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    prada 4, 29 Jan

    For the boats that really matter i.e. mine and the ones we'll be beating in the race, we kick off at 4 off Torbay now due to the circus going on at North Head.
  2. KM...

    Boat rage

    That needs to be banned before the country suffers a massive outbreak of blown fufu vales due to excessive laughter. The dude in the ding, didn't he make taking muppet to a record level look surprising easy.
  3. So TBoon, did ya, didn't ya or is it still a dream in progress?
  4. I just got a NOR for an event late March 21, it states the 17-20 Safety Regs will be in play for it.
  5. Metservice site has the previous month, rolling, on it but you maybe a 2 days late for that.
  6. Yeap it is a real thing :) We'll keep your 22's in mind for next time, it is a big pile of fun.
  7. CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS FEB 14th so if you want a say get going or miss out. A team (from a couple of local clubs and the AYBA) are having a chat with MarOps (council marine operations i.e.the H/M office) about aspects of it, moorings being a biggish part of this specific chat, in a few days so if you have anything else of serious concern speak now and I'll see if we can get into that as well.
  8. No one checks so don't deface your boat due to some cock womble paperwork dribble. Also these days the old school 'protection' of NZ registered ships by all Commonwealth countries is purely up to the skipper of the boat that could provide protection. If they have better things to do you will be left hanging. It's a old school scheme that is now just a blend of Big brother meets an easy no stress income. The cheapest Commonwealth country to register in is Nigeria.
  9. Back up the dingy, I had someone this arvo have a wee giggle and stab at this part of your comment, one I missed while having a wee moment over your stab at my 108 yo old baby.... WTF? Are you that brave, that sick of living, that so willing to throw the bird at the wokies you are willing to dis the hair? Mateee..... you sure like living life out that edge don't ya Booked in for March 22, Papaora Field Days sheep sharing competition. I've entered as a sheep being to tight to pay for a hair dresser ....... but I have reserved the right to withdraw if any sharers from Taranaki tu
  10. Last 22' head to head they crossed the line L, PP, L, PP, L, PP. Twas fun and we need to do it again as I was telling an ex L and newish PP owner only last evening.
  11. If the panels are rated at 140W in NZ in the right conditions they will be running closer to 175W. Then there are controllers and there are controllers so you probably have a goodie which helps. I just uprated the controller on the shed as I realised I ordered a 40A but with 500W of panels so they could be running at 600-650W which would over cook the controller. So I've gone to a 60A, it can take up to 800W. After much sussing I'm going with a Epever 6415BN a good but minimal wank MPPT controller. I was going to get one that can handle both wind and solar inputs but a wind guru dude
  12. Thanks team. Sean has been booked in for next week, he's also very busy. Nice to know that Thanks Ladyhawk.
  13. That's sad. What's the boat, anyone know?
  14. Check what stops water coming into the boat. I didn't grease my pin and it's still going fine after a long time. Can't see what harm throwing some good grease on it would do though. Look closely at everything in and around there for any possible issues or start of, it is a spot that generally gets looked at very rarely. The most 'eyes wide open' in a facial expression that suggested the owner of it thought they (there were 2 of them aboard) were about to die I've ever seen was in the cockpit of a N22 as it skipped down the side of Waiheke while doing an excellent imitatio
  15. Thanks fellas. It appears Jamie has a huge following, so huge his work load has him with quite a long wait before he can get to new jobs. Also he's now based in Auckland but is very happy to travel if you like. Due to time constraints he recommended a dude called Sean Daynard (suspected major spelling warning there) who is in Tauranga.
  16. A mate has a boat in his sites, a real one with mast and sails, in Tauranga but wants someone to give it the once over. Any recommendations or keep clear of's? Cheers,
  17. Not quite. The standard test parameters are not new and include things like air clarity, angle of attack, temp and quite a few things, a key one that most use but a little wrongly is the Wattage. When testing that wattage is based on a test assuming 1000W of Sunbugs, some I word (iradiance??...spelling warning), per sq meter but what hits your back yard can vary wildly depending on your geographical location. NZ is lucky as we get more than 1000 on average at closer to 1250, Sweden not so as they are down around 650W. The way the results are published by the many manufacturers and so on has b
  18. SR's been finished and fully operational for going on 2 years now. I do still need to finish the boom. I was talking about all the classics that are centreboards, some of which are rather large boats.
  19. That's a clever tail. Sussing one today that retracts it's tail as the wind increases, the Superwind I think it was. There seems to be a bit of a gap from the ones that do up to around 300W then not that much until the 1000W and larger kick in. Sure a shite load in the middle ex china but while I know of 2 cheapies that are going OK I know of more than contain a element of lemon, so I'm in 2 minds about the no names from that area of manufacture. In an ideal world one rated at 500-600W at 10m/s would fit the bill perfectly.
  20. and unkeeled thank you Elly. Not all of us are rich enough to afford extravagant luxuries like a keel
  21. It's not the one I was thinking of but it does look pretty tidy. Nicely set up inside and a lot of room which is good. A good sized galley and tidy dunny, 2 key points to have when you also have a wife. As it is a boat there will be a list of 'a few things to do' which is pages long and no matter how hard you go never seems to get shorter But looking at how she is set up inside and the state of everything it suggests to me the owner is a a little fussy which is a good thing, anal owners tend to have less big game changing issues on their boats I see they say it was sandblasted in 2019 s
  22. 10 panels + add 1 = 10% possible output increase. No extension to max output hours. Adds 10% more damage to the local environment. Cheap. 10 panels + a tracker = on average a 45% output. Extends max output hours considerably. Increases output in overcast noticeably. Decreases but doesn't eliminate damage to the local environment. Costs more to set up but over it's life span it is cheaper.
  23. Word from Welly can't be bad, they do get the odd zephyr of breeze down there and do have some stonking big windmilly things :) The Furlmatic is a bit down on grunt putting out only 92W at 21kts at peaking at 155W at 29kts. The smaller Superwind is better but still only 350W at 26kts. Both have quite high start up speeds being over 3m/s. But the Superwind 1250 is a eye catcher. Putting out 400W at 15kts. 800W at 19kts and a very lovely 1250W at 23kt, that's very good grunt and not that high a wind speeds to gather it, nice. A quick google for the $$ was a wee bit Ouch but there is a
  24. An oldie but a goodie. "Oh oh, this is going to go bad... easy the main...." "EASE THE f**king MAIN......." "Oh f*ck, the backstay...easy the backstay....someone drop the f**king backst .......Oh sh*t!" SPLASH Who hasn't been there, gone for a swim due to that? Good there was some carnage, the media now has an exciting clip to reply 35 times per hour. I also see the commentators didn't take advantage of Jacinda testing program before they imbibed whatever they took.
  25. Oh a steel one with a full on collision bulkhead complete with grunty as submarine like door in the front....and a HUGE freezer? If so I think I know it and if it is the same one she has done some serious ocean miles under very good ownership. Don't listen to those who say they sail crap, they sail very well but like being kept more upright than heavily heeled. I don't know of any specific issues with them, all I've had anything to do with have been pretty well built and maintained. Good luck.
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