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  1. 38 minutes ago, harrytom said:

    If someone has a question and km.wheels answer and then original poster replies.The conversation can still continue after 5 posts by pm each other??


    Not sure. Rules state all rules apply to PM.

    IT will have to confirm.

    Be Kind.

    Respect each others point of view.

    Happy fishing.

  2. 21 minutes ago, Kevin McCready said:

    I've got a 30 foot Easterly and no lazy jacks. When I douse the main solo I'm careful to flake it nicely on the boom as it comes down. I have a system of ties already attached to the bottom of the boom to wrap up the main quickly. I don't usually get sails on the deck.

    Yes suits your size boats.

    The boat I referred to with the cradle was 2 times and a bit bigger. The fully batten mail sail automatically flaked it self due to the design of the cradle. Had ties fixed like you have described with extras in pouch near the mast. With dual tracks and two mains on the cradle during calm to moderate weather, water proof and uv ray protection sail cover fixed there in the cradle.


  3. 1 hour ago, Island Time said:

    I have today restricted posts by members to 5 per day. This is an attempt to prevent individual users from effectively spamming the site. 

    Good decision Matt.

    Support u wholly regarding the new restriction.

  4. 11 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Again, if you see a particular post that breeches site rules, then report it. If I agree that it does, then the poster will be warned. 3 Warnings is a mandatory banning for 30 days, 3 repeats of that is a permanent revocation of posting rights.

    I try to stay unbiased. Its interesting to see the positive and negative comments sent to me about moderation decisions, often opposite for the same decision. I could use another Moderator. Anyone keen?? Send me a PM. No controversial members will be considered!

    Some here cannot seem to accept that others have opinions that contradict their own, and completely believe them, no matter how incorrect, outlandish, or insane they may seem to you or me.

    There are 10 users now for the hidden political forum....

    K Mc r you interested?

    I think u would be good as.

    Regards and many thanks.



  5. No offence  intended.

    Can u quote the number of individual separate members that have made posts per each thread topic per a three day consecutive period. as a facts numbers that u only can post, to appear at the top of each topic title.

    That would be interesting.

  6. 2 hours ago, Island Time said:

    Well Rehab, sorry but I find some of your posts very difficult to follow, including the one above. 

    I use a stack pack on island time, and slab reefing. Full Length battens make a stack pack easier. The only time they are a minor issue is on the hoist, but having slugs on the main means I usually go head to wind for hoist and drop anyway, to help reduce friction. I just have to watch the main on hoist so the end of the two lower battens does not catch. 

    I do remove the stack pack if I'm doing a real race, but mostly not. For a cruiser over about 34 ft, I would not be without one.

    No need to apologise.

    Did not have to point to wind ward to hoist because easing  the boom to point to wind ward was the same as pointing the boat to wind ward. No fouling with full batten mail. Could carry both mains in the boom cradle already hanked on second sail track - two thirds the way up mast ( heavy - storm main.) Even better on a revolving mast. Boom cradle at the mast on the outside of the cradle had pockets for storing winch handles one either side, pocket for torch, pocket for spanners, pocket either side for knife. At night time in the tropics a favourite position for a crew member with a squab to sleep on the wind ward side. Clipped on off course.

    Boat was ex designers, and production yacht company, director.

    Ocean racing yacht. Mainly San D to Hawaii and San D to Ba J. Sw USA

    Thanks K Mc. I truly appreciate your post. Almost considering  the big S. Your post has pulled me back from the edge 

    be kind, 

    Regards to all.

  7. On 6/04/2020 at 1:00 PM, Young Entertainer said:

    we have the same setup,  pull the lines forward when we are sailing/racing,  never leave them out when the cover is on,  dont put them out to raise the main,  but do put them out to lower,  on my last boat (1020) i made them strong enough to hold the boom up for the drop and it saved having a topper.  Current boat has a hard vang so not required to hold the boom up and do work slightly better when a bit looser.  We will strip the boat for racing but somehow the lazy jacks get to stay

    Sailed / delivery, on boats that had them and sailed / delivered boats that had them & did not have them.

    Preferred the not having them. Not having requires a boom cradle on the boom.  

    The boom angle controlled by the main sheet. Could hoist, drop, and reef with out changing course or having to pointing to windward. No tangling of battens.

    One person could do it all.

    One crew to put reefing ties on without mainsail being blown all over the place before ties were fastened.

    In an emergency if pressure had to be taken of mast. Quickest way, ease main sheet, drop main instantly all the way, again no three crew to fold and tie with ties during all heavy weather sailing conditions.

  8. On 5/06/2020 at 8:23 AM, erice said:

    fair enough

    would love to see some good webcams on bean rock 

    maybe vodafone could be allowed to paint bean-rock red+white with VODAFONE red on the white background and white on the red background

    i'm sure there'd be screams, but you'd only see the name from the water, from land it would simply be coloured the same as rangitoto lighthouse




    The original post.

    Erice's reply was an answer my post,which I stated the post hijacked the thread because it did not relate to Bean Rk because all reference was in relation to A T road, highway cameras  expressing a opinion of disapproval re being spy cameras automobile, highway road locations only. The rules state keep to the title subject description, which also means if you want to introduce other matters start another thread specific to the reference with a different topic title.

    erive acknowledged the point of order I raised with out an apology by stating fair enough.

    The rest is self explanatory without much ready between the lines. My No referred to the reference re Vodafone and a different colour.

    Yellow is the colour as the bean Rk structure is at the moment.

    erice who I was conversing with direct obviouslu understood my reply because the poster has not complained re my wording.

    Perhaps erice might like to confirm this because at the moment I think I have not offended erice and erice Agree's.

    Want to make a noise ask the same question re erice's latest post. How does the post and link to a animated cartoon cracking the code relate to the thread "What's happening at Bean Rk ?"  I think it refers to u RushMan "the cartoon"

    I think erice could be a female and knows u r possibly  a male with certain multi interpretations like thick.


  9. That's not true.

    You r entitled to your opinion.

    By the way did you find the answers to your post re the Whangamata sinking longliner. Every other person knew where to find the answers u asked.

    There r lots of threads you post in with similar tactics and you think your posts r interesting. Some r some not.

    There r plenty of posts that do not add or inform. Like awesome, Gee, and Wow. Single word posts.

    You have not attacked them.

    Where have I been not nice to you.

    Be kind and have a nice day.



  10. 20 minutes ago, erice said:

    fair enough

    would love to see some good webcams on bean rock 

    maybe vodafone could be allowed to paint bean-rock red+white with VODAFONE red on the white background and white on the red background

    i'm sure there'd be screams, but you'd only see the name from the water, from land it would simply be coloured the same as rangitoto lighthouse



    No. Yellow the colour. A, I Iike would be appreciated as a apology.

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