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  1. Thats the smartest idea of them all, bar some specific circumstances. But then you are a distance cruiser so in one of the smartest sectors of boating....... not totally smart though as it still has it's smattering of idiots, very lucky ones some of them. We sellers have to deal with the full spectrum and I can assure you some sections of boating are bloody stupid and resemble a bunch of 14yo school girls on Facetwit with their 'fashion fads'. So we have to say things a lot more carefully. If people ask us for a swivel the 1st thing they hear is 'Why?'. Around 40% of boats with swivels pro
  2. Yes I've been wondering that myself but as these ones are only part time exposed and are in places where if they fail it's not a biggie I'm going to give them a go. They are in use and have been for 20 plus years and I haven't heard of any issues so fingers crossed. They are also NZ made so if they kill me the man who made them knows every time he jumps on his missus he'll look down to see my face smiling back at him instead. He still sold them to me so must be confident
  3. To true Steve but the vast majority of the time that swivel issue just isn't and never will be one so you do run the risk of introducing 'worry' when there is no need for it. There is more than enough scare marketing to freak most out already so we have to run a fine line between providing good helpful advise and freaking people out for no good reason. There is more to it than just adding a few links in here and there. 'Integrity of the seller', Yeap once upon a time that was a big thing but for many the lure of the buck is more important and for some they simply can't afford to have too m
  4. It's only the bigger heavier cruises who need to worry about that stuff. I'd say for every swivel not directly onto the shank there is 1000 who are direct onto the shank. One mob pushing hard what Steve is saying are known to have weaker shanks so that's a tad of spin to protect their product more than the swivels. It's not what you say, it's how you say it.
  5. Gary is balls deep in work for a few months yet so he might not be the best option if you're in a hurry. Maybe try Craig Boatsmith ph 021445537
  6. All bar one of mine are Stainless Steel.
  7. KM...

    mini 650 439

    :D That's always a good reason. Agree it will be handy with Brett being local. I hope it all works out well for you.
  8. I'm told the safety checkers have been told - 'Pick anything you like from the Safety Regs and ask to be shown it/them'. "Can I see a keel bolt please?" No it's highly unlikely any boat will hear that.I'd expect. I'd say the most likely items to be asked to be shown will be life jackets, harness's, jacklines and similar gear. Don't forget last year there were some shockingly poor Nav lights on some boats. Poor in brightness and shocking in the line up of them i.e. at times we could see both red and green while 15-20 degrees off to one side. Things like that will be why some ni
  9. Interesting reading the accompanying study. The IPCC wouldn't like some of the data. But hot is god, thrash those V8's and bring on El whichever is the warmer one.
  10. KM...

    mini 650 439

    Any particular reason you picked that boat Mr Moth?
  11. Saw your 1st photo Doc and thought. 'They must be bored if they built a Abacus that big' On a larger screen I realised the error of my guess. I got my engine bay doors all but sorted and fitting. Just making the hinges now, which I may add are some super sexy dyneema/carbon ones I've created, no metal content and super strong. Having the doors makes the cockpit huge compared to what it was. Also preped everything for hull/deck join strength upgrade. The whole shed is now a not to shabby yellow/green colour from sanding gelcoat off. Plus a few other bits and bobs.
  12. Aucklands new Pilot boat. Due to go splash in October. As Rigger points out many hope it won't leave twin Tsunamis like the current one does.
  13. Use Monel rivets, it's a more inert metal. If you want rivets to pull not as much as they can you can make a small groove in the nail (the bit that runs through the rivet) with a small file or similar. That will weaken it so it wont pull in as hard. You can push the nail out, groove it then put it back in.... unless it's a blind rivet of course. Some experimenting wit the groove size maybe required if you want to be more specific with the resulting loads.
  14. Correct, same hulls but a smaller low spec cabin. The Teknicraft slash Q-West (the builders) are banging boats out almost like Toymotor do cars. Well done them.
  15. Nice looker. More here http://younggunsailing.com/
  16. and glass in new ones. Use carbon. Use the same weight you would in glass if you like and just take the massive extra strength the carbon will give. I've found carbon way cheaper than expected so have been doing just that in places I want silly strong.
  17. Yeah yeah I know fizz nasties can't really be that sexy but this is a workboat and is.... even if I'm not exactly sure why, I just like it and think I want one. There's a excellent write up in the latest Professional Skipper mag if anyone wants more. It is a lot more trick than it appears in many ways. This has been designed and built from the get-go to be Akls CG boat so the CG lads must be ecstatic to have such a purpose built weapon to use now. This thing is a Teknicraft design like Aucklands Deodar, Wellys Police boat, the Pine Harbour ferries and a surprisingly large number around
  18. There was a short news clip on this a week or 3 back. That's a keen team for sure considering the potential for things to go bad. Be good to see them crack a big number. Shame the boat never made it down this way. There was a team trying to get her down for the last Around Aussie race but negotiations fell over so she never made it. Flying through coral reefs at 50kts on that beast, that would be up there with sex.
  19. I suppose one small glimmer of good news in it all is that with the huge number of spin doctors our rates support it's nice to see they are doing something. The other is I found 2 bots of Mt Gay Old in my wine cellar. Now some Bundy Ginger beer and yum yum O'clock it'll be. I was sort of grateful Clipper, I didn't have to pay for those drinks..... yes plural, as evil as it was I did have to thoroughly check just to make sure
  20. As someone who sat at the Bundy factory in hot with a iced Bundy and dry, I'd have to disagree to your disagree and go with Clipper on this one It did get better with Bundy Ginger Beer in the rum...... but not that much better.
  21. KM...

    PHRF at 24.99nm

    Ah ha, so if the number decreases in the 25nm area it means you are a clean living exercise doing carrot eating church going team and those who's number decreases are the pissed stoners. That does make sense and that very suggestion was raised the start of the assembled mobs discussion but then Slapper opened the fridge and Davo loaded the bong so it got quickly forgotten again. Thanks Mark.
  22. KM...

    PHRF at 24.99nm

    That makes sense of why some would increase. That was one idea we had but then that doesn't explain why some would decrease. Or why some OD's would speed up, some would slow and some don't change at all at that 25nm+/- point.
  23. KM...

    PHRF at 24.99nm

    As much as a group convo yesterday liked some of the PHRF changes we couldn't work out the rational behind the idea this 25nm mark in a race. Would anyone like to explain to a few confused lads what the idea behind the change at 25nm is all about and why some boats speed up yet others slow down. Even inside some Classes some boats speed up yet others slow down.
  24. I'd say dodgy for sure E. They just have none of what all the known reliable one have on them, like a manufacturers mark. Generally with gear like this from the east you don;'t get any numbers unless you push a little. If you do get numbers they are often copy and pasted from a western manufacturer and are usually well wrong. Certificates are generally about the same as your 7yo would knock up in a spreadsheet in 2 mins and contain about the same info a 7yo would know. Or the other one is to write your own Test Cert for asian made product. Most don't have most of the info they should but t
  25. To true Rigger. There are one or 2 Societies that are like the small dodgy mechanic dude up the ROW that does WoF's, pay the coin and your car will get what it needs to bounce off the powers that be.
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