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    electrolysis ?

    It doesn't need to be a steel boat. A few years ago in Tauranga a boat was leaking that bad it ate the props off stern legs for about 12 boats each way. It was also eating the marina components. Yet another poorly wired up solar panel.
  2. Now I've stopped laughing at the Interweb powered bog roll Sorry dude but he didn't. Stop using pastel colours. They may work well with your aura but they are damn hard to read. Yes I do know that can sometimes be a blessing
  3. What a coincidence, I'm also waiting for a reply.... from you!!
  4. Is Gucci OK? She doesn't seem to have moved bugger all over night. She in no weather maybe???? The Spy had a far better night than Revs and Jive Talkin. Well done that boat.
  5. I wouldn't have expected electrical with yours or most either but it does and can happen. But then the 1.8v boat I mentioned above was a Spencer Stiletto, who would have ever seen that coming. It's foredeck cleat had a copper band running up to the inside fastenings, it was all a bit weird and not just with that bit of the boat. It all tracked back to a poorly wired solar panel.
  6. As you seem to have not heard the 'reporter' say many times where the info he posted came from it does raise the question - Can you name the 'reporter' in question OC? Presenter is probably a more accurate title. I was thinking the exact same thing but I was hoping for a good link and story. For a moment there reading the way OC put it I had you pegged for a spy and when you think about it your business card does have you in a profession that would be damn handy if you wanted to get some 007 action happening. Can I ask, If you were to have a Martini would you prefer it shaken or
  7. None taken. The AC had already been lost by the time the last 4 races had even started. Look at the boats the day before the lay day then look at them the day after the lay day. One boat had very serious mods and/or tweaking on it's day off. Are you posting from a interesting round building in Waihopai by any chance? More interestingly is Bike........Motorbike sitting next to you?
  8. Got any photos or anything you can send me? It must be nasty to have cut the ropes. As a very topical aside - The Floaters often suffer electrical issues i.e the boat leaks down the sea water filled ropes which then exits out the legs of the Floaters. So if you see icky don't automatically assume you're boat isn't causing it. Check the legs of the Floater for signs of them being nibbled away, if you find something it may indicate your boat is leaking volts. We have recorded up to 1.8volts running down the mooring lines in the past. In ideal conditions 1 stray volt can eat 9
  9. Last time the Volvo fleet left Akl into nasty weather not all of them even made it to Gt Barrier Island. Looking at the forecast the same scenario is likely to be repeated this Sunday. But will it include busted boats or knot. One would hope it won't, but then who would have expected the breakages we saw last time.
  10. Looks like it was worth the investment in this mornings shed.
  11. Got your email but as Vodaphone won't flick a switch to let us escape their evil grip we only have part time internet. Had none at all for nearly 2 days now. They are pathetic little people who like to use bully boy tactics. I can now see why so many complain about them. Got your email, I like your set up and can't see how you could easily improve it. It's simple and clean. Replication is no problem.
  12. Ahhh............ yes of course.
  13. Reading the other post about Kauri triple skinned beasts, double diagonal Macrocarpa and so on got me looking at my beast. It's handy time as she has suffered a bad case of McCulloch and other assorted powered destruction lately. The top panel (in the photo below) being what was considered lightweight back on the day, a day not really that long ago. Polyester resin, chopped strand and Coremat aka resin sponge. The bottom one is more todays style.... even if what you are seeing is 400gr heavier in the laminate then some pros said to do, I want reliability besides I need the weight. It'
  14. The hull, foredeck, keel stub and bottle opener were launched in 84. All the rest is 31 years newer. I dunno what box too tick
  15. One does have to wonder what Crusader knows or has seen the rest of the fleet hasn't.
  16. Thanks Wedgetail. Sadly I'm still none the wiser, I must be looking in the wrong place. Some boats have pulled out by the looks. It seems less are starting L2 than did L1. Any one know why?
  17. Has everyone finished L1? Any results?
  18. It looks like it's changed it's mind about giving us some grief. But one will soon rather than later, as they do, so check ya lines anyway.
  19. the facebook??? No wonder I couldn't find anything......... and never would. Thanks Mark and Red.
  20. Where you getting that info from? All I can find is a list of who has finished and who hasn't.
  21. Good call fella. It is this tyime of the year the 'she'll be right' approach to mooring lines suddenly becomes 'Shite I better do something quick, have you seen the forecast'. 90% odd of all boats that decide to leave their moorings, berths etc do so due to rope chafe. Now is the time to do take a few minutes to make sure your baby is safe for the impending change of season.
  22. And ........................... ?????????
  23. There's been an additional prize chucked in by someone who reckons too many sub 34fters (10.34mts) are spending too much time in their berths when they could easily be out having fun. That is a F1020 or shorter. So if you have a boat that is less than 10.35mts and wasn't launched in this current century you're now also in the running for one of the following. which can also do this It is a state of the art Super High Holding Power Aussie made Excel anchor. Flash? Oh yes but it gets better, it's made of high tensile aluminium so it's light. One for a 10,4mt boat is only 7k
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