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  1. @CarpeDiem thanks for your thoughtful and detailed answer, I realise reading you that this part of my electrical refit is more complex than anticipated and that I haven't done enough research. It seems like there is no way around a "hack" to install the Mastervolt external regulator, which feels a bit silly. I did not know about the Nordkyn product which seems to be purposely designed around the constraints we face on a boat set up, wish I knew about it before. I guess I have modified my alternator already, so backing off now would be a rather costly exercise involving buying a
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently installing a Mastervolt Alpha Pro III external regulator to the stock 115A Mitsubishi alternator on my Volvo Penta D2 40. The alternator charges my starter battery (Endurant 680CCA). (For context: the rest of my set up includes 2 x 120Ah Relion lithium batteries that are charged from the starter battery via 2 x 30A Victron DC to DC charger. I decided against sending the alternator charge directly to the lithium batteries as the BMS does not have a way to warn the regulator before shutting down, and I don't wanna run the risk of losing my alternator) I
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