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  1. My yanmar had a fynspray pump,so got spare impeller etc from these guys. https://www.whitestarproducts.co.nz they are also cleveco/murray etc have the paterns for stuff no longer buy.
  2. Thats one rock that takes ages to get too,not long to pass and ages for it to disappear.
  3. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/skipper-rescued-after-yacht-smashes-against-rocks-at-tutukaka-harbour/PPM7W44ZXUSRTMIKGPFKJTR47I
  4. Bugger just checked my phone it contains Cobalt from the Congo.
  5. Spokes person was on zb Yesterday talking about EVs and basically Toyota will not fully commit to EV until child labour stops in the cobalt mines. Given that more than half the world's cobalt comes from the DRC, that one fifth of it is extracted by artisanal (or informal) miners, and that around 40,000 children work in southern DRC where the cobalt is mined, there's a chance that our phones contain child labour.
  6. No yours is still on the line.It was a verbal comment and easily denied.
  7. Last price I heard for a 1gm10 to unblock guvnor/pump $1300.Buy a lot of biocide for that.
  8. Who really has their VHF on ch16 and if on volume down,so not much use,cell phone totally useless unless its the old nokia push button,smart phones have enough isues with dry hands unlocking it. Flares work for me,maybe a red stobe light??that should seek attention.
  9. I talking about belt driven freezer off motor.I should of been clearer.
  10. It all sounds good as far as propulsion goes.So what happens when you turn on the freezer?Drop in power/speed
  11. Drop number 2 off Sunday evening at AK uni and pick up Thursday evening. Often wonder down the through Queen st and surrounding areas and think why would anyone want a business in Downtown, empty buildings some real sh*t apartment conversions,lowlifes with hand out on every corner. Why would(if i was in business)need to go to the cbd when we have lawyers/accounts etc out in the suburbs who are just as capable. Working from home I can see people being more productive without the management wombles interrupting with silly questions. Well the wife seems more productive, and user friendly as not c
  12. keep tank full over winter or not using vessel a lot and use a decent biocide??prevention is better than cure.Use vessel more often. All fuel is subject to the bug .Yes lives in petrol,more prone in diesel boat motors as they do not get the used same as cars/trucks
  13. Used public transport in Sydney,not best but it worked.Ak to the Tron would of been good on Friday as shw1 blocked for hrs at meremere.3 hrs to get back and every car had 1 person in it,no idea how many cars there were but more than train capacity of 300.
  14. Now we have a motorway bridge at mangere and an old bridge used a buffer in case of a shipping mishap buts the new bridge going to do??run trains.?
  15. They are loking at AK to TGA,had the silver fern back in 2000,left papakura 6.00pm tga by 9.00pm.Looking AK the whangarei. Agree"Fogg" live near to your work with staggered start/finish times.I am within 13ks of work.Mind you that 13ks in the afternoon about 4.00pm can take an hour.Wouldnt want to travel much further.Why sit in a car/train/bus for 3hrs a day??
  16. Tunnel all the way to Albany and Yes the ring rd should of gone ahead.Just saw on the News the Hamilton express train.3 hrs Frankton to Cbd or there abouts until theres a fault on electrication system $17 one way?
  17. And there lies another problem. The current 3 lane system cannot cope with the bridge traffic.
  18. Most yanmars up to 20hp burn approx 1 to 1.5 Lt per hr.
  19. As someone here said before.Take away their feed and they will go.Same for any species
  20. There is talk of placing time limits for heavy vehicle use as the bridge has reached capacity.
  21. So its the Marshall Laws fault from 2019. It seems YES Doc is just going through the motion and the INK has dried. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/news/115366604/government-bans-swimming-with-dolphins-in-the-bay-of-islands
  22. never experinced that,we have go in at low tide(just worked out that way)to almost touching and been comfortable,late february/march. Biggest kings I have seen in there but very shy of a hook,ate all the srcapes we put in but would come in look at hook and turn.Bloody smart those kings.
  23. port Charles then a jump to tryphena,stayed in port charles twice and ben no issues.
  24. And not single word from legasea.kieth has no connection with legasea.he us basically a 1 man band.
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