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  1. Looking good, that's nice to see.
  2. No lifelines, no instruments, no dyneema, no self tailers, no carbon, no just about everything. You gotta love that
  3. I've come to the conclusion that if you are going to No8 some of this vacuum bagging it's better to use shade cloth than wind break cloth. Better still would be the real McCoy. When sucking firmish the wet laminate is held down pretty damn firmly so anything on to of it can easily leave an imprint. Some panels have a mark where the suck hose was sitting on them, you'd have to have them pointed to you but they are there. I was using shade cloth as the air bleed layer, the layer that allows the trapped air to get to where the suck is happening so you get a even suck across the whole area you
  4. That seriously injured comment paints a potentially nasty aspect, that's just not nice. But as IT says he went out on the job and a job he liked doing by the looks, that's about the only nice angle to it all.
  5. I know one like this has come up here before but I don't think it was this particular one. I do like this one as it has wind, clouds, wetness, temp and more and with the ability to look at sea level and at higher altitudes. Lots of pretty colours as well. https://www.windyty.com/?-35.066,160.488,4 Just got sent it by an Aussie lurker, who would have imagined one could be so handy
  6. We have in the past glassed/taped/whatever as much as we could them carefully skimmed the top of the staples off leaving just the legs, which can often hold a fair amount of pressure. Then glassed quickish the rest. Once cured lift the whole thing off the mold and spend a bit of time pulling the staple legs out. Some will pull thru the ply and some will stay in the ply. Generally the holes left are that small the resin when glassing fills them up fine.
  7. Sure is and I like the way they fitted their smoke alarm. It shows someone cares .... or the OSH inspector was due soon ;D Oh how I wish I was doing the final fairing on mine. FLC, I have stray mast bits and so on drifting around if you get caught short or are looking for something. Just drop a note and I'll see if I can help.
  8. Yeap super boats do. I'd never recommend you change to a drum winch, I wouldn't with the vast majority of yachts but in some cases there is a place for them and they would fit it well.
  9. The team at CF are becoming more insular by the day but when you think its still 1980, as many there seem to do, so stuff like that's gonna happen. The amount of chain used is dropping when you look at 'the average length used per boat' but that's purely due to winch technology, nothing else. Chain will never go away as it has properties you need in a anchor system rope just can't simulate. No one thinks otherwise, or no one with a brain whose been to sea does. The decrease in lengths is due to New Zealand, specifically Maxwell winches and them getting the auto rope to chain (R2C) winch in
  10. It would depend on how tortured the ply is I'd expect. If it's under no stress it probably won't move once the seems are taped. Have you thought about tacking the underside to the frame with hot melt glue before taking the staples out?
  11. Chuck it all out there fella, that's what we're here for. Correct'ish' on the chain. It can be a arse but it can also work fine, just as a pile is on a 50ft yacht with a newly fitted drum winch currently is. Correct the weight would be nicer lower but not everyone has the space to allow that to happen. Just so happens one change to my bow allowed me to drop my locker floor lower. One commercial boat used/owned by an Olympic yacthie, a gold medal winner no less, has 60mts of 20mm chain on it's drum in front of 100mts of wire, not many use fibre ropes. His other boat has similar. The dru
  12. That's right IT but it's allowed for in the specs. These things aren't new and if you suss you'll see many on commercial vessels, some being 40-50 years old. In Aussie they are as common as flys... errr nearly and there are 100's in use in NZ. But recently they have gained more prominence in NZ due to all the banjo players selling them in Aussie trying to expand their markets. And I do mean banjo players. I'm getting copied in on a email shite fight between 2 mobs with threats to stick wombats up peoples bums, chain cars to lampposts, get lawyers in and all sorts of red neck goings on over
  13. Never heard of that QMF winch, must be a smaller player in what is a very confusing and massively bullshit ridden product sector. Using CIMA motors is good though. Holding power is OK. On one for say a 8mt boat from LSM as an example has a working load of, a huge 700kg pull on a empty drum and a holding power of 2800kg, which is what a average 9mt boat would expect to see in around 90kts of wind. So the numbers cover the boats pretty well but note that LSM are at the better end of the performance range. Some of the others wouldn't have numbers that good but then neither do some of the tra
  14. KM...

    Framing timber

    Scaffolding off Trade Me. I just missed scoring a pile that would have done a 12mt x 6mt x 3mt structure. It went for $350, inc all the clamps. From what I've seen it would sell for at least that even a year or 2 later.
  15. OK Crewers we have a boat with a tricky spot, as most have, with regards to the anchor winch and how it may take out a disproportionate amount of space once installed. So I suggested why not look at a winch like this, a drum winch. This one is common in 7-9mts fizzies and would fit in a box 400 x 400 x 300mm so not a big space is needed. They are all the rage in Aussie and growing here quickish but 99.9% would be onto fizz nasties. One was recently fitted to a local race yacht that would make a few gasp WTF??? if they knew which one. Comparisons between the Drum Winches and the t
  16. It would be great if it did Sloop........ but that whole Viaduct area is a political football and the council see it as a cash cow so there would have to be some heavy unbustable reassurance that if VOS's yard was rebuilt it would have a long term future. If that happened then I'd stump up with a few bucks, as I'm sure many would.
  17. to rebuild this they say. http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/70496491/historic-auckland-boat-yard-set-for-47m-relaunch As a emailer to me said With Lennys & Co's track record I can only but agree with the scepticism. And again the council seem to think anything is a good idea and will work....... as long as you put a cafe in it. Personally I'd like to see the yard up and running doing some old school stuff as well as teaching it but with the Councils record why would anyone put money into something the council may decide next week it now doesn't like.
  18. Ta, I'm getting there slowly. Luckily I do very much enjoy working on her so that eases some of the pain. Agree, high on the prod is good. I expected to lose more anchor locker but the tube sits nicely to one side and as you mention it's plenty high enough not to interfere with the forward bunk, especially as it's a double so you can't have it to cramped. That carbon you can see is tied into the strengthening and collision bulkhead and the foredeck stay-sail attachment, so if one bit goes the entire bow will probably follow. She was just bits and bobs dropped into a hull, now it's the hull
  19. I had to have a haircut, a shave and a shower all on the same day and in the same month ............ and it's not even October yet. But I did get rewarded with a lot of Czechoslovakian Pilsner. There was a lot and it was the good stuff, free. It was actually a very nice drop I'd happily do again. A %^$# load is a very accurate description. But I'm intentionally doing 99% of it myself which isn't helping the time frame, add that in with my impulsive destruction habit and the time frame stretches out even more. A bunch of us were chatting last week and if you add them all up there i
  20. Seen a 10t digger smash a 16mm anchor chain as well. Shock loads will kill, especially using lower grades not designed for the task in hand. I busted a rope with a break load of 9,000kg trying to pull a car off a beach with my Toymotor Landtractor. That dent in the back doors is the one next to where I missed putting the trailer on one day. But as we don't drop many boats we don't need to worry about shock loads unless you use the silly theory of massive anchors with tiny hi tensile chains. One anchor brand pushes that theory so it makes their anchor look that much better. We do find stran
  21. These are 8mm, metric 8mm not 5/16" which will be a smidgen higher. The US isn't quite the same as the rest of the world but recently it's started to fall into line quickly. The US has been protecting their manufacturer, as has Aussie, nothing wrong about that but it has left them a little behind the rest of the world. Grade 20 - bust load 2400kg - very low grade - not seen in NZ until China arrived on mass. Good for cray pot but not for the boat carrying it. Grade 30 - bust load 3200kg - What NZ had as it's only choice for many years until 15 years ago +/-. China makes most of this these
  22. Thanks IT. I thought that's exactly what they should be like, it's what I'm targeting and have changed fixing points to allow it to happen easier than before. I'd have a single centreline but the self-tacker stopped that idea, I'd need too much slack. I can see why the video dude doesn't like inflatables. Besides the fact he's got one that isn't legal under YNZ Safety Regs (and I think ISAF also), he's brought a very very expensive one that is not only short on features but he obviously didn't try on first so he's got one that's plainly to small for him. That's a stupid thing to do and for
  23. That 1st sentence is a very interesting one. 'Down the lifelines' meaning how exactly? How do you do it IT? I'm just fitting seriously strong achievement points around my boat so if it's unusual but well reasoned I gotta at least suss it. And one of the truest things spoken about boating is BP's last sentence. I can't understand why so many think all fit in the same box.
  24. True. The result will make the up coming local elections a lot more interesting. A few currently sitting councillors and some wannabes have hung their hat on the centre happening so they are probably wondering of they need to suss the situations vacant. There are a lot pushing to make the elections a pseudo referendum on it all.
  25. 121 people in the responses back to the council did not want to tell them if they were male or female. Besides the fact of why ask the question in the first place, I wonder why those 121 wanted no one to know if they were inboards or outboards. That's just weird.
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