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  1. The Royal Akarana and Royal Port Nic are looking at a Auckland to Wellington race in November. http://rayc.co.nz/akl2wlg/ Race down in Nov, do the Sounds for the Xmas cruz, back to Welly for their big regatta in early Feb (???) and then wonder northward home again over Easter, if not sooner. A nice way to get to play in some differing waters for a change, I'm liking it a lot. Boat parking in Welly, is there spare capacity to fit a few in for a couple of months. Anyone know?
  2. Just checked with a mob whose job is installing teak decks. They recommend using a mild detergent with a soft brush at 30 degrees to the grain. Some 30 degrees one way then some the other. They also said some of the teak cleaners are OK and some are crap. Also most of the 'keep looking new' products are worse than crap.
  3. I've also been told never scrub teak along the grain, always scrub across it.
  4. We charge $25. No idea what others charge. If your chain was new and now starting to look a bit rusty I doubt you'll have any strength issues, assuming it's wasn't a shitter to start with or Stainless. Yes we have seen rusting Stainless chain.... more than you'd expect.
  5. Someone once told me the black is sometimes from the molds that live in/on the teak. No idea if it's true but sounded sort of viable. So if the oxalic doesn't stop it try a simple bleach to kill the mold maybe. I'd use a diluted one or maybe some of the Wet n Forget type stuff.
  6. KM...

    Beau 770

    same for me as well.
  7. It would surprise me greatly if any 15-20 year old chain is eastern made, it just doesn't last like good stuff and I doubt you have regalved it 5-6 times as you probably would have needed to do with eastern made of that vintage. The eastern stuff has only started flooding in inside the last 10 years and most of that inside the last 5. I know of quite a few boats still using anchor chain that's over 15 years old, some even older. All of that would be either PWB or Maggi made and some of it is still on it's 1st galvanising and some has only be re galved once in all that time. As thI say
  8. Just sand them back hard to make sure NOTHING is left that you don't want, is loose, looks sh*t or has a possibility of coming loose. I'd try and take them back to bare wood, an arse of a job but hopefully a once off for you and considering what you have done/will be doing, is it worth short cutting on them to save maybe an hour or 2 now? Then varnish with good sh*t and lots of coats of it. It's all in the preparation and with varnish that usually means get rid of everything that was there. What varnish to use??? No idea sorry, I love wood to bits but despise the thought of having to re va
  9. At the moment re galvanising is still about 1/2 the cost of new good stuff.... even new bad stuff. You can re galvanise more then twice AS LONG AS the galvaniser knows his game well or they can over cook it which can bugger it. That's even more important if you have the seriously strong chain like Maggis AQUA7 or ACCOs G70. Not too sure how you'll fair re galvanising some chains that have the newer types of finished like PWB's ArmourCoat but I suspect it'll be fine. I know re galvanising over Maggis Zinc-O-Met finish is fine, which is handy as there is now a lot of that in use. Wha
  10. Outward Bound won the Whitbread race. I'll add to the list - Komotu. a world champion who at the time was a real freaky deaky design. She is a Logan
  11. Kevin, you could approach the Marine Industry Association with regards to your invoice questions. I doubt it would achieve much, if anything at all, but stranger things have happened so ya just never know. To start a job by being told you aren't trusted and you'll have to do the job peace meal while the customer checks it's happening correctly, even after professing they have little to no knowledge, will only cost you time, money and goodwill. I'd think you'd be better off doing a little research before deciding who to see about doing the work.
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