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  1. Sunday night in Islington Bay ... its around 1am and the 50 or more yachts and launches are quietly at anchor with crew asleep. Its a calm clear night and sound travels far and is amplified at night in the cooler air. As if in a dream I hear a distant radio that just keeps getting louder and Louder and LOUDER.A boat is slowly making its way up the eastern edge of the bay, deliberately with stereo full on. It keeps going as far as it dares and then heads back down on the western side to locate somewhere near Yankee wharf. The noise continues until, in quieter moments between songs vario
  2. Boomer is currently on the hard at Okahu Bay undergoing some maintenance. She came off her mooring a couple of weeks ago and spent a night on the rocks at Birkenhead Point....hardly a scratch. If you want to take a closer look, feel free to email: info@cellmate.co.nz or call 021 987 959
  3. 36 years on from the 1974, 1/4 series.... ..........and the competitors were, in place order: 1 Demon Tweaker : Phil Atkinson 2 Boomer : Geoff Entrican 3 Doughnut : S&S 24 4 Straight Laced : Farr 5 Fantzipantz : Farr 6 Halinka : Gary Lambert 7 Presto : Harmonic (Wagstaff) 8 Ganymede : S&S 24 9 Scherzo : Harmonic 10= Apollo : Wagstaff 10=Gumdigger : Wagstaff 12 Bloods
  4. yes, she's often gazing out to sea at Birkenhead, but here she is sailing again! would be interested in getting in touch with fellow quarters
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