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  1. Having a quick suss of the 250 odd comments attached to that Deaker article it seems about 85% agree with him and would prefer GD gone, 5% want Dean gone and about 5% want Deaker gone.
  2. There are lots of good reasons to have swivels. Every mooring in the country has a swivel on it, as do all the harbour marks, commercial ships, superboats and things like the iron sand buoy, research buoys and arrays, etc. Recreational anchoring by a very long country mile has the smallest % of systems with swivels in them in proportion to the total number of systems in use worldwide. Recreational is very much the exception and far from the norm if you look at all the anchor/mooring systems in the world. There certainly are issues only swivels can tame.
  3. That's a key word in a lot of this palava going on. Some see 'their' team and naturally want to support/shelter/cuddle etc, so will turn a blind eye to some of the issues. That's standard human nature in action. Others see a business, and like when most business's have deep performance issues and/or are in the sh*t something has to change, usually that's the person/s calling the shots. It's all making for rather interesting goings that's for sure.
  4. Opps it just updated. Just north of Kawau there abouts, the detail is crap. doing 7-8 kts, 32-34nm to go. Next update in 3hrs 20min?????
  5. Which tracker? The Volvo one still has 23mins until an update is due.
  6. 10 odd times Sports Journalist something or other of the year amongst many other accolades. M Class.... amongst others. Is that enough or do you need more? That's what the said with Peter Blake... but they were wrong then as well. Both are unusual but not certainly unique. TNZ as a brand is way bigger than any one person. There are people/groups out there right this minute making plans for TNZ if GD bails...... or gets shown the door. There would be millionaires/billionaires everywhere willing to pay large to have TNZ. An Swiss/Italian drug pusher did exactly that. Sure he didn't
  7. Us both. All I can find was 2-3hrs old.
  8. 9.30 am - Off Whananaki. 'Setting a cracking pace in feck all wind' is the report.
  9. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11409369
  10. Opps, that's why the boats seemed to be so constant so often. I thought it was a continual update tracker. Yet again I'm astounded by my own stupidity.
  11. No idea sorry eruptn, I've never heard of a 'transport rated' shackle. I'd say that's just a marketing comment. Most shackles we supply to the trailer guys and most I see are the Green Pin knock-offs. I've never seen anything different in the trailer shackle dept than we can get in the marine. I'd say the term will be being used by a offshore mob, probably Aussies as they love to think what they do we must also, in a marketing talk up. NZ5467 is a trailer std but it's old and very rarely heard of these days. Anything 'rated' should have paperwork hat shows all you need to know about it. I
  12. Wowww, the gap from top to tail in the fleet doubled over night. The rich are getting richer at the moment. The 3hr pace has the 1st boat 23 hours from the finish, 36hrs for the last boat.
  13. GD was on the news this morning and knew he was big time on the back foot, he didn't look at all comfortable. I think he knows he's a target of many and is on shacky ground. If they need to dump someone they should dump whomever made the call to take the layday. That's the day they lost the AC. Whoever or whomever??
  14. I can't think of any application I'd use a galvanised swivel bar maybe a love seat or a sex swing (which we have made both of and more than once, don't ask) The problem with them, especially in a anchoring system, is that once they do a bit of work they will rust up very fast and it left for a short as a month will just not work again without giving it the bash first. In a anchor system use a stainless one. Yes I know you'll be told dissimilar metals wiil be a total disaster inside 2 minutes blaa blaa blaa. To that I say bollocks and it's easy to prove, just wonder any marina and look
  15. They are flying along and could be here tomorrow night. Looks like it'll be another classic tight finish.
  16. I told my D2 a few times that she would be better off using Meth or Heroin than watching some bullshit Aussie soap she does. Something came up in Social Studies and she repeated that to her teacher. I got spoken too by the PC infested little faith in his students headmaster. I rode my motorbike to the school and not one car driver tried to kill me............ for a pleasant change
  17. Because 99 out of 100, probably 99.9 out of 100, have no problems what so ever. There are good ones and there are bad ones. Most on the market in NZ are OK for 99% of boaters. There have been 2 issues in the last couple of years, both with a swivel that arguably looks the prettiest and is sold with a vast range of brand names on it. In both occasions the sellers did the right thing and only 2 boats got hurt. Those are still on the market. Those ones and a couple of others, (maybe the bottom one of erices as well) rely on 3mm machine screws to hold the pins in. Tweak those screws and al
  18. I'd suggest a call to Customs would be worth the few minutes it would take to suss the GST angle. They are good to deal with, so much so one could be mistaken for thinking they aren't Govt Dept. The GST rule is simple. If it is delivered to a NZ address (which is also someones hand) GST must be charged. The only way around that is an exemption or if we ship to a Customs Bonded store for on shipping overseas. Many won't sell GST free unless they have paperwork exempting them they can show the IRD if they go feral. We run into this a lot and the penalties if we get caught being naughty a
  19. In there with you on that. It would be hard for Dean to be feeling much love at the moment, if the reports are correct. Lovin the Frosty avatar.
  20. I spent a bit of time (waiting for girls, yet again) sussing the report and how it got to the 87 million in benefits. It seems the 36million the taxpayer handed over was handed back later as tax payments. So effectively the NZ taxpayer gave TNZ and its crew and their families tax free status when talking PAYE, ACC, GST etc. Sort of like the Hollywood deal but far far more generous, especially so when you consider the Hollywood team poured way more back into the NZ economy than the AC ever will. As an aside I do find it amusing many wanked on about the evil Hollywood deal but think funding
  21. It seems so John. While a small number of sad twisted souls made a mess in their pants when this palava started, the way this thing is playing out is abysmal. Whether you like a specific team member or knot is irrelevant, this just isn't how you do things unless you are a 13yo girl in a school yard. If it pans out that Dean did in fact hear about it on the interweb I wonder if will ever hear who the cowardly soft cock inside TNZ is.
  22. Opening a panel to see that would be my worst nightmare. "Put the black wire, the one next to the grey one, into the black box that's got the plugs in it" You're a brave lad than I, IT.
  23. Not quite that simple. The report, with it's 87million in benefits, relies in the fact that zero AC activity, in any form by any one, would have happened in NZ during the period between the last race in Valencia and Sept 2013. A realistic scenario?? I think knot. Using the reports methodology I estimate the Coastal Classic to be worth at the very least 35 million in economic benefits to NZ over the same time frame of the report........ and I'm being very conservative. The Y88's ProAm Nats over the same time frame 9.6 million, again at the very least and being very conservative. The SSA
  24. They have with Sky City, Fonterra and many other corporates that give even bigger economic returns to NZ......... yet if they give money to them they get slammed. The lefties must be besides themselves at the thought TNZ gets more then a cent........ the honest ones that is, so I suppose we aren't talking that many
  25. Who knows Mr Clipper, it all seems to be more fulid than water.
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