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  1. TNZ suppose to have a speed advantage?? Wonder when they will use it?? Need to go back on how to start. We are like the poms fast downhill and that's it.
  2. $450/500 on a good day.wouldnt think much more.
  3. Just seen it.bloody disgusting
  4. watched the start first race to see who crossed line first,went off mowed lawn,2nd race watched start and realised it was over for tnz went to sleep. might as well be racing r/c yachts.No wait more passing lanes r/c yachting.
  5. went in there for a club picnic,yep go from 5m to looking at rocks real quick.Good holding though. chart shows it to be rockier than it is.Nice beach.Stayed the night and if your in to Kiwis,just up from the shoreline (100 m)you will see them at dusk.Interesting part of the island.
  6. Another area which will catch you out at high tide snapper bay motuhihi island.approachibg from the west.
  7. Good project for T/M Rudolfshack. Never mind the keel.Bog up and put and centre board in
  8. https://www.seafoodnewzealand.org.nz/fileadmin/documents/SNZ_Magazine/SNZ_Magazine_February_2021.pdf page 15 is on Oceans/Fisheries Minister.He has no plans to change QMS. And unlike three years ago, there is no plan to review the Quota Management System that underpins New Zealand’s internationally rated fisheries management. That proposed review, ill-conceived and poorly articulated and executed, was strongly resisted by industry and iwi and sank without trace. “We are not going to have a wholesale review of whether we should have the QMS,” Parker says. The strident anticommerc
  9. on my yanmar 16hp the exhaust was wrapped in a cloth/plaster mis and underneath was hiding a problem,heating up/cooling peocess over the yrs allowed the steel to sweat and rust,gave way at the most inconvenient time.Amzing how much water can be pumped in a short period.Replaced and left exposed.I believe new owner still has no issues of rust.Did make a heat shield to deflect heat from engine box back towards engine block.
  10. And if you watched the programme last night"Legasea" come out once again saying reserves dont work.What is not working is "Legasea" after 8yrs of consultation with fisheries what have they achieved?? As "seafood nz" sums up "legasea" “It’s money. LegaSea is a limited liability company. It can’t get funding unless they create a problem that they say needs fixing. Something I didnt know and still not sure if true.The reccs catch is 2:1 ratio.Unles we report our catch that figure will always be an unkown.
  11. Bloody Hard to disagree with. Australian Professional Fisherman 3thSponsoruedgd · The Unpopular Truth About Recreational Fishermens Unnaccountability In New Zealand "A shared fishery can create tensions, but marine experts Scott and Sue Tindale say there are many improvements that can be made towards a healthy marine environment and a thriving fishery – and much of that is in the recreational and science
  12. If you look at consultation process it will go for yrs. Lock that area off we want(commercial)this part.No No cannot have that part thats where majority of recs fish.and on it goes till Commercial walk away and say "Its your"we have fished it out.Minister Parker is another weak minister. Thought we might of done ok under Nash. Guess commercial money talks especially when your the president of the National party and major Sandfords holder.
  13. HaHa Yes when the Fukashima tsunami was coming to NZ.I held a cub camp south of Orere Pt.We kept everyone out of the water but by midday and the incoming tide against a se,couldnt tell if it was the tsunami or not.So let them go kayaking,swiming etc.No one drowned so must of been all good.
  14. More money in pockets sitting and talking than doing
  15. real yachts,thanks enjoyed
  16. Therefore, those responsible for the management structure - Peter Menzies, Ralph Norris, John Risley and Kevin Roberts (as directors), Dean Barker (sailing) Ross Blackman (administration) and Tom Schnackenberg (boat design) - have collectively and individually accepted responsibility for the team's performance. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/why-we-lost-the-cup-extracts-from-the-team-nz-report/MFQMEBBY6ITTJQZG35OF47VA7U
  17. Wonder if they wil do a show of Dalts loosing the cup here and NZ boat problems(that sinking feeling)and what Dalts had to do to get the cup home again.and how he let oracle back to win?? In the KZ7 challenge final race against Dirty Den where D hit the mark,was he paid off or just a moment of lack of concentration??with all those eyes onboard has had me wondering for yrs.
  18. disposable gloves,forgot the garlic and best to let simmer outside on a gas ring.
  19. Imagine sailing the new 75s in the conditions/seas the 12s sailed? Dirty Den almost come across as human in the end.Didnt know Cayard Helmed instead of Dirty Den,funny seeing Den grinding.What ever Happened to Cayard??
  20. Love hot Hot chili sauce,freash red/green chilis with jalapenos and these little tiny red ball thing,habernashi??only need 1/2 a ball,onion,sugar,apple cider salt ,some use tomato from can but i use coconut milk/cream and simmer for 1hr.Goes with everything. Must make another batch Sunday.
  21. https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Manukau/tides/latest Correct Deep Purple.I use this one when floundering papakura/weymouth as Metserv is usually out by an hour.I do not get it either.
  22. Watched last night.informative.Sat next to Mr D at a wedding and asked the question when he got dropped by Oracle.Bad day at the office.He got up and sat by himself.
  23. Today's tide times for Manukau The predicted tide times today on Friday 05 March 2021 for Manukau are: first high tide at 00:54am, first low tide at 7:03am, second high tide at 1:14pm, second low tide at 7:32pm. Sunrise is at 7:08am and sunset is at 7:54pm.
  24. Hightide on the Manukau is 1.00pm ish but yep it's out at pahurehure.missing about 2 m
  25. pass this through at the BOI next minute covers whole of NZ.Watch this space.
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