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  1. Correct, it's been paid for about 4 times now. Again correct, I'm only one of a team, a very diverse team. With this specific Rakino scrap, there are a few on, it was a couple of concerned clubs, PCC and GHYC, who went in and have since joined with and are running with it under the AYBA banner. Submissions lodged, hearings shortly. Obviously there are other objectors as well. If you get pissed off at least make a submission against things. It is not hard, can only take 10min and doesn't have to be complex or use big wanky words, being 'authentic', whatever that means, is
  2. Sorry to disappoint you but they will be dredging. It's a shallow bay and the Waiheke set don't do little people boats so they need depth. So you submitted against the new ones the rich lister on the point is trying to put in at Rakino so he can increase the price of his subdivison? While you should have, weight of numbers do count occasionally, we have submitted and will be attending the hearings on your behalf.
  3. Ask them. Often we have no idea about pricing comparisons and work on what's suggested or we're told 'is about there and you'll be OK'. Also if the master Sth Pac agent, as too many are, is in Aussie they are known to take the piss when pricing to NZ. We had a case so I got up the Aussies who said f*ck off so I went direct to the manufacturer and had a bleat. In the bleat I was told, and this is very common, 'We have a NZ distributor', when asked where they say 'Sydney'. Then they hear me say, if they are a US manufacturer, "You Canadians are f**king sh*t at geography, why's that?". The reply
  4. Either you had a defective flare or have been listening to the 1950's. If a flare did drip anything combustible as you describe it fails Certification and can't be sold as a flare.
  5. Only 35% left??? that's tiny. Does that do away with the need to carry the objectionable coloured heavy weather sails?
  6. Selling by trashing the competition and not on the merits of the product you're trying to sell tends to happen for a reason. A big one being the competition is genuine competition for very good valid reason/s. Having read this thread and owning 11 outboards (a life of acquisitions and what comes with them but zero disposals) I am having serious issues trying to line up what's being said in this thread with my real life experiance, in fact I just can't. Sell the products on their own merits. If those merits are as good as the claims then the products will sell themselves. Just sa
  7. To quote a wise Australian Poet, Mick Dundee You call those colourful flares? now these are colourful flares Sorry and Yes I was taking the piss when putting wise in the same sentence as Australian.
  8. Some small useless POS not dissimilar to what most boats in Cat anything in NZ already have hanging on their transom. It says it's approved, but then so do many about many things that aren't quite when you drill down into the fine print. I never saw them as much more than a gimmick so never take much notice bar at that approval bit as it generated a huge WTF?? https://www.greatlandlaser.com/rescue-laser-flare-magnum/ You're wasting your time and money even thinking about getting one for the boating you do. I've waved mine around the Gulf many over the last 5 or so years. It has no
  9. Oh hell yes. Certification in the commercial space is a frecking nitemear but a lot of that is due to MNZ being still firmly sat in the 90's. I know a anchor manufacturer who spent over 30K to get one of their products 'Approved'. That approval makes zero difference to how it works, it just says it does to a degree...a high degree in that particular case. My laser flare* cost US$100 odd from memory. I can see situations where a device that was a combination of gear would be very damn handy. An integrated EPIRP with electronic flare plus pyro. Boat goes down, device is trigger
  10. That explains it all, your knowledge of modern flares is woefully lacking. It's no wonder your view of them is so WTF. As I have had quite a bit of experience with them I can very easily see the big easy cheap value they can provide in some situations. Which is the same experiance that tells me in many places up the NE coast my phone is useless and I need something to fill that gap.
  11. There is one SOLAS approved electronic flare. It's just a small flashing light that sits bugger all above the water. You'd be better off with just a bloody good touch. In a world near drowning in tech that would suggest there is no boater demand for them, no regulatory demand for them so the potential manufacturers see no value in making them. That does surprise me to be honest. You'd think if you can get a collar that measurers your cats pooh for assorted stuff, true story, you'd expect someone clever clogs to come up with a good reliable form of electronic flare device.
  12. Snap (no it wasn't a hip...that time )
  13. Gezz dude that's a huge call saying it's about the racing not just speed. You're risking a pile on by the AC fanatics with that crazy talk But you are right, it's about the quality of the race and if it's up there what speed it happens at it pretty much irrelevant. Good to see a lot of interest and action out there in the 22ft area. Maybe it is time to celebrate it more?????
  14. Are you priming that spade for a big weekend in the garden?
  15. Yeap, a mixed fleet candidate there. White Sprit ?
  16. Probably a very similar number to those who would hear you on VHF at 3am. Assuming yours was working, like mine was 24hrs before I need to use it in vengeance to find..... opps, it suddenly wasn't. It appears where we differ is I'm not willing to gamble on my or my crews lives for a measly $100 but you are. and we're back to horse for courses. It happened about an hour after sunset.
  17. You must be a sh*t load lot taller than me. No one is compelling you carry pyros but many think those that don't are dumbarses. Horses for courses dude so mid ocean pyros could have issues exactly like VHF does in some bays we use like Arkles. That's why those who aren't dumbarses carry a full inventory for uses in as many situations as possible.
  18. Celebrate the 22, no matter what shape it is, so B22 works just as much as N22. On thinking about it I should have picked up on that, its not like you gave me photographic evidence is it..... errr, Opps
  19. Do you think you and the others there could be schmoozed into a event which would find which N22 is the fastest in the known Galaxy? Then to find which 22fter is the fastest of all 22fters in the known Galaxy? I've been co-opted again for a tribe of plywood 22's so I've been thinkin
  20. YES they will and they can inside 60 seconds, even if you are parked in Arkles Bay on Guy Fawkes night which is a proven real life Fact. Coast Guard got calls within 1 minute of the pyro being fired off by some muppets on Arkles bay beach. Responses came in from as far as Waiheke Island, out the end of the Pennisular and Tiri passage... all of which would have had full Guy Fawkes as their backgrounds. And to correct your post even further (facts are facts sorry) when the pyro went off I could hear the calls to CG some stating a boat was sinking in Arkles Bay. There was only one boat
  21. Wowww, I would never have picked that number or anything close. Fancy that.
  22. The bastards. Just think of it as one of the cheapest of the many subscriptions you have got. Or if that doesn't do it for you just remember these numbers Cat 1 offshore Flare pack - cost $210.00 or $4.35 per month over their 'allowed' lifetime. They will work long after you're told they won't. Satellite ph minimum CONNECTION ONLY cost - the best I've found so far is a monthly access fee alone of $65 or a '50 min pack- at A$510 which you need to commit to for at least 3 months. Luckily you have Pyros or you'd never be able to afford to see your family
  23. They must have a far superior VHF, Phone and Comms in general up there than we get here. Many phones can't get you from North Head to Gt Barrier....comment made by watching Akl-Tga trackers showing - dropped out - showing again - dropped out again - repeat. If NZ can burn 1000's of tonnes of carbon rich tires a year and it is regard as environmentally friendly then zapping a tiny number of flares is not a issue.....unless someone needs it to be of course. Whose doing the pushing W, can you see?
  24. Thanks fella. Bonito, interesting. I wonder how many are around and still in use.
  25. Does anyone know if there is a Nolex 22 Association or similar and can aim me at it? What other 22ft yachts are there in any numbers? Pied Pipers L Class Nolex 22 what others?
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