in eyes open. OK, now a bit of rope is about to get it. Fire up the test bed lads.... we're going in........
  8. Just goes to show what you can do if you have a passion.
  9. He was what!!!! A new girlfriend and doing that sailing at 78. I have a new hero.
  10. To many failures. The buoys are big so have the ability to push other components around so they are hard on the associated gear and often accelerate the wear leading to premature failures. Also in certain circumstances, often wind/tide related, the buoy will nudge up to the boat and 24/7 of a small gentle tap tap tap tap tap tap on the topsides does tend to bugger paintwork. Plus a few more niggles. The issues aren't surmountable but they certainly do exist so if the set up isn't quite right they have the chance of popping up and biting you on the bum. The 2 in Auckland last w
  11. Been there, done that and the hedge has since regrown... both of them Tall mooring buoys that look a bit like a upside down ice cream cone. Take them out of the water and they look the same underneath as well.
  12. To bloody right. Called for help when he needed too, not just because he wanted too. I hope I'm able to do what the Aussie dude did at 58 let alone at 78.
  13. Think carefully and get sound knowledgeable advice before changing to a Fergi. The number of Fergi related failures is large. 2 in Auckland alone in the last 3 weeks. They can be magnificent but they have serious quirks and big potential downsides so they need to be handled and installed well by knowledgeable operators. All depends on where it is and the wind/tidal flows in that very spot as they will have a very large impact on how long before you have to repaint your topsides should you fit a Fergi. Not sure why you'd want one on a multi mooring anyway. If you are looking at taking
  14. The concept looks good, the construction maybe not so.
  15. You can't glass something in the locker and use the tube thing in your pulpit to have a fixed forestay point? I'm of the mind that would be the better option. While I doubt you'd get 850kg on your forestay, any adjustment system does mean more bits and more bits = more failure points.
  16. I like the photo option over the drawing one. Just make sure all the gear used is good shite and why the hell knot I reckon.
  17. A quick add up shows under the new charges dinghy lockers are now worth 1/4 million bucks a year to the council. Lenny won't let that go easily, he can't afford too. Sure he'll let them run down to rot n ruin but his money grabbers will still charge for gold plated.
  18. KM...

    Race Ending

    Hell yes to what that man said, ugly as he is. Your Race officers are volunteers, often bloody hard to come by volunteers, who can spend a lot of time doing sh*t for your benefit, often that their own expense. They deserve some respect and not to be pissed around after a often long day while someone wonders off on a random jolly. Or doesn't ring in saying they have withdrawn from the race, a way too common failing by many skippers/crew. Also it's good to turn up for the Sponsors many clubs now rely on more and more. Hard for a sponsor to say 'here have {what in some cases is wo
  19. The ACC doesn't have all the dingy lockers around Akl, clubs have some. Mine is closer to the water than Andrews and is owned by a club. It also costs a lot less. There are also one or 2 empty in my cluster and have been for a while. The Councils argument is yet again packed full of excrement, as it seems is fast becoming their standard for all their publications and utterings.
  20. Barrier can be deep and it has patches of crap holding so length is good. But don't go silly, easy 50% of the anchor rodes we see show 50% of the rope in them has never got wet. It just sits there being an expensive arse. 20 of chain and 70mts or warp should do but if the weather packs up you may want to hunt for shallower water. The downside of that being so will a few other boats.
  21. KM...

    Fuel Cells

    Magnificent chatting all, Thank you all a lot it's all very informative and I'm learning, which maybe like teaching a 3yo what the trigger on a gun does but hopefully knot. So I'm thinking we are now into the area of a smallish Inverter like the Honda/Yammy with a very good grunty charger that can push back in around 90 amps pretty quickly. Working on 90amps being 5mps average over 18 hours of AP use if I go to a more built in unit that a tiler option, which I would like to do if I can power it. 'Pretty quickly' being inside a 60-10 minute window, less is better purely due to the noise bu
  22. Trying to hold some cloth to stay together while I make my hinges. I can only find limp pussy grade carbon in small width rolls that has the edges 'fixed' so I can get a very clean edge. I am laminating it onto another product that has to stay flexible where the glass doesn't touch it so can't have resin or frayed edges sticking out. There is no way I can cut or trim after lamination, what gets laminated down is the finished edge. I found some small width carbon in the UK with sealed edges but I'm try very hard to shop/sort locally first. Here al that tents to be full rolls wrapped and
  23. Na, won't solve my problem. I'm not sticking posters onto a bulkhead nor patches on to my sails. I can't think of any other reason I'd want a low strength spray glue anywhere near my boat.
  24. grumble grumble my crappy looking sh*t box grumble grumble flash lookin FLC boat grumble grumble wish mine was that close grumble grumble FLC's not helping grumble grumble. Nice work FLC ..... ya super flash looking machine photo posting bastard
  25. You glueing the mat before you glass it? I'm confused but yet partially excited you maybe trying to do something I didn't know about but if I read it right would solve a problem I am currently trying to overcome.
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