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  1. Trimaran - yeah I know its in Australia - but its not a lot of money. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/west-kempsey/sail-boats/24-ft-trimaran/1164837387?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=LF-sailboat It was for sale 12 months or so ago so who knows you may be able to get a really good deal?
  2. Jeez that boat is a New Zealand multihull legend. Does anybody know if the cantilevered lounge and bedroom are as originally designed or an add on? When sailing on Manu Puru way back in the 70's I don't recall there being much more space inside than what was on my Buccaneer 24 Capricorn. Yeah I know they're both way smaller than the mighty Krisis. I wonder if I could sail it back across the ditch - - yeah no worries!
  3. Just thinking back - I remember sailing 2 handed with your Dad. We were coming around Tapeka Point heading to Russell one day on a hugely overpowered reach in the rain - having a jib change and up to my knees in water on the mighty "Breezin". Roy sitting in the back abusing me for being too slow - pipe upside down in his mouth - smoking flat out - looking like Popeye. Man - those were the days. He was a bloody good bloke - Still miss the old bastard
  4. G'day Leroi from the land of Oz, What did you end up buying? Tony
  5. A very cool boat I hope for those of us not in NZ we get to hear and see how its going
  6. Hi Guy's, What happened to the ex French F40 tri that broke its main hull in Auckland Harbour last year? Has it been repaired?
  7. stunnedmullet


    Yeah I know what you mean but they did sail that old Grainger Cat Flat Chat over and apparently that was a bit hairy with floors pumping. But I guess 40 or so feet does tend to smooth things out a bit. Tony
  8. stunnedmullet


    Leroi, What about this one? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/currumbin-valley/sail-boats/gbe-8-5-m-racing-cat/1096967319 I'll sail it back to Kiwi land with yuh! Tony
  9. Yeah it is liquid nails and nail gun - mind you he does use Wattyl wood sealer on the inside of the hulls
  10. stunnedmullet


    Hi Leroi, Whats happened to the mighty Sundancer??? Tony
  11. Demon Tricycle had a wishbone boom for the non overlapper. 2 blocks - one each side of the mast and an endless sheet back to jammers each side. all that was needed was to ease or pull the sheet for perfect sail trim. That little boat was in serious fast mode with that jib set up.
  12. Lets not ruin it by putting up new/newish stuff eh?
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