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  1. Use Monel rivets, it's a more inert metal. If you want rivets to pull not as much as they can you can make a small groove in the nail (the bit that runs through the rivet) with a small file or similar. That will weaken it so it wont pull in as hard. You can push the nail out, groove it then put it back in.... unless it's a blind rivet of course. Some experimenting wit the groove size maybe required if you want to be more specific with the resulting loads.
  2. Correct, same hulls but a smaller low spec cabin. The Teknicraft slash Q-West (the builders) are banging boats out almost like Toymotor do cars. Well done them.
  3. Nice looker. More here http://younggunsailing.com/
  4. and glass in new ones. Use carbon. Use the same weight you would in glass if you like and just take the massive extra strength the carbon will give. I've found carbon way cheaper than expected so have been doing just that in places I want silly strong.
  5. Yeah yeah I know fizz nasties can't really be that sexy but this is a workboat and is.... even if I'm not exactly sure why, I just like it and think I want one. There's a excellent write up in the latest Professional Skipper mag if anyone wants more. It is a lot more trick than it appears in many ways. This has been designed and built from the get-go to be Akls CG boat so the CG lads must be ecstatic to have such a purpose built weapon to use now. This thing is a Teknicraft design like Aucklands Deodar, Wellys Police boat, the Pine Harbour ferries and a surprisingly large number around
  6. There was a short news clip on this a week or 3 back. That's a keen team for sure considering the potential for things to go bad. Be good to see them crack a big number. Shame the boat never made it down this way. There was a team trying to get her down for the last Around Aussie race but negotiations fell over so she never made it. Flying through coral reefs at 50kts on that beast, that would be up there with sex.
  7. I suppose one small glimmer of good news in it all is that with the huge number of spin doctors our rates support it's nice to see they are doing something. The other is I found 2 bots of Mt Gay Old in my wine cellar. Now some Bundy Ginger beer and yum yum O'clock it'll be. I was sort of grateful Clipper, I didn't have to pay for those drinks..... yes plural, as evil as it was I did have to thoroughly check just to make sure
  8. As someone who sat at the Bundy factory in hot with a iced Bundy and dry, I'd have to disagree to your disagree and go with Clipper on this one It did get better with Bundy Ginger Beer in the rum...... but not that much better.
  9. I'd say dodgy for sure E. They just have none of what all the known reliable one have on them, like a manufacturers mark. Generally with gear like this from the east you don;'t get any numbers unless you push a little. If you do get numbers they are often copy and pasted from a western manufacturer and are usually well wrong. Certificates are generally about the same as your 7yo would knock up in a spreadsheet in 2 mins and contain about the same info a 7yo would know. Or the other one is to write your own Test Cert for asian made product. Most don't have most of the info they should but t
  10. To true Rigger. There are one or 2 Societies that are like the small dodgy mechanic dude up the ROW that does WoF's, pay the coin and your car will get what it needs to bounce off the powers that be.
  11. I'll be good to go at Xmas so next year will probably be spent around the NZ coast to prove the boat and a sussing few things. Then we'll be off in a race to somewhere before gently cruising towards warm and other events like Airlie Beach, Vanuatu race week, the Pac Islands local boat regatta* and those sort of things. No illusions the family cruiser will be a podium hog but events like that can be a lot of fun with a patched together crew under no pressure. * - the one where they get together with all the hollowed out logs and race. It's massive fun and a eye opener for those who think no
  12. Here's an interesting addition to this convo. You can buy a 10mm SS C link from NZ chandlers for less than 10 NZ dollars. But as you can see above they are sh*t and could easily kill you. I asked a EU mob we get gear from and they make the same things. A 10mm one would cost us 34 Euros (NZ$56.60 each) at the factory door. But it will break at a load over 6400kg and that will be verified by a Classification Society, in this case Germanischer Lloyd, the German version of Llyods Register. As a FYI - Classification Societies are a bit like Maritime NZ's Safe Ship Management, where boa
  13. Yeap I'd agree with that Tim. The hassle these days is it's super easy for anyone to sell anything. The hassle bit is many buying the anything don't know what they are buying so it often becomes all about the price. I'd spend a 1/4 of everyday sorting out issues created by someone else selling someone the wrong stuff. It shouldn't have to happen!!!!!
  14. Yes GS, way scarier than even we imagined and we already had them tagged as 100% dodgy, hence the post as people will have these in their systems now and probably don't realise they have weakened them so dramatically. Standards?? Yes and No. The ones we happily recommend are done to the US Federal Spec, which is a US based anal one BUT they also come from 1st world reputable manufacturers, which means a lot more than 'complies with Fed blaa blaa blaa' as china will say anything you ask if for so we see a lot claiming to be 'to the So n So Standard' when if fact they are not even close.
  15. I'd vote manual over auto as well. I've had a auto go off in heavy rain, most annoying to say the least. Also crutch straps are a must have, no if's or but's. Small kids need to have life jackets, not inflatables. They also need a sly nudge over the side on a nice day just to know what to expect if it happened for real. They will scream but not for too long during the lesson of short term pain for a longer term gain, so to speak.
  16. Due to a anchor system failure we got asked to test some chain joining links by a somewhat aggrieved boat owner. In the testing we found the items in question to be scary weak and they have a huge potential to cause serious harm. The items in question are these things, Stainless Steel joining links and they are being sold in many chandlers. The most spooky part being the lack of information some sellers have or tell people about these things, they are very very weak and many places do not show that or tell you that so people are buying them expecting them to be a 'matching' component
  17. Could be a lot worse, imagine if we had got SuperShittied. That sand would have had to have been OKed by 39 bureaucrats across 8 CCO's, then have to be OKed by 75 different Iwis, with Koha for each one, and then a team would have to fly down to Dunners to escort the sand up to a waiting powhiri. But one does wonder what a dredge just off the beach could have sucked up.
  18. Those don't have humans involved so work on natural defined paths for naturally occurring reasons. Humans modify shite, including themselves, so not to sure humans would be working quite the same as nature does. But I have little doubt we will be the cause of our own demise, or at least massive and rapid population decrease.
  19. KM...


    On boats post 1987*, I'm a 1984 But I know what you mean about brittle, had a few black masts come down around my ears and that's no fun at all. I am assuming that 'age date' means how old it is.. but then being written as it is maybe its not. I am putting a system onto her no other lead swingers seems to be using, some for obvious reasons but no idea why a lot aren't. That's going to require some jiggery pokery to the pulpit and there will be a few things happening, or geared up to happen, with the pushpit as well so I think the best option to make those happen is in SS tube, sooooo
  20. KM...


    Ah ha, I see a 2.15mts sneaked into the back end of a para in the Regs. I would have expected it to be more prominent than that.... but in fairness to the publication I did go into the book 1st thing Monday and before coffee. 2.15mt is OK I can work with that. Recess glass stanchions in? Hadn't considered that but a quick think has me sort of liking the idea. Easy to whip up then whack in some sockets as I was modifying the gunwale where the stanchions go anyway so they can be attached properly. The gear that came off struggled when a Bumblebee landed on them and we could never get the s
  21. KM...


    Anyone know if there is a max/min distance apart for stanchion placing? Can't see anything in the Regs but the analness they get into over smaller less consequential things has me thinking 'surely there must be something??" Anyone got any theories on anything stanchion? You just never know whose got a damn cunning plan tucked away in their head.... and often doesn't know it. What material would you use for your stanchions given the choice? I am pre 87 so can use anything by the look of the book.
  22. A lot of the concerns, myths, old fella stories and things like that people still use and believe to be true today just aren't. We see it constantly where people bring up things that were true but back in the day and not so in todays world. So I'd say Dambo is absolutely correct in his caution and why. Talk anchoring and you are often stepping back into the 70's if not further back.
  23. As IT says, to lower the elongation and Yes surprisingly we still make more than I would have expected.
  24. Yeap I sure do. Also the car and even the supports I think. You looking for a set? Height I'd make low as possible = longer leech = more sail area?? The curve is easy, just tie a string (a no stretch one) to your forestay and run it back 90 degrees off that..... and draw it onto some cardboard maybe, bingo the curve. There is a place in Hillside Rd on the Nth Shore than can bend stuff with a large degree of accuracy. They do stuff for aircraft and motorbike frames so have to be anal. I think it's called 'The Steelworks'
  25. Science by its very definition will and can not ever know everything and it shouldn't. I know what you mean but while both share a lot of similar traits I think psychopath fits better than sociopath. Sociopaths don't tend to be as organised as your suggesting, where psychopaths do. Sociopaths also tend to be loners with no real plan where psychopaths tend to be people persons who can schmooze the pants off you (fugitively speaking of course) as you'd expect from a diplomat or CEO and do it in a very well planned manner. I'd be way more afraid of a psychopath than a sociopath. Most seri
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