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  1. They face gobsmacking regulatory related costs us recreational don't. A lot of that regulation demands using $1000 dohicckys when a $100 dohiccky would do exactly the same job. The difference between the 2 dohicckys is often only a sheet of paper.
  2. KM...

    The Gulf Alone

    Oh yeah covid, I forgot about that. Good to hear it was going great up until then. If I get parole I'll be there next year
  3. Found a couple of hours with unusually nothing pressing that needed doing so thought I'd finish tweaking the DR200 from a learner machine to being my farm bike. Out to cave and thought the AC so fired up the tablet thingy, found You Tube, searched AC Live, cool 7mins to race start. Got back wheel ready, 2 mins to the race, bang and off they go to no surprise, ETNZ limp, Prada smart and off they go. Finished putting brakes in and wheel back on with AC in the background, Prada tales out the 1st race in a spookily similar manner to what they did yesterday. Plod on with tuning brakes and
  4. Get used to it, it's just how it works here.
  5. You obviously don't understand what so many are missing. But that's OK as the AC organisers don't either.
  6. Oh yes very much so and it is very important to get it right especially when using fancy cores. By 'fancy cores' I means dyneemas, spectras, vectrans, kevlars, PBO and those fibres NOT the older school Polyester, Nylon, Polyprop. There are many ropes for many applications made many ways so the following is a bit general and with boats and halyards as the ropes intended end use. The fancy cores are Class 2 as they are all about the core, the cover is only there for handing and pretty not strength. All the strength and goodness is the core only. The older school no fancy are Class
  7. DTwo is a bit light and now has me thirsty which is a little dis-concerting mid morning...but I am building a new CRM file today for April 1 so bored shitless is the theme of the day I'll crunch some numbers for you on Monday. I build a programme thingy I can run options thru and it spits out all manner of good sh*t including weights. I tweaked my 930 halyards a little, not huge, and took a little time to pick the right string for each application. The new set was 2.9kg less than the old set. When you have a genuine noodle rig 2.9 is a lot.
  8. Interesting watching the media and it struggling with it all. Lots of 'Oh gosh how earth shattering good Emerites must be to get back in the game by winning R4'. Err....hello!! While I expect the procession to go on and if it follows the first 4 races Emerites will win the AC, they have favoured starting side in the last race, ya just never know what may happen so don't lose all hope a race may yet break out. I do want one to and I want it to happen in R5, after all the time, effort, pain, vast sums of coin that could have been used for social good and the being pissed around we all
  9. One small move and that's all she wrote......... game over.
  10. Did Prada just do the exact same attempted luff that cost them R1?
  11. Yeah it sort of does. They are speed boats not manoeuvring boats so get clear ahead and you can dictate where you go which gives you the ability to get your speed where you want it. The following boat can't do that as it has to try and keep clear air while search for a passing lane, all of which costs speed.
  12. I just watched a entire AC race.... errr sail. The finish wasn't what the media said was going to happen.
  13. KM...

    The Gulf Alone

    As some won't suffer Fecesbook we're left wondering 'Did the Gulf Alone happen and how did it go?'
  14. Not too sure I'd agree with that. This BOLD case stinks of dodgy big time so I have no problem with it being excluded purely for just being a slippery tosser if nothing else.
  15. The Govt who is still in election mode and is already twitching hard due to allowing too much dross in which are displacing the genuinely important and those with genuine needs. It'll be well aware having a pile of superboats sitting in the harbour is not a vote winner.
  16. A crew, not a problem. Me, hell No Na, if done well using the right gear the only problem will be the voice in your head screaming 'TOO SMALL get me off this now!!!' We commonly make halyards and other things by laminating like Carpe has and often for the same reason. small is light and plenty strong but a right bitch to hang on to with cold hands or existing jammers so we layer other covers on top to bulk it out where needed. Sometimes do that to increase chafe protection, sometimes just for aesthetics. Some of our most Gucci sh*t is going into office and shop fit outs, not boats,
  17. Talking UHMwPE in general, splicing is preferred as this fibre and knots are knot mates. Tie a bowline in this material and BOOM your strength drops about 50-60% instantly. So given the option splice. But in saying that many use the product not for strength but for their very low to no stretch so if that's what it's about knots make no difference to that. So Mr C you'll need to suss how much strength you need verse the size of line. If the required strength is pushing the lines break load then splice, if there is a big gap then tieing a knot is fine. Notes: UHMwPE = Ultra High Molecu
  18. What I saw this morning is pretty much what I expected. Fast boats on a track not long enough to give enough time/room to over come even small cock ups. Some will like it, some won't.
  19. Spectra or UHMwPE (which Spectra and Dyneema are brand names of the flasher end of that material spectrum) cored Donaghys Superspeed Armare Speedcruise Maybe a pre-stretched Polyester double braid like a Armare Star. That's popular amongst the cruisers.
  20. KM...

    herald ban?

    Good point Fogg, as dodgy as the BBC New reporting has been on occasion it is spectacular in fields beyond that. Not many, if any, organisations could challenge their nature related outputs.....one on polar beers excepted. On sussing NZ outlets I am struggling to find much variation in the news being reported even if there is a sh*t load of variation on the commentary around those news stories. Not that sure the Herald is as dodgy as some others but as most is paywalled there could be trash behind it. 'NZ outlets' added just for Aard
  21. The radio is saying it's 1-1 Did the boat that crossed the line first also cross the finish first? Did anything more happen than just the boats rounding marks? Is 1-1 a fair scoreline?
  22. Yes I am aware of KDC's bizarre history and said fuckery. Worse than Akl I find very hard to believe considering how AKl Council and it's CCO's intentionally ignore laws, their own and Wellingtons, almost hourly. I have a 'cock womble prevention plan' ready, as I do with things like this.
  23. Many boat that were here for work had it all cancelled and the boats loaded onto the ship bound for the EU instead. Owners working on the theory if they aren't allowed in to use their boats then why leave them here. That has cost the industry shitloads in coin, jobs and reputation. We have had 50K odd cancelled and we'd be less than a drop in the bucket. The Aussie marine industries best salesmen currently is the NZ Govt. The real bad thing about this is if we allow boats to suss the other options they may find them superior to NZ's meaning we'll never see them or their mates ever ag
  24. There is no resource to consent until I create it. Kaipara DC.
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