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  1. Yeap I'd agree with that Tim. The hassle these days is it's super easy for anyone to sell anything. The hassle bit is many buying the anything don't know what they are buying so it often becomes all about the price. I'd spend a 1/4 of everyday sorting out issues created by someone else selling someone the wrong stuff. It shouldn't have to happen!!!!!
  2. Yes GS, way scarier than even we imagined and we already had them tagged as 100% dodgy, hence the post as people will have these in their systems now and probably don't realise they have weakened them so dramatically. Standards?? Yes and No. The ones we happily recommend are done to the US Federal Spec, which is a US based anal one BUT they also come from 1st world reputable manufacturers, which means a lot more than 'complies with Fed blaa blaa blaa' as china will say anything you ask if for so we see a lot claiming to be 'to the So n So Standard' when if fact they are not even close.
  3. I'd vote manual over auto as well. I've had a auto go off in heavy rain, most annoying to say the least. Also crutch straps are a must have, no if's or but's. Small kids need to have life jackets, not inflatables. They also need a sly nudge over the side on a nice day just to know what to expect if it happened for real. They will scream but not for too long during the lesson of short term pain for a longer term gain, so to speak.
  4. Due to a anchor system failure we got asked to test some chain joining links by a somewhat aggrieved boat owner. In the testing we found the items in question to be scary weak and they have a huge potential to cause serious harm. The items in question are these things, Stainless Steel joining links and they are being sold in many chandlers. The most spooky part being the lack of information some sellers have or tell people about these things, they are very very weak and many places do not show that or tell you that so people are buying them expecting them to be a 'matching' component
  5. Could be a lot worse, imagine if we had got SuperShittied. That sand would have had to have been OKed by 39 bureaucrats across 8 CCO's, then have to be OKed by 75 different Iwis, with Koha for each one, and then a team would have to fly down to Dunners to escort the sand up to a waiting powhiri. But one does wonder what a dredge just off the beach could have sucked up.
  6. Those don't have humans involved so work on natural defined paths for naturally occurring reasons. Humans modify shite, including themselves, so not to sure humans would be working quite the same as nature does. But I have little doubt we will be the cause of our own demise, or at least massive and rapid population decrease.
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    On boats post 1987*, I'm a 1984 But I know what you mean about brittle, had a few black masts come down around my ears and that's no fun at all. I am assuming that 'age date' means how old it is.. but then being written as it is maybe its not. I am putting a system onto her no other lead swingers seems to be using, some for obvious reasons but no idea why a lot aren't. That's going to require some jiggery pokery to the pulpit and there will be a few things happening, or geared up to happen, with the pushpit as well so I think the best option to make those happen is in SS tube, sooooo
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    Ah ha, I see a 2.15mts sneaked into the back end of a para in the Regs. I would have expected it to be more prominent than that.... but in fairness to the publication I did go into the book 1st thing Monday and before coffee. 2.15mt is OK I can work with that. Recess glass stanchions in? Hadn't considered that but a quick think has me sort of liking the idea. Easy to whip up then whack in some sockets as I was modifying the gunwale where the stanchions go anyway so they can be attached properly. The gear that came off struggled when a Bumblebee landed on them and we could never get the s
  9. KM...


    Anyone know if there is a max/min distance apart for stanchion placing? Can't see anything in the Regs but the analness they get into over smaller less consequential things has me thinking 'surely there must be something??" Anyone got any theories on anything stanchion? You just never know whose got a damn cunning plan tucked away in their head.... and often doesn't know it. What material would you use for your stanchions given the choice? I am pre 87 so can use anything by the look of the book.
  10. A lot of the concerns, myths, old fella stories and things like that people still use and believe to be true today just aren't. We see it constantly where people bring up things that were true but back in the day and not so in todays world. So I'd say Dambo is absolutely correct in his caution and why. Talk anchoring and you are often stepping back into the 70's if not further back.
  11. As IT says, to lower the elongation and Yes surprisingly we still make more than I would have expected.
  12. Yeap I sure do. Also the car and even the supports I think. You looking for a set? Height I'd make low as possible = longer leech = more sail area?? The curve is easy, just tie a string (a no stretch one) to your forestay and run it back 90 degrees off that..... and draw it onto some cardboard maybe, bingo the curve. There is a place in Hillside Rd on the Nth Shore than can bend stuff with a large degree of accuracy. They do stuff for aircraft and motorbike frames so have to be anal. I think it's called 'The Steelworks'
  13. Science by its very definition will and can not ever know everything and it shouldn't. I know what you mean but while both share a lot of similar traits I think psychopath fits better than sociopath. Sociopaths don't tend to be as organised as your suggesting, where psychopaths do. Sociopaths also tend to be loners with no real plan where psychopaths tend to be people persons who can schmooze the pants off you (fugitively speaking of course) as you'd expect from a diplomat or CEO and do it in a very well planned manner. I'd be way more afraid of a psychopath than a sociopath. Most seri
  14. Not so much to avoid Cat 1 than to avoid the w%^#$y that it's all part of I think IT. I have no issues with any of the Inspectors I've ever dealt with. Most I have found to be quite pragmatic, as they should be, and great source of info and ideas. The Safey Regs do not and can not allow for every boat in every situation. There is stuff in them that can make boats less safer than they need to be just as there is stuff not in them that should be.
  15. Sure you don't mean psychopaths Kevin? Your description doesn't seem to stack that well with sociopath. Rule over load is worse then no rules at all. We are suffering rules overload big time which means people turn off.
  16. Someone told me 7-8 degrees a while back and it isn't large looking at it so I'd think Boo is in the right area. Reaching and the track don't always make the best pairing so while I'm keeping the track I'm also getting into some improved sheeting action. Scars here as well but are shrouding the outboard part of the new track this time so shins crossed ...........
  17. If that's to renew your Vanuatu Rego you may want to read the following. Which started with - "However, someone might like to point out to the idiots giving incorrect information........." And goes on to point out 2 important bits you need to know before booking air tickets. 1 - "if you want to register your yacht in Vanuatu then you will be paying ship fees which will make Cat 1 look like a bargain after a year or 2." 2 - "The domestic small ship registry is not an international registry so is no good to a vessel wishing to sail internationally." which leads to "BP’s registrati
  18. Nigeria. The theory being it's a Commonwealth country so you get afforded some rights in other Commonwealth countries due to that.
  19. Ahhhh..... so much for helping me ignore the fact I have that to do to mine very shortly, Thanks FLC
  20. Not sure about the 830's angles sorry. A few who took their self tackers off are now regretting it.
  21. A thread about little things that can make boat tweaking nicer, easier, cleaner or just better in some way big or small. Maybe gear found that helps. Things like that. Be nice if this thread keeps on topic and things raised by it go into a new thread Headline items to make a quick suss for a specific topic easier. Glass Rash I found I was getting a bit of a glass rash on the inner wrists which was causing wicked itching at times. So on D1's advice I brought some mid length sox and cut the feet out of them. Slide the remainder over the wrists and sweet, rash totally minimised and i
  22. Looks nice, make a great boat for the lads to go fishing with. Hell it could almost doube as NZ's first aircraft carrier as well
  23. No but the motor you have to power them all certainly does. I don't have one of those motors. I'm just assembling my numbers and will be back shortly. First work out shows I have big issues so I'm checking to see if I've made a cock-up somewhere. Last work out had it hell tight but doable. I can say at the moment though that at my best possible rate of charge and assuming no system loses I'd take 36 hours to generate the power you consume in 24hrs. I am working on trying to improve that but I'm also sussing lithium batteries and I believe they like a specific type of charge so that may
  24. Not doubt about too much of that IT, but still some of it Exactly mine as well. The only big exception is my boat, like lots out there, does not have the capability to run what yours does without adding 100's of kilos of weight, which is only bad on all levels. So I have to find other methods, luckily ones I am trained in and have used extensively over decades, again like many out there. And there lies a good challenge for me, I must admit to lazing up by using lots of gadgets during the last few trips. In a offshore race in my boat I'm not delusional enough (just yet) to think w
  25. Oh yeah totally agree 100%. On a pre departure briefing I talk sea sickness and while doing it put a packet of suppositories, a jar of Vaseline and a foot or so of 20mm doweling on the table, them point out if anyone gets really crook I have the cure. It's amazing how many don't suffer after that A fair bit of early trip sea sickness can be attributed to anxiety, especially in newbies. Just be a little cautious you are treating the right thing with the right stuff. Sometimes just getting their head out of that 'I can't see land anymore, I'm about to die!' mindset can work wonders.
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