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  1. https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/plans-projects-policies-reports-bylaws/bylaws/Documents/navsafetybylawcontrols2014.pdf 15 Vessels to be seaworthy (1) The person in charge of a vessel anchored or moored in any navigable waters must keep the vessel in a seaworthy condition at all times, unless the Harbourmaster has given prior written approval for it to be anchored or moored in a condition which is not seaworthy. Anybody knows why this rule is NOT being enforced??I will take a guess,to get rid of the old shitters would cost rate payers $$ and who is qualified to say a vessel is sea
  2. Have Your Say Navigation Bylaw 2021 Proposed new Te Kaunihera o Tāmaki Makaurau Ture ā-Rohe Urungi Āhuru / Auckland Council Navigation
  3. That sentence reminds of my nephews plumbing problem, rang a plumber ,2 young guys turned up and walked straight through house in dirty boots, Matt asked which one of you is the tradesman.1st one was 1st yr apprentice 2nd one yr 2 apprentice. Matt rang company and said if I am paying tradesman wage I expect a tradesman to accompany apprentices. He went else where.
  4. noticed your one doesnt have the track on the step by companway,so you cannot adjust sheeting angle,just been looking at friends and noticed the difference.
  5. I suspect that Panuka want to sell land/building in the hope purchaser will retain tenants.
  6. Yes I would of thought blockade so cannot get supplies?But unfortunatly the group who are in attendance appears to be rent a crowd.Just there for the trouble. There was a ship/trawler painted in Dunedin(I think) this week had ban trawlers painted down the side by Greenpeace activist.The way forward would of been a small boat flotilia and blocked berthage so it couldnt leave,All for action but needs to be peaceful and you will get meaningful coverage.imo
  7. Just have to watch the news clip posted and you will the guard kicking the protester,why complain about a member posting it when its in the news for all to see??
  8. https://www.whitestarproducts.co.nz/collections/boat-fittings/yacht-fittings-cleveco/blocks-sheaves email them very helpful ,think they are in Avondale now,were Mt Roskill
  9. plenty of fish if you like snapper,we are trying to target jd and gurnard but cant get past the snapper.
  10. The concern is 3 more yrs till they put cameras on. Talking to a trawler guy and he said they have certain trawl lines they follow,up and down that line week in week out,if the net is or has removed/damaged the seabed why are the fish still? Not defending them but is the info we are getting correct, Blaming commercial scallopers in mercury bay/opito bay for lack of scallops when they have been banned for 5 or so yrs.Now the report came out blaming what we have been doing on the land,which is something i have said for awile.releasing heavy metals/silt and the seafood dies or moves off..
  11. Interesting part is,regardles of outcomes "Customary rights will still prevail" This is what Seymour had to say. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/06/david-seymour-attacks-government-s-plan-to-protect-hauraki-gulf.html
  12. Do not think reserves have been actioned yet. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/fishing-restrictions-and-new-protection-areas-for-hauraki-gulftikapa-moana/OPGVHDBWWKVTBYHFWWQGXETRHQ
  13. What wind?? down in the firth we had channel 20 bleating 20/25 knt collville meanwhile middle of firth (mania harbour side) zilch.
  14. real sailors watch the person on the flags,as soon as dropped a bit from top its go ,stuff the gun.Yep won a protest or 2 The gun/sound is only there to draw your attention.
  15. maybe RNZYS could carry out what Bondi Threatened and turn it in to a plate.
  16. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/state-of-the-gulf-auckland-council-report-finds-estuaries-choking-in-sediment-shellfish-dying/TDHCKJ57VR5AJFBHPZAXOXKFL4/?ref=readmore This came out last yr but advocacy groups want to keep blaming commercial dredgers than rather admit that the problem is much bigger than they can handle.
  17. TNZ,where does Emerites fit in to the equation or GD snubbed them too?? https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/americas-cup/125442403/americas-cup-sir-stephen-tindall-hits-back-at-conspiracy-theories-around-his-team-new-zealand-departure Makes one wonder if Tindall just said up you Dalton.
  18. Cup could be Valencia/spain who knows.Dalton needs sponsorship first.As American Magic boss said"no money around for sport"
  19. Well done.winter fishing can be good.water temp is still warm.
  20. But it needs clarification before being set in stone.Does that means reccs who are having a day can keep undersize??needs to work both ways
  21. https://www.odt.co.nz/star-news/star-sport/team-nz-rejects-govts-americas-cup-bid-0 "The offer expires today, 16 June. From tomorrow, Team New Zealand is now free to seek support from other partners." Nash said the Government wished the syndicate well. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2021/06/america-s-cup-odds-of-next-regatta-being-held-in-new-zealand-incredibly-low-concedes-minister-after-team-nz-reject-government-s-hosting-offer.html And as the government's exclusive negotiation rights with Team New Zealand expire on Thursday, the Kiwi syndicate can now
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