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  1. Almost say by asking for public input us just token gesture and the ink will be drying now in the formal rules,regulations.Doc will have all signed off before the consultation process has ended.
  2. No problem having IOW race providing they use replicas of the schooners of the day.
  3. Apparently no ticker tape parade for Auckland Etnz wants to save the council money due to covid expenditure.
  4. Mate on the shore said they are moving marks
  5. kind of explains it??
  6. The boundary seems to be a fast,you can use it to your advantage as did etnz just after the start yesterday,LR was forced to let them out but my way of thinking ,you got in to that position you work out how to get out of that situation. Would of thought by deliberately sailing to the boundary and forcing LR to give room ,etnz should of coped a penalty.
  7. Not just the Habour master throwing thebook,some greenie with a cell phone filming you and reporting to H/B office.Thats the scary part. What do you do at night when sailing along down wind 7/8 knots and a dolphin decides play time??
  8. Well well do you have to say know??Basic stuff letting them down
  9. lucky,missed it had to go out bugger,well done.
  10. does ETNZ want my watch?? lost right there own fault.
  11. Ok sold today for $1.50 now its back on start $1.50 or buy now $800.00 Wtf?? https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/search?bof=emLXjohI&sort_order=motorspriceasc If not sold by 19th will be broken up?
  12. should racing out off takapuna,true breeze and a few waves or cant these things handle waves?incoming tide so sea state be nil.
  13. $1.50 so far closes at 12.07 so $2.00 might do it??but hard stand would be the expensive bit $59.00 per day.how days??
  14. Why did they get a new vessel??Did they miss out on the allocation of Americas cup vessels?
  15. someone may find this useful.(not my sale) https://www.trademe.co.nz/building-renovation/building-supplies/timber/other/listing-3012438767.htm?rsqid=bd56e26aa5f0486ca1c6ccdfb95132c4-001
  16. 15 knts + would be interesting
  17. Mr Google gave me this. A. ocellatus is found in caves, crevices and rocky reefs from shallow waters to a depth of 226 m (741 ft), ranging from the Sea of Japan and the Bering Sea to Northern California.
  18. Where was that caught??overseas hopefully??
  19. Whingers really ?? boats similar preformance,dont think so,Etnz when behind dont get the thrashing like LR does. lr does.
  20. wonder how they would go with standard keels??
  21. spin it out to get more $$$$ ??
  22. Change of tnz skipper??
  23. Think they were using that course to prevent large gatherings on shore, at the time of course announcement we were still in level 2
  24. so port has advantage and seems to win?? so should go to race 13 for tnz to win.Theory being.race 1 P race 2 S race 3 S race 4 P carry on the sequence p,s,s,p,p,s,s,p,p,
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