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  1. It may pay to check with the Aussies Where and When they will clear you out. They used to be quite flexible even if still more anal than most but when I took big steel across I found they have dramatically cut the places and hours down. Even the radio station I was told to call had been cut back to 9 til 5, which was an arse when the best radio time was 6-7 and explained why I couldn't raise anything Aussie for over a week. All in the name of cost savings. They saved more by not telling anyone of the changes. So I think it could be wise to ask. You may have to get down to Brissy but then t
  2. There's masses of parking or there was last night while I was sitting there wondering if I got the location right as there wasn't anyone there. After I suss I found I had the location correct so I do know where it is......... when I get the date right, DOH!!!!
  3. 2 more. This one courtesy of BB of Covers and Canvas fame. When you want a super smooth finish say when doing a clear finish carbon piece for example, laminate it onto a bit of the material the canvas dudes use for Clears. BB dropped some in and said give it a go. I finally got around to it and holy brilliant batman, what a magnificent finish. I made a clear finish dashboard for a race car being built and the finish looks like its a high quality photo. Makes the rest of the car look shitty now. I have an idea for a couple of bent things I'd like clear finished. I'm going to put the cl
  4. I took big steel to Bundy, which is really Burnett Heads with Bundy being 20km further up the river, in October 13. We had 9 days straight of less than 5 knots of wind. Only got a decent amount for the last 36 odd hours up the side of Fraser Island.... in some seriously nasty wind against tide wave action, and across the bay into Burnett Heads. That Sth wind and the sth flowing current made it a real bitch even in 60ft of many many tonnes. 13 bloody days that one took. Would have been faster if the owner had realised his cross flow valve was closed not open as he told me, I though we were clos
  5. I just used West 105 but I didn't infuse, I old school laminated it and vacuumed to ensure a good bond to the foam or old boat parts. Spent a few hundy on vacuum sucky tape and sucky bits but I have got a far better bond/finish than I would have got otherwise so I can easily live with that little extra expense. Some of the Jav was infused using West ADR resin. All the Jav is using ADR as it will be post cured under heat. A few sheets of polystyrene, a couple of heaters and a fan, bingo one post cure oven. The ADR is better to use as it is thinner so works thru the cloth better, also be
  6. KM...

    Stanchion bases

    I like the way you have your toerail P, I've done the exact same thing including none in the cockpit. I was pondering the sockets last night and did have a Doh! moment when I remembered I'm putting in some sockets for another application so I will have the situation with those (and are OK with) I didn't want to have with the stanchions...... but being a part time dumbarse I never connected the 2 until then. If I put the stanchion ones in like the others I'll be fine.......... I hope. Oh crap more gunwale work. I decided to tweak all I've just done a while back and just finished it all,
  7. KM...

    Stanchion bases

    A quick suss of the book doesn't say you can't. It also makes no differentiation between any of the Cats i.e. Cat 1 and Cat 5 are the same. Interesting and the more I think about it the more I like it. I, just yesterday for the port side, vacuumed down reinforcing where the stanchions are to go back on. I cut the toerail out so the bases would sit better and stronger so right there is now a nice solid carbon base to build off.
  8. KM...

    Stanchion bases

    Socketed into the hull crossed my mind, for a brief moment due if there is a failure = hole on boat = a real big swim = not good. Never thought about putting them the other way around. I'll ponder that Thanks Ed. First thought is 'I like it'. I wonder if there is any legalities in doing that...... any handy Inspectors reading this thread??
  9. Holy soft name for male chickens. Seen all the namby pambies going hard out at over this. No more surfing or you'll all get eaten by sharks. Ban this, ban that, ban breathing. It seems many have just realised sharks live in the ocean and if humans go in the ocean there maybe a shark close by. Gosh shock horror......... not at that news, more at the unbelievable stupidity of so many people.
  10. Just got a email offering me 2.5hp outboards for US$270 and 5hp for US$430 each. FOB China so add say 10% for freight, customs and the other gazillion charges assuming a container load. So close as NZ$456 and NZ$725 landed respectively.
  11. KM...

    Stanchion bases

    Anyone know of any good ones lurking anywhere? I'm trying to nail a set down before I have a brain fart and think making some is a good idea. All the ones I can find so far have been constructed to have a rated strength of 'totally pathetic'.
  12. Good question and thinking there fella. Hunt those loop holes I'd say you could argue it does as each can be deployed in their own right... BUT, isn't there always, if I was a safety inspector I think I'd want to see both set up separately and if they were in tandem mode I'd call it one anchor. Can't find the video. Put a new server in and now can't find bugger all after we fine tuned everything.
  13. I heard him on the radio this morning. He was fizzing big time and not at all keen to get back on a board. A lucky chap.
  14. Yeap, my table came from a packing sheet that was 3mts x 1.4mts. Twas a good score and until then I didn't realise they made MDF in sheets up to 4.2mts long and wider than the std 1.2. One side was a bit huckery but the other was mint. Put a 3x2 border around it and all is good. I used the 3x2 to push it out another 100mm in width. Kept it flush with the top of the MDF, filled the join with epoxy and one suck did have the sucky tape down the side on the 3x2, I needed max width and made it by 10mm odd. I'm just re waxing the cut down table. The wax is called ChemLease. I just asked Grant Be
  15. No worries. I have 2 important sucks to go. They should happen in the next week after that it's bits and bobs.. ..and a big carbon 12K tow bedhead, that should look cool, at some stage. But you're not quite ready by the looks so that's handy.
  16. A Wheels2000XLS TURBO 4x4. A Wheels creation made from bits of a printing machine, his boats fuel system, and some other parts he got from gawd knows where. He's damn cunning for a footpath owner It's not huge volume or even big volume but it's a good sucker. It'll easly do what your looking at I think. I've done 3mt x 1.5 panels with ease, a Javelin outside skin, and a lot more. Ya wannna borrow it? Suss the vacume thread I did mid last year maybe????? Found it, bad spelling again. The pumps a lead player in that plot http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/11212-vacuum-bag
  17. Bugger you didn't post this before yesterday. On Wednesday evening I chopped my laminating table down from 3.3 x 1.4 to a lot smaller. I've finished all my big panels so are regaining a bit of cave space. The table was made using a 22mm think MDF cover sheet scored for a dozen stubbies from the local Caters. I then gave it a coat of west resin with a god splash of acetone in it so it soaked in more fast. That was old resin I wasn't happy using on the boat but it worked fine. Then I sanded and gave it a full coat, sand again and another full coat then a fine sanded and a few coats of a good
  18. That's an interesting beast I thought you'd like. You can deploy it as a single smaller anchor or one big anchor (both stay locked as one) or in tandem like the vid, that is rather smart. I was expecting a bit a bitsie or fiddly and a locking mechanism that was a horror show waiting to happen but after having a hands on they are well made and clever in their simplicity. Had a quick play and all looks very good. I think I like them. Can say my eyes are as eagle as yours Steve but when I went for a play we just use std short link and it was fine. The locking gizmo had no problem with it.
  19. at least he won't get stuck in traffic! Nor will the Vulcan be Mr Spock. And IT better watch that traffic or he may not live long and prosper. Sorry but it was asking for it
  20. Do these battery monitors consume battery?
  21. That ones been thru a few changes as well. Most anchors evolve after the first come out. Some for performance some for cost and some just because the manufacturer thinks it's a good idea, which it isn't always. I've chatted to 2 boats with the XYZ and they are both very happy users...but they did say only in specific bottom types. Most aren't huge fans, to say the least. I think this is another that suffers the 'It just looks wrong' syndrome, which coincidently the Spade did as well in it's early days. People just wouldn't buy it as it looked so different from the main players of the day b
  22. I thought you'd like that one. Assorted reports on it's performance but it suffered a issue with the UV breaking down the bubble part which is plastic. It never really took off. A bit the same with the Boss as well, it's never got any real traction either. Some do have issue with it's shank and think it'll bend to easily, some don't like the size as they are MASSIVE for their weight and they do hang low in the bow so can have issues in big waves. Performance reports are mixed but generally OK to pretty good. I think it suffered a bit from being released at a time when new ones were popping
  23. If you want odd google the Hydro-bubble. You'll love that one
  24. The Mantus is arguably more a Bugal tweaked design than the Rocna, which pretty much is one also anyway. I see what you mean by unbalanced Erice. I like to ask things like that as there is so many terms for the same thing and lots of regional differences it's good to learn what people use and why, that way we can help others easier and faster. Differing terminology use is a common issue in my world. Yeap the shank moved froward on the flukes can male it look strange but then it does work which is what it's all about. It's another way of tweaking to generate tip weight without adding ex
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