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  1. 1 minute ago, CarpeDiem said:

    Wow, only 10hp?  That surprises me.

    My 930 was running a 9.9 Yammy Hi Thrust and it would push her into a near cyclone with minimal lose of speed. Nothing with an inboard could touch us.

    I have no problem at all believing the 10hp comment ;)

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  2. enlarged premises.

    Just to make it very clear what that word is and there are no euphemisms in play ;) :)

    Yes we're looking forward to the huge space increase ourselves.


  3. 12 hours ago, bigal.nz said:

    Interesting - its what the PO had - but it was raised about an 1/2 inch off the floor of the wooden lattice that runs along the floor of the cockpit so you would never really stand on it. 

    If there is no hazard like standing on it leading to it rolling or a anything tripping then wire would be fine bar the fact it'll be a bit hard on everything it touches.

    My go to is webbing. It lays flat, you can see when it's degrading and it's cheap to replace.

    What the Safety Regs say is fine but when that wave smashes into you that book and whomever wrote it won't be the ones washed overboard. It's a handy guide to put into the mix but that's all.

  4. I did like the way they finished Saturday at Westhaven..or so it appeared. It seemed a little early though.

    It just clicked what/who the blurple coloured boat was that was 2 sailing across the harbour at a speed noted by 2 patrons.

    It was Burn..ing along at a pace that nearly generated Smoke of the Water, but it didn't look Made in Japan or Made in Europe. Luckily the crew weren't Perfect Strangers so managed to keep the rig Perpendicular enuff, without any help of Bananas, on their way to maybe the House of Blue Light to have a chat amongst the Slaves and Masters while around them The Battle Raged on......

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  5. 3 hours ago, Winter said:

    What is the right crimp for the job? Copper or  Nickel Plated Copper?

    Both. It depends on what finish looks the most purdy in your eyes.

    There is nothing stopping you using a rigging screw or similar tensioning item over lashing. Cheapest, easiest to adjust, removes less skin when fallen on to. We'd do 80% lashing, 20% something else. Now up to around 50 - 50 when looking at fibre verse wire.


  6. 18 hours ago, KM... said:

    Chatting to a dude who lets office buildings in the CBD this morning. He reckons there is empty space all over the show and it's only going to decrease out of Queen Street.

    I think that should be 'increase around'.

    Working from home productivity studies show there are 2 sorts of workers, one is noticeably more productive, the other noticeably less, with seemingly less middle ground than is found in a typical work place environment. I don't have a problem believing that as one of mine when working from home is a machine in getting sh*t done but then I'm the opposite, far too many distracting toys on hand at home so the work environment keeps me on track a little better.

    The new home office should be finished later this week, I suspect 2 of my 3 jobs may take a whack but the 3rd will thrive.

  7. Chatting to a dude who lets office buildings in the CBD this morning. He reckons there is empty space all over the show and it's only going to decrease due to covid showing how most CBD office wombles can do the same from home and elsewhere. He sees a comparative ghost town there soon. He questioned why all the effort around public transport is based on getting bodies in to and then out of Queen Street.

    He has a good point.

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  8. Heading Tiri sure looks the better option at the moment.

    The 2 orphans, NZOR and Romanza, look to be having some fun together, that's handy as it's pretty boring racing if you have nothing to race against. That Romanza can hold some good height.

    Some nice gusts coming thru here so they'll be on their toes out there I'd expect.

  9. A AKL-TGA boat is showing as being stopped at Motuihe, that's a little weird. The NE won't help but it's only showing 24 at Colville it's not that big.

    Be good to get around Colville so the fun ride can commence.

  10. 8 minutes ago, Tamure said:

    also, anyone remember the old Mangere bridge? One day they decided to build a new one along with a motorway and then nek minut..  Can someone tell me the precise political process that results in a decision to proceed? Is it constituent driven, planning driven, who signs it off?

    Cock wombles using nefarious techniques.

    One biggie for me I'm still gobsmaked over is a good part of the pre-build marketing contained 'we asked the people and 69% were in favour of it'. That's fine, 69% should have the edge over the remaining 31% BUT how solid was that 69%? Suss the deep darkest corners to where the 69% came from to find it was 83 people out of the 119 they asked. That micro sampling size came up a few times but got pooh poohed as not relevant.

    1 minute ago, Tamure said:

    it was a metaphor for putting the greater good of the community before one's self interest. I did not actually mean a team of home owners.

    I know but it's 2021 dude, self interest reigns more now than ever. Those driving many of these projects are doing purely out of self interest.


  11. 1 minute ago, Fish said:

     Who is bitching about the cost of City Rail Link? I am.... that one project has killed off every other transport upgrade across all of Auckland.

    And everyone who said it would before it started was told they didn't know sh*t, that would never happen, STFU. Also the cost blows out, never ever going to happen right up the days it did.

    People remember.


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  12. Everything we have seen or been presented talking 2nd crossing is one side of the water to the other. Not a single sign of anything like CBD to Albany or Waterview across the waters, it's all been Westhaven to Barry point road type of thing. But that does make it harder as any entry/exit of any 2nd crossing needs a fair whack of space and there sweet feck all of that by the waters edge close to the CBD.

    You need to remember the council sees Auckland as what used to be Auckland. There seems quite a reluctance for it to recognise it's domain now is vastly bigger.

    The news article yesterday about a second bridge stirred up some amusement.

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  13. 7 hours ago, waikiore said:

    The next crossing is being kept secret from those whose houses the tunnel will pop up next to in Hauraki area......

    Ah yes of course. On the door step of the new massive apartment complex going in where that happy clappy church currently is maybe????

    But then it is in a logical spot for a tunnel to exit so that would suggest it won't come out there :)

  14. 6 hours ago, DrWatson said:

    Call me suspicious, but I smell a rat.

    There is very little around all of the Skypath and associated things AND many of the people involved that doesn't have a similar nose to your deceased rodent. You have a good nose on you.

    I see headlines today 'Secret planning for second harbour crossing underway'. I'm can't think of who it's being kept a secret from though or why.

  15. Give Marilyn a ring on 027 253 5005.

    She made some for a cuzzies caravan resto, he found a rotten old ....can't think of the name, those older rounded edges ones that were often polish alloy, in bumfucknowhereville and spend a few years getting it back to full sexy. Appearenlty it's now worth gazillions.


    Did the jouno angle work to get you back in time to catch the end of summer? 

  16. Young 11 wanted by a very genuine 'ready to do get the deal done today' shopper.

    Been trying to buy one that is currently off shore but deal fell thru so now back on the hunt and keen to find one.

    Sussed Roadrunner but it maybe a little too much run down.

    PM me


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