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  1. Check what stops water coming into the boat. I didn't grease my pin and it's still going fine after a long time. Can't see what harm throwing some good grease on it would do though. Look closely at everything in and around there for any possible issues or start of, it is a spot that generally gets looked at very rarely. The most 'eyes wide open' in a facial expression that suggested the owner of it thought they (there were 2 of them aboard) were about to die I've ever seen was in the cockpit of a N22 as it skipped down the side of Waiheke while doing an excellent imitatio
  2. Thanks fellas. It appears Jamie has a huge following, so huge his work load has him with quite a long wait before he can get to new jobs. Also he's now based in Auckland but is very happy to travel if you like. Due to time constraints he recommended a dude called Sean Daynard (suspected major spelling warning there) who is in Tauranga.
  3. Well the significant differences between your response and Grant Robertsons sure does prove you and him aren't the same person So whose telling the porkies, you or GR, one of you has to be.
  4. A mate has a boat in his sites, a real one with mast and sails, in Tauranga but wants someone to give it the once over. Any recommendations or keep clear of's? Cheers,
  5. Best someone moves this thread elsewhere to save Fish's blood pressure
  6. Everyone, including such extreme leftists and JA apologists like Trotter, Bradbury and the Spinoff, have been a tad bitchy about how the Govt deliberately held the report in question back for over 3 weeks before releasing it literally minutes before Parliament closed it doors for the Xmas break late December. The Govt went on holiday I believe Dec 18th so the Govt was given the report, something it has never denied as far as I am aware, around the 3rd week of November. Your report is dated September, 2 months earlier. Sure JA has failings, I can't think of a MP or PM that hasn't
  7. Not quite. The standard test parameters are not new and include things like air clarity, angle of attack, temp and quite a few things, a key one that most use but a little wrongly is the Wattage. When testing that wattage is based on a test assuming 1000W of Sunbugs, some I word (iradiance??...spelling warning), per sq meter but what hits your back yard can vary wildly depending on your geographical location. NZ is lucky as we get more than 1000 on average at closer to 1250, Sweden not so as they are down around 650W. The way the results are published by the many manufacturers and so on has b
  8. SR's been finished and fully operational for going on 2 years now. I do still need to finish the boom. I was talking about all the classics that are centreboards, some of which are rather large boats.
  9. In NZ??? ....... you should be a comedian The Government commissioned report, the one the transparent Jacinda hid for a month then quietly slid out as she buggered off on holiday, said we are were we are more due to good luck than good management. Those running the MIQ's, the medical professionals themselves, are also saying the same thing, the system has huge holes. Sure the NZ and all other non-asian Governments are responding to something they haven't run into before so they are learning on the fly which means flaws, cock-ups and failures are inevitable BUT as the report said
  10. That's a clever tail. Sussing one today that retracts it's tail as the wind increases, the Superwind I think it was. There seems to be a bit of a gap from the ones that do up to around 300W then not that much until the 1000W and larger kick in. Sure a shite load in the middle ex china but while I know of 2 cheapies that are going OK I know of more than contain a element of lemon, so I'm in 2 minds about the no names from that area of manufacture. In an ideal world one rated at 500-600W at 10m/s would fit the bill perfectly.
  11. and unkeeled thank you Elly. Not all of us are rich enough to afford extravagant luxuries like a keel
  12. If I have a 2,500kg loaded trailer flying all over the show 300mm behind my car I'd hope the chain/connection would break. That load is enough to flip the car and scratch the paint or worse, spill the coffee.
  13. Yeap galv often outlast SS. We're selling so much SS since lock down it's getting out of hand. But as noted we have swung purchasing from China to the EU and Japan. With the ability for so many to import their own gear ex china and Aliexpress etc the bottom end of the market is flooded with assorted levels of stuff but the 2 or 3 bigger players who traditionally had good gear have bailed out (all are overseas owned and suffer from heavily influence over their stocks even though the offshore deciders knowledge of the NZ market is sh*t) so we're having to fill that void. It is fun as some o
  14. It's not the one I was thinking of but it does look pretty tidy. Nicely set up inside and a lot of room which is good. A good sized galley and tidy dunny, 2 key points to have when you also have a wife. As it is a boat there will be a list of 'a few things to do' which is pages long and no matter how hard you go never seems to get shorter But looking at how she is set up inside and the state of everything it suggests to me the owner is a a little fussy which is a good thing, anal owners tend to have less big game changing issues on their boats I see they say it was sandblasted in 2019 s
  15. Law says a shackle I believe but it then places no requirement as to what that shackle must be or do. I use basic bog standard galvanised shackles, as big as I can fit.
  16. 10 panels + add 1 = 10% possible output increase. No extension to max output hours. Adds 10% more damage to the local environment. Cheap. 10 panels + a tracker = on average a 45% output. Extends max output hours considerably. Increases output in overcast noticeably. Decreases but doesn't eliminate damage to the local environment. Costs more to set up but over it's life span it is cheaper.
  17. Ouch, dodged a bullet is right. That looks like a OK made shackle as well, not a cheap and hardly cheerful. We're seeing a bit of a increase in those sort of things and it's making us a little more nervous on some projects so we've started using more gear with most of the purchasing emphasis put on performance and while still watching it not so much the price, especially for the bigger boats.
  18. Word from Welly can't be bad, they do get the odd zephyr of breeze down there and do have some stonking big windmilly things :) The Furlmatic is a bit down on grunt putting out only 92W at 21kts at peaking at 155W at 29kts. The smaller Superwind is better but still only 350W at 26kts. Both have quite high start up speeds being over 3m/s. But the Superwind 1250 is a eye catcher. Putting out 400W at 15kts. 800W at 19kts and a very lovely 1250W at 23kt, that's very good grunt and not that high a wind speeds to gather it, nice. A quick google for the $$ was a wee bit Ouch but there is a
  19. An oldie but a goodie. "Oh oh, this is going to go bad... easy the main...." "EASE THE f**king MAIN......." "Oh f*ck, the backstay...easy the backstay....someone drop the f**king backst .......Oh sh*t!" SPLASH Who hasn't been there, gone for a swim due to that? Good there was some carnage, the media now has an exciting clip to reply 35 times per hour. I also see the commentators didn't take advantage of Jacinda testing program before they imbibed whatever they took.
  20. Oh a steel one with a full on collision bulkhead complete with grunty as submarine like door in the front....and a HUGE freezer? If so I think I know it and if it is the same one she has done some serious ocean miles under very good ownership. Don't listen to those who say they sail crap, they sail very well but like being kept more upright than heavily heeled. I don't know of any specific issues with them, all I've had anything to do with have been pretty well built and maintained. Good luck.
  21. Yeap a tower is on the cards and I have found 2 real good spots for it. Both get good clean wind and are away from anything that it may annoy. Just being a little cautious as renewables take up a lot of space and often cause harm to things around them. Not to mention the visual pollution they cause and wind does tend to be like transmission towers by being put on otherwise pristine horizons. Bergy, I'll be sussing that in a few minutes thanks. There are 3 schools of thought around sizing things. Go BIG on the inputs and less on storage working on the theory huge inputs fill storage
  22. Yeap the frame is easy but the brains a little trickier for my one. I'm going with an almanac system rather than physically track the sun option. The main reason is overcast and heavy cloud that can throw physical tracking off track sometimes where the almanac just aims at where the sun is no matter what's in between it and the array. I've spoken to one of my ex-staff who is big into mechatronics (spelling warning) i.e he builds robots, so he's looking at making the control system for me. I can do the frame easy enough. Going for 2 axis as where we are the sun is down in the 30's dur
  23. Yeap up on the ranch. Slight change of plan on stage 1 of the power. Instead of stage 1 of a far bigger system it's now going to be System A and will run independently from what was stage 2, that is now System B. A will run the big shed and power the fencing, B will run the house and be back up for A if required. Been chatting with a dude who knows stuff, lived it for many years and he put a very good case across that renewables are like investing, never put all your eggs in the same basket and have a plan for when the market turns i.e. the sun stops shining. To take that even furthe
  24. For an event costing the world close to a billion bucks I was expecting more....but knew deep down the increase in speed would come at the cost of good competitive racing. As there are now 2 types of AC you have the pleasure (???) of options. If you like speed and don't like being bothered by other things then this AC is the place to be. If you like hard core racing with sh*t happening and crews doing stuff like the AC used to have, then You Tube is the place to be. I stopped to watch the racing... sailing... errr.... boating?? yesterday. I won't be rushing to do that again
  25. Cunning but a little small. There seems to be bugger all out there between Home very DIY tiny physical trackers i.e. need to see the sun to follow it, and large, often very large, commercial units running on almanacs. The small ones of these tend to be at least 2.5kW and go up, saw one that can carry over 7.5kW of panels, that's monstrous. The BIG units will become far more prevalent now the, at times, significant environment and animal damage large solar farms can do is starting to make MSM. And I suppose in a drive for better efficiency tracking surly must be a 'go to'. Anyway do
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