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  1. digesting............. digesting........... struggling but trying.......
  2. A few $10,000's for bullshit smoke and mirrors is nothing in the big scheme B. If they get their way they will be taking many many $millons worth of public assets and income.
  3. What is DSC? Will it still be of any use in 5 years time? What is SART? Will it still be on any use in 5 yeas time? It's nice to see a 4 letter acronym for a change.
  4. Good point IT. When night flying we allow time for the eyes to adjust before tearing off dowm the concrete. And make sure we don't look at Nav lights or similar.
  5. KM...

    AIS ... again

    Ah ha, now you say that I do remember seeing a description of how AIS worked and there was limited space, hence that multiplexing thing you mention. I know what you mean about dodgy asian paperwork, you want to see what some do with Certs (supposedly) on our type gear. Rampant dodginess and some is being used in NZ as I write..... by people who do know better. I know that well as well. The funny thing is I've been buying motorbike and boat bits lately and I'm finding most has been cheaper in NZ than it is buying offshore. I think some just think it's cheaper to shop offshore so don't
  6. Just a case of you talking Apples and I'm talking Feijoas IT. Your Apples have space, power and time, my Feijoa has none of those.
  7. KM...

    AIS ... again

    OK so why is some AIS illegal in NZ and some not? How can you tell which is which? What's the most likely biggest danger in using one, driving into ship or getting a shitty letter from a little grey man in a polyester suit?
  8. The Vulcan isn't a downstairs gizmo, it's a cockpit gizmo. No point having the Startline/layline and that sort of info downstairs where you can't see it. Having a tablet makes no sense on my boat.
  9. KM...


    My post wasn't Vanuatu post storm specific, it was general.
  10. KM...


    Customs doesn't take anything from exports and a fast decreasing amount of duty off imports. The Pac Islands are known to try and grab anything they can. Two tried to tax me in country when I was being paid back in NZ from a company in Aussie. That's when I was there on aid projects which were being given to the islands. They got told pull ya head in and no tax was paid. But I can see why they would go after cruising yachties, it's not like any of them would try to fudge things to reduce any costs would they Also some of the cruisers will be arrogant SOB's who will be thinking the Is
  11. Good call Tim. I'll set them both up then sit in darkness for 5 mins then turn one on and see what I can see using a book. Turn it off and repeat with the other colour. I know from just last night alone if your eyes can see the source they start doing unwanted stuff, or at least mine did but I do have a small photophobia (light sensitivity) issue which wouldn't help. Yeap red has been the usual night light but I've seen stuff that suggests Blue is now an option as it is now an option where until recently blue wasn't.
  12. Had a play and it was interesting. NOTE: We noticed that what our eyes saw isn't what the camera (Sony Z1 with 20.something megapixls) saw. Got 2 lights, NEWT's they have on them. 30 milliamp. One red and one blue. Wired them up the same and connected to the same battery. 12V Set in cockpit like this, the photo used a flash. The white square in the middle is a pad of paper. The lights are 2mt apart. No flash. The group call was the photo shows more output from both lights than our eyes saw. The call was also both seems to put out about the same amount of light. Just the
  13. The sales blurb is pure marketing dept and detail free, as seems the way these days. Does it have AIS in any form? My concerns with touch screen only are the same as Wilows. My Sony was promoted as being able to be used underwater, the website even had videos of it being used in a pool............ but try it in real life and you will be sadly disappointed. Also that whole pinch to zoom/whatever is hard work at the best of times. On a small device in the pissing rain and wind against tide off North head or off East Cape in a Force 8+.... I stand to be corrected but I would be expecting
  14. I was pretty happy with some stuff I got from Wairau Paint Center which they called a 'single pot lacquer'. I got a white with a tiny hint of black stainers added (it helps it cover better) and a hint of 'knock off the gloss' whatever it is to make it more semi-gloss than shiney, which I despise. That went over well sanded unknown paint and assorted bits inside my boat. Put on 2 coats and it covered well, flowed out well and has proven surprisingly tuff to scuffing bashing and crashing. Done with small roller and brush, not warehouse shitters, good ones.
  15. Bugger, that's a shame I liked the look of that one. But I've yet to find a touch screen that works reliably with wet paws.
  16. Red is a tricky colour and one that disappears fast in 1/2 light so that could be right WB. I'll find a friendly optometrist and see what they say. I'll wire a few up tonight and put them head to head and see what we see ..... or don't.
  17. I'm glass so not to sure how it goes on that. I may look into it deeper just to knock it all back to the gelcoat layer and sand from there. There is a few coats, some being epoxy based, over the gelcoat so I'd like to take some off if I can.
  18. That is a wicked toy, I think I want one. One does have to wonder what exactly it is you think is worth someone peeking in the window to watch BP.
  19. Caves like that In Waipu?? Who would have thought that.
  20. KM...

    Doing forepeak

    Mine's split fore n aft. One side you get into by locker lid, the other you can access from the end so we can stick long things up it. It extends right forward (to the new collision bulkhead) but I'm going to stop at least one side doing that.... things creep froward and get too hard to get, lost, forgotten etc.
  21. KM...

    Solar Power

    Crap, that should be 'saving' 82%.
  22. KM...

    Solar Power

    Just as a suggestion. Have you considered rather than spending the coin on buying more generation and storage you spend it on upgrading your gear to more efficent stuff and in doing so reducing power consuption? If your gear is anything like mine was, some is serioulsy inefficent. I changed all my 6 bulb and fluro lights to 12 LED lights and in doing so can now have all 12 of the new ones on using only 82% of the power than just 1 of the old fluro ones did. That cost $252 six years ago..... and by todays standard those are now not that effcient nor cheap. We saved 50% just by chang
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