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  1. Hmm What ,didnt get deployed or just dont work?? https://niwa.co.nz/news/new-tsunami-monitoring-system-for-pacific 22 September 2020 A network of 12 tsunami buoys are being deployed off New Zealand and up into the Pacific over the next few months to help ensure New Zealanders near the coast and Pacific Islands get more accurate information in the event of a tsunami. “The buoys will detect tsunamis but also provide verification one is actually happening which can avoid false evacuation warnings.” The closest buoy to New Zealand is about 150 nautical miles
  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/tonga-eruption-tsunami-waves-hit-shore-warning-also-issued-for-north-island-coastline-after-massive-blast/5ITWZZ3DJ2J6HPURW537PWGBLA/ The popular Tutukaka coast in Northland has been heavily impacted by surging seas caused by the eruption, with campers being evacuated and boats being damaged after losing their moorings at the local marina. "Tutukaka marina appears to have been really impacted by these tsunami surges - police have been evacuating all boaties and there have been reports of significant damage and boats getting dragged out off their m
  3. off to the manukau later as e10 ,sunday have a ride booked on the AC yacht so hope it stays away.
  4. I see absolutly no problem with a dog on leash at any beach,providing its to do it bussiness in a secluded part,below the high tide mark,rock pt etc.Ashore and back again. Allowed to run off,there lies the problem.
  5. I dont think so, I use their site and print A4 pages to suit areas that I want to get in close with or find structure ,handy site but does have limited charts,Good when at home you can move cusor around and zoom in and out,nn https://data.linz.govt.nz/layer/51277-chart-nz-532-approaches-to-auckland History Added 18 Sep 2012 Last updated 14 Feb 2021 Revisions 16 - Browse all revisions Current revision Imported on Feb. 14, 2021 from GeoTIFF in WGS
  6. I fish there 1/12 to end January ,kings and snapper,for about 6 weeks the gone.Been doing it or yrs. paper chart
  7. Why does Navionics show 2.7m around Sunday rock when minimum depth at bouy is 6m as per my sounder,never found it to be less the 6m anywhere around it. How can a site be trusted when public can add marks to it,surely it should secure and you submit information for them to verify before posting?? There is another site I follow and some cracker going on about how he can stuff to navionics,surely that cant be true??reckons the channel/river he uses he has added a couple of rocks that arent on the chart.If that was the case why pay a fee for what is suppose to the latest update electronic ch
  8. right up the top of the harbour,use to be a solitary house,so at low tide directly in front was the bed,bloody shallow,,as you come down harbour port hand side,doc camp?? use to be a good gurnard spot.
  9. Maybe nephews set up,basic subscription ,but found when zooming in didnt really show up reefone on the left navionics Hooks bay,when looking at shoreline. Individual preference I guess,.
  10. What you going to do if the electronic toys pack up
  11. Paper charts maybe dinosaurus things but are nessacary.More detail on paper than navionics will ever give you.Had a play with the latest fandangle thing and no detail,can zoom in/out but unlike paper.If cant use a paper chart to navigate your Screwed. Gps etc are great until satelites turn unexpectedly or a millatery operation takes over control. As far as I am concerned,a chart parrel rules pencil rubber hand bearing compass is all you need ,Electronics are a guide only.
  12. Exactly. In a marina crime would be mostly like done by sneaking around in a dinghy. Pay absorbent amounts HAHA just wait till Seymour and Co gets in.As I have said before we are labelled as rich pricks included is the guy with 10ft dinghy who fishes off the beach.
  13. option 2 turn your jammers around so you cleat to windward,when your on the windward side you can uncleat them.
  14. Found a piece of History day on how The Iron Duke came in to the family procession. It when Andy had no further use for her.That Devonport Yacht loaded her on to a flat deck and delivered to the Auckland museum, complete with raxy sails,embosed Iron Duke picnic set and cushions. Which some of the items were never to be seen again. The Auckland Star June 13th 1924
  15. Depending on size/draft can go inside of "rewa" The bay,not the wreck.we moored via bow with chain and ran stern anchor out,5 yrs ago at xmas,had a nice 2nights in there.Keep close to stern of "rewa" and dont try exiting via bow .Nice walk ashore up and around where "snow" had his huts.Winter and summer venues. Luckily got to meet him early 70s. Went ashore a boy of 12yr old.First encounter."whats your name" told him.Andys boy?? knew my grandfather and told a tale or 2 of Grandad that old man kept from us.
  16. Hi Fxit I would suggest Richmond Club think they have Wednesday night races or Panmure Yacht Boating Club Thursday night racing. Everything been a bit up the air lately with Covid restrictions.
  17. Funny how Chamberlains is called Chamberlains now days,it was always referred to as North Harbour by the olds and myself,not to be confused with North Cove Kawau,same same shag rock of Rotoroa not the same as Shag Island, Tiritiri Matangi. Then we got same saying at Te Kouma and others referring to Sugar loaf (coromandel Harbour)ramp area TeKouma ramp. Confusing I know,can see why Coastguard keep repeating themselves when asking questions.
  18. I hear John is no longer in charge or around. Its the Pete Tolley show now by all accounts.
  19. I would suggest contacting STF as they would need to hold for a period of time before on selling or dumping.
  20. Trick to piles is check out which is stronger tide or wind. Best to go out and see how others have set up. Line(grab line) set between piles is handy.
  21. Please show where the rules that state, a organised event takes precedence over DOC rules?? Yes maybe able to apply for exemptions like they do for power boat races .But I would suggest DOC would say,change the course so you do not race within the Dolphin Sanctuary.
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