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  1. In there with you on that. It would be hard for Dean to be feeling much love at the moment, if the reports are correct. Lovin the Frosty avatar.
  2. I spent a bit of time (waiting for girls, yet again) sussing the report and how it got to the 87 million in benefits. It seems the 36million the taxpayer handed over was handed back later as tax payments. So effectively the NZ taxpayer gave TNZ and its crew and their families tax free status when talking PAYE, ACC, GST etc. Sort of like the Hollywood deal but far far more generous, especially so when you consider the Hollywood team poured way more back into the NZ economy than the AC ever will. As an aside I do find it amusing many wanked on about the evil Hollywood deal but think funding
  3. It seems so John. While a small number of sad twisted souls made a mess in their pants when this palava started, the way this thing is playing out is abysmal. Whether you like a specific team member or knot is irrelevant, this just isn't how you do things unless you are a 13yo girl in a school yard. If it pans out that Dean did in fact hear about it on the interweb I wonder if will ever hear who the cowardly soft cock inside TNZ is.
  4. Opening a panel to see that would be my worst nightmare. "Put the black wire, the one next to the grey one, into the black box that's got the plugs in it" You're a brave lad than I, IT.
  5. Not quite that simple. The report, with it's 87million in benefits, relies in the fact that zero AC activity, in any form by any one, would have happened in NZ during the period between the last race in Valencia and Sept 2013. A realistic scenario?? I think knot. Using the reports methodology I estimate the Coastal Classic to be worth at the very least 35 million in economic benefits to NZ over the same time frame of the report........ and I'm being very conservative. The Y88's ProAm Nats over the same time frame 9.6 million, again at the very least and being very conservative. The SSA
  6. They have with Sky City, Fonterra and many other corporates that give even bigger economic returns to NZ......... yet if they give money to them they get slammed. The lefties must be besides themselves at the thought TNZ gets more then a cent........ the honest ones that is, so I suppose we aren't talking that many
  7. Who knows Mr Clipper, it all seems to be more fulid than water.
  8. Or Aussie bailing out decreases the chance one will happen here. Shift them all down for just one sail???
  9. KM...


    The Devo Ferry just nailed Devo wharf hard. Ambulances, police etc now on the spot. People being loaded into anbulances as I write. Hopefully no one is badly hurt. I doubt they will be able to buff this dent out of the boat.
  10. This week we are expected to hear if NZ will host a round of the AC pre blaa blaa circus. I am picking we'll be told No NZ isn't. Just after that annocement the Govt will say whether it's gonna chuck some coin at TNZ. I'm picking it will but it won't be as much as last time and may have extra conditions, as they have already indicated. I think we'll also get told the final number of entries in the next AC. I'm picking it'll be 4 or less.
  11. KM...


    Yes it will but it would be way more interesting to be in., If you need crew I have thermal undies and can be ready to go in 30 minutes
  12. Shite, I didn't like where that was heading but at least I don't have grandkids so I feel better now :) I got into a lightening storm mid Tassie a decade or so back. Very loud and a bit freaky. I chucked handheld GPS and VHF and whatever else we could into the oven working on it being a Faraday Cage so might protect that gear if we got struck. We didn't so that was nice. I've heard some do that oven thing and it worked but I've also heard the opposite. Anyone with 1st hand experience wannna share? Hey Grantmc, that correspondence course has had me wondering what they were lik
  13. The MoT one hadn't changed for years so that's highly likely. I did enjoy it a LOT. No records by CG doesn't surprise me. I think I still have the paperwork stashed somewhere. So you're 5-6 GPS enabled objects are working fine and BAMM!!! a huge solar flare. Satellites can't send the info to your devices. As the world becomes more connected a fault in Ketchups toaster could cascade into the Space Stations dunny failing to flush. As bizarre as that sounds it is a real concern many who should know have from some of the reading I've done. Like IT I'm Sextanted up but would be rusty as f
  14. Oh yes and it's changed a lot. What CG teach today is probably only 15-20% of what it covered when it was run by MoT. It's a mere shadow of its former self. When I did mine we had 18 hours of exams at the end, including Legal, Met, Nav, and a lot more. I even had to do a Morse block and basic Semaphore. I did spend a lot of time on boats including 2 long nights of doing Celestial work. The course spend a hour or so on GPS but that was it. Mind you at that time a GPS was $1,000,000, the size of a big beer crate, took 15 min to initialise and only gave you a lat n long.....on a good day. Sat
  15. I'm guessing someone's looked under where it was moored?
  16. Who is the employer of this 'key employee' or who are they answerable too?
  17. So in there with the crutch straps. I've had to do that ocean survival course thing twice now and about the only thing I can remember from both is the 1st time I didn't have crutch straps but the very 1st thing the morning following the wave pool without a strap, I brought a pile. In the second course watching those without them realising what I did, they are a must have item, a very must have one. The hassle with life jackets won't go away. We yachties are a minority and the majority have us lumped in with the dumbarses who no matter what the law says will continue to be dumbarses. Th
  18. I'm being told some Harbourmaster's don't recognise a not inflated life jacket as a life jacket and pinging people due to that. I can sort of see where they are coming from but as life jackets have to be NZ Safety approved surely they are approved to be 'life jackets' even while in a deflated state. I have a similar thing going on with part of my boat shed. The council say it's a permanent structure so I need a permit, which I have absolutely no intention of getting. That is because I have 6 small nail plates holding it to the piles. The nail plates that OSH (and me along with common s
  19. A sad situation for sure. I'm told one boat rolled over and sank at the same regatta. That's not good either but at least no one got hurt in that one. It's never nice when shite like that happens.
  20. Installed the engine mounts I made yesterday. They are good for a Perkins 510 so should be OK with a Yammy 9.9. Installed on the engine floor I made that will stop a small calibre bullet it's that grunty. That's the only part of the old boat that gave me grief, like it tried to sink me during a WBC solo race, so I made sure this one won't do the same. Then went for a bike ride and ended up in Pine Harbour. Talk about many hectares, and growing, of man made landscape.
  21. Nope, it reflects your style on the forum. If you didn't attack people, constantly repeat yourself, dodge and deflect answering questions so much you'd see a different thread. .
  22. Ah an attempt at the old dodge n deflection trick I see fella. Sorry but you have been wanking on now, for around 2,958,985 +/- a few posts, that TNZ haven't been held accountable. So if you are now trying to say TNZ isn't accountable to the people who fund and do the yards backing it, then it's accountable to whom exactly? I think you're time would be far better spend trying to explain why you find cheating and the throwing of your own team members under the bus while trying to hide it, as acceptable. Where your call for accountability there?
  23. Oh but they have and is why your argument hasn't really got much to stand on. That's after excluding the fact TNZ has less need to satisfy you than they do their local dunny paper seller or you saying it another 10 times making it near 2,000,000 times by now or the fact it's now history. If TNZ's management (which is way more than just GD now) are to be believed, and I can't see any reason not too, most if not all of their sponsors have signed up with them again and new ones have joined in to play in the next round of whatever that was. Ergo the people TNZ are accountable to must be ha
  24. AC = Yawn But good on ya for trying to hang in there with it, I do admire your determination. .
  25. Sorry but that's pretty much irrelevant now nor was it a gift, You will notice though that with the change of Govt there has been a change of heart, one that you'll probably like so look forward and stop looking backward.
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