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  1. Ah ha, that makes perfect sense.
  2. Sound like wise thinking, especially if she's good at bringing home the nautical bacon, that is to be strongly encuraged. I considered going lectric for the 930 but it lost due to weight, cost and delicatness. That's before we even considerd how we'd charge the thing. But for the Ding and after doing a pile of testing with Torqeedos an lectric would be high on the 'possibles' list. But again I'd still have the charging issue. Which electric? That's the tricky question to answer. Damn handy, Thanks. I'll work on 1.5 per race, 40 minutes out there gearing up, 20 to get back in. No h
  3. Entry numbers have jumped up, that's good to see. Why aren't you in with the Sportys?
  4. KM...


    I suspect the Council and Govt finding themselves beyond broke may have some input as well, this was going to cost over 1/2 billion dollars. And did it while that bobblehead, Silly Philly Goff, was standing beside her. Both knew it wasn't as their jaws flapped.
  5. We do live in a world where we've become near immune to all the massive amount of the never actioned virtue signaling that's going on. I'm doing the oppersite so I can see why it would have some scratching their head
  6. We're trying to calculate emmissions.
  7. sand or a motar mix. Trying to extend their life span. Each one costs around 5K to replace.
  8. Sleeved steel which is backfilled with assorted goodies depending on useage. Effective in use but eyesores for sure. Pine piles were OK but now it's plantation pine it's become very soft, wears inconsistanly and is basicly now sh*t. So moved to hardwoods like Turpentine and others but they have to be imported, are costly and there is the growing resistance to chopping down old trees, especialy slow growing hardwoods.
  9. KM...


    They were never going to be able tack it onto the existing bridge, engineers had written that option off quite a while ago. But as the project is one of Jacindas 'shove ready' post covid infrastructure spends it's popped back up on the radar and the lazy media/aggenda pushers (GenZero, RideAKL and a couple of other very selfish self interested mobs) just copy and paste the article they did 6 months ago. The effort now looks to have been redirected towards sorting a second crossing which would be road north, rail north and south. The bridge then becomes road south and has spare lanes
  10. What LOA are you? How much fuel do you reckon you use to leave the berth, get to race start and then do the reverse on finishing? How many times a year would you do that? I am assuming diesal unless you say otherwise. Close as will work. I am thinking Westhaven/Bayswater but GHM would be pretty much the same as them. Why? I'm trying to get a better grip on how much fuel a race fleet consumes.
  11. KM...

    FM AM radios

    My FM/AM Fusion runs thru the VHF antenna. Fusion as I needed some customisation and they are in Northcote. But also is it is a more waterproofed version.
  12. Have to agree with you Vic. But the devil is in the small print not the big scary headlines. Count the number of times boats are mention in the pitch, I copied it below for you. But if you drill down below that you'll find a 5 year old report commissioned by DOC into the responces of Bottlenose Dolphins to vessel activity in Northland. Specifically in relation to the commercial operators of tours in the Bay which do do some Dolphin and Whale watching trips at times but with a little look at boats in general. It is based on data collected between 2012 and 2015. It also has recommen
  13. nope never. But it may work in 2024 It's very early days and the dollars will still in the air flying around, probably trying to find the best ROI, and once they have landed the peasants will be told which bank account to fill.
  14. Exactly, that's why you need to get in early, earlier the better.
  15. If they ever releases any drafts, sure. But you could be too late to have any input into it by then. That's why they are asking for your opinion now.
  16. The proposal is all there, things like this don't get to this stage with a motherload of plans and paper already in place. The idea is to engage now to try and make the law not a pile of arse that it a will be if left only to DOC. All everyone one wants is the best possible outcome for every mammal involved.
  17. NZ lost another 3 million superboat service to Aussie today.
  18. Everyone I've spoken to likes the idea of and would support the Sanctuary but from all I've seen, heard and sussed that vagueness around enforcement is a real concern. Especially so with the unbelievably bizarre decisions coming out of Wellington around things DOC.
  19. The guts of what some are a bit concerned around this proposed sanctuary is all about the lack of info around enforcement of some rules that are being referred to by DOC as being 'black and white'. As we know DOC hates people so there is a concern enforcement will be black and white with little wiggle room for common sense or the Dolphins desires. For example if a boat saw some dolphins coming and changed course to avoid but the dolphins choose to follow and then come within 400m of the fleeing boat to have a play as they often do, should the boat be screwed? Most say No but the rules are 'bla
  20. Any boating going on out there today?
  21. Yeap, that's a hell good buy at that price. Even 30 is a good price.
  22. Here's todays example of why commercial cost so much more. Boat going OK for years on 8mm chain. It's now going into MNZ and they want 12mm chain. Only 3K there but wait there's more......... 12mm chain doesn't run on winches that use 8mm, BOOM another 5K there...plus wiring change, locker change and more.
  23. It lives purely in hope a race may break out but having sat thru 1.7 sails and not seeing one it's been consigned to the background, if possible, just in case something does actually happen. Maybe if I'd taken more attention yesterday I wouldn't be getting the sh*t I am today, bugger!!!! Apologies to the US lady YT commentator for questioning her heritage and ability to use a calendar
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