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  1. One does have to wonder what Crusader knows or has seen the rest of the fleet hasn't.
  2. Thanks Wedgetail. Sadly I'm still none the wiser, I must be looking in the wrong place. Some boats have pulled out by the looks. It seems less are starting L2 than did L1. Any one know why?
  3. Has everyone finished L1? Any results?
  4. It's been 30 years 4 months since my hull, foredeck and cockpit bottle opener went splash.
  5. It looks like it's changed it's mind about giving us some grief. But one will soon rather than later, as they do, so check ya lines anyway.
  6. the facebook??? No wonder I couldn't find anything......... and never would. Thanks Mark and Red.
  7. Where you getting that info from? All I can find is a list of who has finished and who hasn't.
  8. Good call fella. It is this tyime of the year the 'she'll be right' approach to mooring lines suddenly becomes 'Shite I better do something quick, have you seen the forecast'. 90% odd of all boats that decide to leave their moorings, berths etc do so due to rope chafe. Now is the time to do take a few minutes to make sure your baby is safe for the impending change of season.
  9. And ........................... ?????????
  10. There's been an additional prize chucked in by someone who reckons too many sub 34fters (10.34mts) are spending too much time in their berths when they could easily be out having fun. That is a F1020 or shorter. So if you have a boat that is less than 10.35mts and wasn't launched in this current century you're now also in the running for one of the following. which can also do this It is a state of the art Super High Holding Power Aussie made Excel anchor. Flash? Oh yes but it gets better, it's made of high tensile aluminium so it's light. One for a 10,4mt boat is only 7k
  11. Looking very flash. Nice work. So what's the story with the door/hatch/something or other?
  12. :razz: One could think that based on the number of emails I get from Russian woman wanting to jump on what, judging by many of the other emails, must be a seriously undersized penis. I don't think Olga and Svetlana realises the effort the Viagra team are going to just for their benefit.
  13. Lucky, it was looking like it would nearly missed for a moment
  14. KM...

    SSANZ series

    I think Mr B Boo got a typo in his post and the last race is the 50 miler not another 60. I'm also liking the Motuihe idea.
  15. :razz: :razz: The Herald has a thing that links to the next article from the one you're reading. Go suss the one on Dean Baker with all that blaa blaa palava and what is the next article the Herald links to "What penis size is normal?' A Freudian slip by someone or just a coincidence???
  16. KM...

    SSANZ series

    The ones who insist you go sailing aren't always that easy to find so if you find one play nice and try to hang on to her The SSANZ triple is usually the 1st or 2nd Saturday in July, Aug and Sept. This years dates can't be far away from being set.
  17. I'd swap those 2 around. The one you like (the Lotus) shows the owner is a tight arse (tiny photos clustered into one) and too tight to spend $1 on the extra photos so you'd have to ask yourself, what on the boat did he also short cut by a dollar or 2. The Logan you don't, has all the same size photos, OK composition but best of all shows a lot more of the boat in a clean simple manner. Having done a few houses outward and inward in the last 18 months, we got that disappointed/ piss off/ sceptical of one or 2 agents photo listings we just totally ignore any listings of theirs we ra
  18. Having a quick suss of the 250 odd comments attached to that Deaker article it seems about 85% agree with him and would prefer GD gone, 5% want Dean gone and about 5% want Deaker gone.
  19. There are lots of good reasons to have swivels. Every mooring in the country has a swivel on it, as do all the harbour marks, commercial ships, superboats and things like the iron sand buoy, research buoys and arrays, etc. Recreational anchoring by a very long country mile has the smallest % of systems with swivels in them in proportion to the total number of systems in use worldwide. Recreational is very much the exception and far from the norm if you look at all the anchor/mooring systems in the world. There certainly are issues only swivels can tame.
  20. That's a key word in a lot of this palava going on. Some see 'their' team and naturally want to support/shelter/cuddle etc, so will turn a blind eye to some of the issues. That's standard human nature in action. Others see a business, and like when most business's have deep performance issues and/or are in the sh*t something has to change, usually that's the person/s calling the shots. It's all making for rather interesting goings that's for sure.
  21. Opps it just updated. Just north of Kawau there abouts, the detail is crap. doing 7-8 kts, 32-34nm to go. Next update in 3hrs 20min?????
  22. Which tracker? The Volvo one still has 23mins until an update is due.
  23. 10 odd times Sports Journalist something or other of the year amongst many other accolades. M Class.... amongst others. Is that enough or do you need more? That's what the said with Peter Blake... but they were wrong then as well. Both are unusual but not certainly unique. TNZ as a brand is way bigger than any one person. There are people/groups out there right this minute making plans for TNZ if GD bails...... or gets shown the door. There would be millionaires/billionaires everywhere willing to pay large to have TNZ. An Swiss/Italian drug pusher did exactly that. Sure he didn't
  24. Us both. All I can find was 2-3hrs old.
  25. 9.30 am - Off Whananaki. 'Setting a cracking pace in feck all wind' is the report.
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