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  1. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/great-catch-aussie-company-jaycar-buys-burnsco/YN7LTGDCQBDRJG3LPQHZWKQRH4/ Australian electronics retailer Jaycar has bought Kiwi fishing and boating goods company Burnsco.
  2. Any reflection on "dalton" taking away the cup?? No more limelight,city of sails thing.
  3. It will only be a mater of time before club haul outs are gone due to compliance costs. Devonport/pybc/northcote point/Bucks etc
  4. Mrs A better have the video rolling when you go up.Hmm coming down can faster than you think. A few yrs ago now we had a kite jammed at the top.Yep hoisted up ,no problem,decent yes well when you have a crew you have had a couple and let go of the halyard.Trust me its a quick decent in the dark.
  5. Vessel hull cleaning Not permitted in the Marina, except by a registered diver who is only permitted to remove a thin layer of slime https://www.westhaven.co.nz/media/hwmb2f0j/westhaven-a-z-2021-pages.pdf Guessing thats means no removing fanworm/barnicles etc
  6. seems to becoming to an end dive for hull cleans in marinas? does that mean need to take diver out for the day ?
  7. Like most big clubs.social rather than sailing.
  8. All you need to do is look at T/M with silly questions for a raven 26 or simular. Does it have a shower/hot n cold water etc. Think these are the ones who really want a caravan but dont want to use caravan parks My 26ft had a shower.Solar shower in the cockpit,hot water ,if you boiled the jug
  9. Waikeraka park 10.30pm curfew Western springs limited meetings .What I want to know is when is that dam zoo going to close??You know lions might roar at 10.00pm. Bugger me all this was there before houses and those that were there went to these places.Now the people see the value of them and move in and want things gone. St Marys bay prime example,nothing there except bailys shed ,marine shop and a fuel jetty,occasionlly one of Drommies ferries might of been on the slip. pre 1985. Out way by the Karaka horse sale yards they have built a bloody "Hilton hotel" bugger me its Pa
  10. Theres a bit of history of the hardstand. Now what was established first.The hardstand or parasite dr?? https://waitematawoodys.com/2019/01/02/orakei-hard-stand/ The probate date is somewhere in the 1920>30’s. The 2nd photo shows a magnificent collection of rear ends KEN RICKETTS on January 2, 2019 at 9:51 am said: Okahu Bay hard stand was not established until c1945-46, & was created from mud pumped from the surrounding seabed. — I recall seeing this in progress c1945-46, & this image, had to have been taken, almost certainly, i
  11. Joys of boat ownership. hence why the trailer boat market is buoyant compared to moored. Being treated as elitist.
  12. The Okahu bay Marae want to restore the foreshore back to its natural state.Hence the mussel dumping thats been going on.Restoring or trying to restore what was there before europeans arrived,mussel beds/cockle beds. Moorings been removed etc. Was there not talk awhile back that the RAYC might have to move??
  13. All the farms around western side of Coromandel have no effects on anchorage access.Think they need to be in tidal flows Be interesting to know what the water quality was like in the Firth 80/90 yrs ago. Oyster farms in certain bays limit anchorage due to the shallow water or even drie out.
  14. Whats wrong with mussel farms??They filter up to 350lt a day per mussel. Provide a haven for fish.The mussel industry are providing,maybe a cheap rate for mussels to be dumped around the gulf to help revive the gulf.
  15. With warm waters,more shipping. this is always going to happen. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/130495180/new-discovery-of-an-invasive-seaweed-found-in-pristine-dusky-sound?fbclid=IwAR3hr-oAxv5bGgHySqO-rWvlqz_WITAm3t6DV7hadOsADGr-b34pLJR_PCc
  16. fair enough, now no vessel can leave the viaduct without permission. But you leave Westhaven with fan worm and cruise the gulf except northland. So why not put in place same rules? OH that's right they cant due to Westhaven pontoons being infested with the worm and great cost to eradicate.
  17. Just read a fishing report,last weekend while night fishing forbait in Urquaharts bay they had brown one with yellow rings,guess warmer temps will invite these here.
  18. Ok boys n girls now we have a problem. If a sea snake is protected as it arrived under its own steam,does that now mean Fan worm/asian paddle crab/invasive wedd at Gt Barrier protected?? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/sea-snake-in-auckland-banded-krait-spotted-at-viaduct-harbour/S4HZWAUO2NGSRM43VSSL2RA6SE/
  19. could try panmure river if you want piles,,tide flow can be an issue but generally safe in a blow.
  20. Legasea celebrates ministers decision. legasea.co.nz/2022/11/01/minister-ensures-more-fish-in-the-water/?fbclid=IwAR0RxJA7EDOYxIsN59A2Wm4-ONr5v1936nluLyZ7uUGV0TOLLw37NBbQjNs We’re celebrating Minister David Parker’s choice to drop controversial changes to fisheries legislation that would threaten sustainability of crucial fish species. The Oceans and Fisheries Minister has announced he will pull out pre-set decision rules from the Fisheries Amendment Bill currently sitting in Parliament. He cited one of the reasons why he pulled the pre-set decision rules from the Bi
  21. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/former-americas-cup-yacht-to-be-scrapped/O6LR477VLVGOVGZE227P7POQCQ/
  22. Bit like the "special prop panit" some areas it works others it does not. Had copper coat on previous boat and sort worked,up a river and the barnies got there feet in to the silt that stuck to the hull,even though fast tidal flow. But quick swim helped. But prop speed was a fail.
  23. Yes can identify with that,not once,not twice,but 3 times,over 12 months.
  24. https://akarana.co.nz/event/m-class-100th-anniversary-sail-drinks/?fbclid=IwAR3BWrYRtW1mtej3hFaCXZZ7stXpl0Yf5yq6LDh9oqjVsd5EzFoEOkYrDgQ
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