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  1. Kevin, you could approach the Marine Industry Association with regards to your invoice questions. I doubt it would achieve much, if anything at all, but stranger things have happened so ya just never know.



    I'll be asking them to halt work while I come and have a look and get their briefing to the best of my limited understanding. I'll be telling them that I'll take detailed notes of conversations in case of further "misunderstandings". I'll be doing this on commissioning the job too. If they are honest operators they shouldn't have a problem with this approach.

    To start a job by being told you aren't trusted and you'll have to do the job peace meal while the customer checks it's happening correctly, even after professing they have little to no knowledge, will only cost you time, money and goodwill. I'd think you'd be better off doing a little research before deciding who to see about doing the work.


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