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  1. So now you've all had a chance to vent your ignorance and demonstrated your clubs/organisations have lazy management who don't seem to care much about the environment and boatings future as a mass participation activity nor even informing their members of these things, mind you lazy management can only get there due to lazy members, back to the topic on hand.


    So we object to this proposed Dolphin plan or not?

    Or do we just object to the fine print, specifically around onus of proof and things like that?


  2. 14 hours ago, BOIGuy said:

    Did you Aucklanders get consulted on this one?

    " All owners or person in charge of any craft in the Auckland region must ensure that the level of fouling on the hull and in niches of the craft does not exceed ‘light fouling’."

    I didn't and I do tend to get most things like that. I get a lot from the Council but most is just marketing themselves as the best thing since sliced bread...most don't get past the delete button.

    When did that one pop up BOIGuy?

  3. 1 hour ago, Dtwo said:

    So you know who it is but can't tell us because then we'd read it and some pinko commie would object to it without being able to read it properly and object to it because they are just too ill-informed to be worthy of having an opinion about something that they know nothing about but that's ok because some people who know lots about everything haven't actually asked to read it because they don't need to basically due to them thinking the same way as some guys over there who had a friend who read something once and thought it was ok but then some other guys came along and objected because that was part of the process unless it isn't.

    I do, I can, don't know, yes probably, No I defiantly wouldn't call them that, they are welcome and I encourage them to do so...... and about there you lost me completely sorry.


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  4. 1 hour ago, bigal.nz said:

    So it sounds like you can't tell us who this group is or why we shouldn't support this, but just trust us?

    Oh I can tell you but I'm not sure if I should on Crew due to it's habit of assuming rather than reading. I am genuinely concerned it'll be slammed due to some muppets crap comprehension skills or bullshit assumptions as we see happen far far too often.

    What a sad thing to have to write but I suppose it's just a reflection of what happens when you let the righteous, the woke, the muppets scream rather than just tell them what they should be told being 'piss off and get a life'.

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  5. 15 hours ago, Fogg said:

    I agree that would be an annoying situation especially if the burden of proof was on me to prove I was not within 400m etc.

    But that seems v unlikely and most probably a made up scenario (designed by your emailing friends who want to oppose the rule) to scare people.

    The large representative organisation who asked me, and many others, for support I rate then very highly based just on their actions over many many years. For them to have concerns they must have good reasons and I have zero that gives me even the slightest thing to doubt their sincerity. For them to say this means they must be in receipt of more info than me and by the looks everyone here. 

    I personally don't have anywhere enuff information to make a call either way.


  6. I found out why the organisation who alerted me wants to oppose the plan.

    It's not they don't like Dolphins it's they think the requirement/penalties are bullshit and unworkable. From a quick suss I'd have to agree.

    Fogg and family are happily sailing along on their trip and all of a sudden up roars a DOC fizz nasty. Of hops someone and hands Mr Fogg a fine for interfering with Dolphins. Mr Fogg is heard to utter 'WTF?, what Dolphins?'. DOC person shows photo of Dolphins with Fogg in the background, the 2 maybe within 400m of each other or maybe not, it is too hard to tell from the camera angle. Mr Fogg says to Judge 'Sorry but I never saw them and the photo looks to be more than 400m anyway, where is DOC's proof?'

    Judge replies "DOC have to prove f*ck all, the laws say you are guilty unless you can prove DOC is wrong, can you?'.

    That's what the organisation wants to oppose, I now understand and agree. Word is this will be a test case and if it gets thru there is a raft of other locations that will get the same treatment.

    I love Dolphins and won't ever hurt one but FFS any laws to protect them can't be based on boats being guilty unless they can prove otherwise, that's nearly as bullshit as the green muppets plan to make all males rapists unless they can prove they aren't.

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  7. On 28/02/2021 at 1:49 PM, Island Time said:

    Have been to Westhaven, just busy with work and did not pay much attention to it.  Sounds like a right shambles!

    Yeap. But it's OK as boat owner are all rich white pricks so deserve to be screwed over, or so the Panuku mantra goes.

    The thing is Panuku wants to knock over Westhaven and it's users as they know it's the hardest one to do that too so once Westhaven et al fall the rest will go quicker than a tax man after your wallet.



  8. 5 hours ago, Fish said:

    PS, what the f*ck (sorry, WTF) is RTFA and AFWIW?

    RTFA = read the f**king article  or possible the tamer version being 'Read the flipping article'

    AFWIW = And for what it is worth

    WTF = While they fornicated


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  9. 1st full coat of Vivid just went on. Looking not bad. Board looking 1000% better after some welding, bogging and a some poxy primer.

    Pressure washed the old Ultra, sanded it, put a coat of vivid around water line and high wear places. 3 full over that in differing colours and should be good for a sail on Wednesday......if I can get the board back in which maybe fun, the not fun fun. 

    3 hours ago, Vivaldi said:

    most Skodas should be blasted though

    many many years back in one of Dads 'i must have a weird car' phases, he had a couple, he got mum a Skoda, the old one with the wheels they were always on funny angles. Looked like crap but get it on the back roads and did it lite up a treat.  Crap on the seal but huge fun off it.

    He also brought a few Ladas, one being the 2 door hatch thingy. I had to drive it to the Bay to meet the boat and wasn't looking forward to it. sh*t in 1st, crap in 2nd but 3rd holly crap it could pull a container ship with ease but get to 4th and back to crap again. Gave a Cossack he had arse, it handled it very well.

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  10. 1 minute ago, Island Time said:

    Got any pics of the new structure KM? Surely they were not stupid enough to have exposed metal in the sludge?


    Surely they are and they did and it sure is. It's the promenade, been in for a few years now and going OK, thanks to a acro prop.

    The latest structure is the big expansion of the commercial sales berth which is illegal under the rules Westhaven is governed by. But the Council/Panuku just said 'We are above the law so it can get fucked' and did it anyway. One of many things that busts the laws down there they not only ignore they  roger right up the chuffy.

    It's sad and disheartening to see the carnage the council is causing to Auckland heritage. Also not that fun being fucked over by your own council either.



  11. 1 hour ago, Fish said:

    Maybe I need your pre race workout regime.

    😁😁   It's highly recommended and it's just like anchor chain, more is better then less :)

    It's not a large lump of tupperware paying a K a week, they won't care. They want us gone from Westhaven and are actively working towards that end game.

  12. Oh gezz, aren't you just a bundle of joy, that sounds scary :)

    There's so much going on down there a and into seabed with 200 years of gawd knows what gone into it evil will be lurking in many corners. But as this is a new phenomenon we're picking all the tupperwares and that lectric stupidity will be involved somewhere. The timing is just to coincidental. 

    Bitch to Westhaven and what will happen? A Jacinda, a nice mummy concerned smile while they increase the rates yet again.

  13. Your boat will be polyester not epoxy I'd expect. But using epoxy now is fine as long as any surfaces have had a hell sand, far superior adhesion that way.

    Lateral has the technique sorted, have fun.

  14. Before the last big contest I told my crew as the day was looking lite we needed to save every gram we could so spend the night being a bunch of whores. Not surprisingly they listened. I even got a txt from a WAG asking of I'd told her mate to shag her silly, I replied I sure did. She replied 'Thank you' :) :)

  15. On 26/02/2021 at 4:36 PM, Fish said:

    If the concrete pontoons are through to metal, that is saying something.

    Are you near that fancy new walkway with the steel piles driven into the corrosive sludge? That walkway would be a genius way to conduct stray currents and secretly sabotage your boat...

    Do you mean the promenade that cost $21 million dollars and has been held up since new by a $100 acro prop?

    Yes about 3m from it, about 10m from the acro prop .


  16. 19 minutes ago, Kevin McCready said:

    Pity about the lawn mowing

    Even if it is a great way to reduce fire risks in these long hot dry days ;)

    Oh and if you're in the state house behind us, mowing your lawns means you can find your 2 dozen odd chickens that are in there somewhere.

  17. Oh yes it sure is, that's what there is so much head scratching going on.

    No thru hulls.

    Yeap anywhere the water touched bare metal....fizzzzzzzz. Sort of like your photo but the metal is fizzed away.

    Other boats are sussing today and over the weekend so we may find out more in a day or 2.

    When I was giving her a bum wash for Mahurangi I did notice the concrete pontoons are eroded maybe 20-25mm and some reinforcing is visible. At the time I do remember thinking 'Crap, will I now glow in the dark. Hmm.. that's cleaner reinforcing that I would have expected'. At the time the fizzing in the boat had yet to be discovered.  So maybe there is something in the water, some freaky coincidental chemical mix that's having a crack. Maybe we're seeing a 'coin in a glass of Coke' type action.

    It's all very weird. The scary thing is the speed at which metal has disappeared. If not picked up for another few months we could be sailing along quite happy and have a 'keel fall off' like situation. While we know we can fall over and sink we tend to know when that's likely to happen (big winds, big chilly bins, being muppets and the like) but if she just fell over randomly that could end in funerals.

    Lets see what a weekend of sussing and some wondering with the metre comes up with. In the meantime we decided the board has to come out so off to do that now.....and take a template just in case. Just plate steel so not tricky to replace luckily.

    Back in Monday hopefully and then I'll clip a wire with anode on the top of the board and throw that over the side as a just in case.

  18. 12 hours ago, The big T said:

     Americas Cup, a richman's race run by a richman's club in some eyes. 

    That dude, formerly known as Ben Nathan but now travels under Maori name, that hammered the AC, literally, is sending emails to all the clubs and everywhere saying how proud he is he did it, how it highlights how the AC is at the core of White Supremacy, is responsible for harming Maori elders and why Maori have to live in bus stops. He's also promoting a TMe auction for the hammer...which pans out to be just a T Shirt, proceeds to some organisation with a long Maori name.

    A passionate man for sure but maybe not the best when it comes to thinking strategically.

  19. 3 hours ago, Island Time said:

    So no engine, no nav or any other lights, no battery at all???


    There is literally more electrical things contained and happening in your little finger than the boat.

    That's why everyone is scratching their heads while muttering WTF???

    4 hours ago, Adrianp said:

    I'm guessing this 108yo beauty has no electronics whatsoever?

    What is the damage its showing KM?

    You guess accurately Grasshopper. Not even a watch as they are not allowed. Analogue maybe, digital definitely aren't. I must suss that, I tend to start like Ineos i.e a tad crappie ;)

    Centerboard, was 10mm plate steel 6 months ago and for the last 15 years, is down to 1mm in places and is super duper shiny. It's fizzy shiny not dragged thru the mud shiny. On taking it back yesterday any place the water has managed to get past the coatings is pitted, much very deeply. On the end where they do get used as depth sounders, Sorry seabed by Taikata last week, it as cluster.

    Boats, huge fun yet total bastards and at the same time.



  20. 3 hours ago, SloopJohnB said:

    I thought that the Auckland Clubs had a body that sorted out the clashes of regattas.............or does the "rich picks" rule over the "volunteers".😉

    It's maritime anarchy out there at the moment :)

    Covid has really fucked things up and in many ways

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