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  1. Common usage, like saying 'the dickheads in wellington', everyone knows you mean politicians. It is physically impossible the cause is on/from the boat itself. Some thing in the area has changed recently and started this. There's a wee rush on to see what other boats are suffering the same. It was first spotted on Sunday.....which is a right bitch as the big classic regatta is on this weekend but we are now out as we are broken.
  2. Just got back from the job of fixing the result of Westhavens latest free bonus for it's berth holders, rampant and very aggressive electrolysis. All started about the same time the new Tupperware berths went in and Westhaven got an electric outboard driven ..... some werid arse thing, that is heading fast towards mussel farm status because some muppet thought it could go into MNZ but it failed miserably, arrived. I'm less impressed than that blade of grass my turd landed on.
  3. Which one are you doing?
  4. aviate - navigate - communicate Keep the craft safely flying first and foremost, then ensure you don't fly into a hill or run out of gas before you get on the ground, only then do you ring Uber Eats or tell someone your wing has fallen off.
  5. Yeap but the few bits I've seen have had a Prada sailing under zero pressure so maybe they felt the risk was worth it. 3 teams risked over 100 million bucks they'd get to sail in a AC.
  6. Just ordered Vivid on advice of a gent I trust. And going straight over the water blasted then dry sanded remnants of Ultra2..... again on advice. Having asked 35-40 boaters over the last 2 weeks I'm now 100% positive which works where does very much more depend on where it is than what it is.
  7. Agree. Even more a bit Hmmmm..... when Prada said Ineos would win 1 this weekend. It's obvious Prada was faster and they knew it. So being 5 up they could afford to turn a race into a training exercise.
  8. With the water in marinas being hot growth is all on. What's the thru hull midships that whatever come out of goes upwards, exhaust maybe??
  9. Loving the enthusiastic facial expression Good colour matching by the way
  10. I'm applying Ultra2 in a few days time and I'm going 2 coats over a water blasted well worn Ultra2. I'll load up the leading edges a bit more. I would do more coats but it's heavy
  11. Put your hand up if you ever used the fact the old Doddledar was slow. {KM raises his hand}
  12. I've got worn out Ultra2 and will be going over it with Ultra2 to save any conflicts or priming. It's coming up on 3.5 years old and lives in the grotty part of Westhaven so it's done OK. Or maybe it's a sign the water quality is now that sh*t life struggles to live in it. When I was giving her a bum rub Anniv Weekend I was a bit shocked to see how much the concrete pontoons have been eaten away by what I presume is whatever is in the water. At the time I was in the water and thinking 'Will I need to turn on the lights tonite or will I be glowing enuff'. I'd speak to a chemist a
  13. I'm in for around 80K all up inc purchase price with mine. I reckon you're light on the other boat. After the latest 'tickle' to her, which was extensive and use much black stuff, I'm going to raise you 100K and say closer to 400K ;)
  14. The green homebuilt ply boat being sailed by the 16yo who built it, they came third. The white boat is a carbon one imported and sailed by 2 professional sailors, they came 1st.
  15. They sure can't and it is all on, the war has erupted sadly.
  16. They had a good contest in the weekend. Good competition even if the signs are all there an arms race is lined up just waiting for the starters signal. If they can squish the bullshit arms race before it goes any further the class may make a very successful recovery, if they can't well good attempt but bye bye all the same.
  17. KM...

    Boat rage

    It's very easy to tell by their actions dude
  18. Too true, the Ravens are like a Tardis............. some even come with a weird dude who dresses funny installed.......... mind you that's not specific to Ravens Also 30 and down are far easier to handle when single handed which means also easier to handle for a potentially nervous significant other.
  19. 3 good responses all worth serious consideration there Full Circle. I'd take Kevin up on his gracious offer for 3 reasons, 1 is you get to go for a sail, 2nd is you can use that to get a sort of datum so to speak and 3rd is his is a tidy E30 so an ideal opportunity to have a hands on of a boat that does fit your shopping list very well. A shed load of H28's have gone offshore sailing and gone great...if not the fastest while doing it. Ravens are very underrated by far too many. I would throw into the mix one significance difference between say a R26/Easterly 30 and the long
  20. KM...

    Boat rage

    Your own post betrays you.
  21. The wrong way was the right way. We had the option of being a fizz boat all weekend or bailing out to go biking, boozing and whoring, we took the later option. Shame but that's boats for ya.
  22. KM...

    Boat rage

    Yeah I saw that and thought the same, you sad pathetic bunch of panty stains.
  23. KM...

    prada 4, 29 Jan

    Wind will suit us nicely in the race, which is all on and will start on time as the fleet is not as 'precious' as some other fleet. Also the chances are far higher we'll arrive pissed than they are sober. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
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