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  1. Yeap with todays 'additives' it opens up the material options a lot. Much of the Reptile is untreated pine and other assorted stuff from my years of hoarding. Selected with caution, glassed in and sealed well, perfect. I'm building a lake to help the 1000 extra trees we're planting to help expand the local Nature Diversity Highway. Also the extra water will be used with restoring 2 beaten up once were and will be again shortly back to fully functioning wetlands. I'm not doing that just with a spade. Nature Diversity Highway - the joining up of patches of bush/forest by replanting ope
  2. We, like most humans, prefer to prioritise things we each find enjoyable or derive significant satisfaction from over things we don't and most are willing to pay a premium for that, exactly as you, I and most reading this do with our boats. For you that's cruising over making and creating but as I find cruising very boring now I far prefer to make n create. So to you this 'possible project in waiting' has very low value but for me the idea of bring a classic in waiting back from the dead is quite exciting in many ways. But to answer the last sentence and considering the Wa is st
  3. I see awesome ROI's in regards to stories, the effort involved, the costs, the learning, the heritage protection and more. You see ROI's in $$ term. Horses for courses.
  4. There are a LOT of restos going on at the moment. A new 30fter is 300K plus, saw one this morning that is a hair short of 400K. Spend 60K on the wreak and you could have a perfectly fine boat that will have some advantages the new 30 doesn't have. Sure a bit of a project but being the vintage and construction she is it's not a hard one. If you applied that same thinking to yourself, a bit old n dated, should your wife be trading you in for a younger flasher model ;)
  5. So do I but to date nothing suggests one will break out on Wednesday. I too have been a little surprised at how may who were big AC fans now seem to be very Ho Hum about it all. Many don't see it as sailing and it's not hard to see why. Horses for courses I suppose.
  6. KM...

    herald ban?

    I don't swing that way but if there is some intergalactic hoisting that needs to be done I'd pick Georgiou all day every day. Janeway, while not topping any list, would obviously have to be second. Oh hell yes. That polar bear one was an absolute shocker in so many ways. Attenborough took a big dive in my books over that as well. US ones only if there is a potentially interesting link but otherwise they have no relevance hence hold no interest. From what little I've seen most are the same as Stuff, proud to tell you they will only publish one side of the story and then only the bi
  7. KM...

    herald ban?

    OK I've deleted all in your post that was just playing the man, YET AGAIN, and we see your post only contains one sentence. The thread was talking NZ outlets, I continued in that theme. If you wanted to go wider you should have said so.
  8. Yeap. Just popped back from the boat but before I left she got extra securing. A few yachts out of Taka, staying in close for the flat water, and seem to be having fun. Oh well only a week or so and the circus will be done and dusted at long last.
  9. Agree. In a world where they can target individuals with not too much trouble surely it's got to be pretty easy to tune the geo location setting finer to a point things are staged. Timing could be tricky though, don't these waves move at quite differing speeds? But agree giving some time period would be very handy. And agree on the cry wolfe. I see L3 for many has now morphed into doing the usual but taking a little more effort not to get sussed by the plods. By that I mean in the general population, not just Government ministers and their mates.
  10. KM...

    Boat Names

    Your effort to retask gear in this resource challenged world is admirable.
  11. KM...

    herald ban?

    Or your ability to just admit you're wrong as your play the man not the game post clearly shows.
  12. KM...

    herald ban?

    Sussed the BBC, NYT, TG, TA and Jazeera but no news in them at all just sh*t about sh*t that happens not around me or my locations. Many openly say they will only publish one side of some stories and not go near other subjects at all so hard to see any balance there. So we get to NZ. Stuff, the outlet that says on it's front page the same as many of those offshore ones do 'We have decided to tell you only what we want and it will be one sided'. Open and honest, yes but it also makes balance impossible. Newsroom ?? Better than most generally but still has it's moments. Questionab
  13. Wrong boat, I may have a couple SR was slated for early April but that was pushed back until late May last week.
  14. Lowering the boat and a jack let go, she dropped about 200mm with a fecking awful crash. Ding in a rub rail but nothing else seen so far. Extra eyes in the bilge next week when she goes splash.
  15. KM...

    herald ban?

    I'm intrigued to know who these mysterious publications are that you consider balanced?
  16. This would be more AYBA...errr thinking about it maybe as TYBC run Tauranga they wouldn't be at the AYBA conflict avoidance meetings. Maybe they should be seeing they tap the Akl fleet. If I hadn't seen this thread I'd never have know the regatta is on....or to be honest, even still being run. The AC and juggling of it is all smothering.
  17. Yes, it went off here and everyone twitched in bad way then then grizzled. Wild Westcoast Hot Chilli Sweet Blacksauce, keeping it local as it's made in Dargaville. He does, Beloved Leader just announced dropping to L2 on Sunday.
  18. KM...

    herald ban?

    If it's bullshit in the herald then isn't it also bullshit everywhere else?
  19. It does a lot, Thanks. Bit freaky to think the ground can move up and down that much, it's no wonder they are so much more exited down the East Coast.
  20. So Panuku can get at it, bugger. Sadly I agree, someone will be sitting there thinking exactly that, 'Apartments here we go, ya hoo!.
  21. Totally agree Mr Fogg and loving the last sentence, that's something we should be doing more of not all this patch here, patch there crap. We're pushing for the same 'combined master plan' on some mooring shenanigans a couple of rich listers are trying to do now around Rakino. That's another fight clubs seem to be not telling their members sadly. On the objections list I saw a week or 2 back was only the PCC & GHYC with help from the AYBA to try and stop the silliness. I hope more have jumped in since, we have a meeting around those next week so I'll suss. If all clubs teamed up just
  22. Who owns the grounds, any idea Sloop?
  23. Hey eruptn, just to help understand what I'm/we're looking at a bit better - No 1 - Is that from the 1st rattle at 2:30am +/- or something else? If from the 1st shack why only East cape do you think, I'd have expected Northland and Barrier to have twitched as well. No 2 - Below those are the signs you mention as now arriving? On the Barrier one the wiggle goes left a far bit, would that be smaller waves arriving from the 1st rattle? No 3 - Those spikes would be due to the quake. The grey either side of that, and can be seen on others, is that just your average day to day bigger
  24. So now you've all had a chance to vent your ignorance and demonstrated your clubs/organisations have lazy management who don't seem to care much about the environment and boatings future as a mass participation activity nor even informing their members of these things, mind you lazy management can only get there due to lazy members, back to the topic on hand. So we object to this proposed Dolphin plan or not? Or do we just object to the fine print, specifically around onus of proof and things like that?
  25. I didn't and I do tend to get most things like that. I get a lot from the Council but most is just marketing themselves as the best thing since sliced bread...most don't get past the delete button. When did that one pop up BOIGuy?
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