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  1. They have not been successful to date.
  2. With a little bit of sweet talk I think you will find he will join voluntary and his parents will probably give a donation.
  3. Light Rail Official papers and a statement from the NZ Transport Agency previously showed the task was more difficult than the Labour politicians envisaged, https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12335025
  4. Ask the manufacturers via the internet. Can you describe The symbol .or use google
  5. Wrong. I used it on my boat and it was absolutely fabulous on all the windows and chain plates after the muck the boat builder used leaked like a sieve the first time it rained.
  6. Obviously replacing the piles and adding a landing wharf for the TV cameras.
  7. Silicon for the screw holes also. No need to hold until set. Just got to remember after applying do not tighen the screws to tight just enough to squeeze all the air passages and gaps then when set tighten then. Semi rubbering and flexible and totally water tight. Not affected by uv Ray's.
  8. True and healthier. Remember to add some folic acid.
  9. Not only inshore waters but coastal waters also past the 12 mile limit should b the future goal also including Raglan, Gisborne, Westport, Banks peninsular.
  10. That is really suited for silicon use. No cracking in heat expansion or twisting.
  11. Licenced cafe and viewing tower for out of city nz visitors as a Auckland harbour experience.
  12. Big advantage does have yeast : : : variations, wholemeal flour, can add green olives, garlic, tumeric, cooked fish especially kawaii, ground almonds.
  13. Why not use a bread recipe that does not need kneading.
  14. Why not use clear silicon which is flexible, easy to apply and available from Bunnings $17.00 approx plus application gun. Also available in white.
  15. Yeap caused by a low weather depression in the atmosphere, the east coast NI moving south..
  16. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/world/survivors-42-day-drift-sea-return-home-marshall-islands
  17. My original was supposed to read foredeck not fire deck + did not proof read before posting ⛵ Sorry ***
  18. Thanks 4 that Fish it would have help if you had made that statement early in the piece. Why do I get the impression u seem to use the forums like a shooting range with a strategy leaving your firing your bullseye missle info to the last moment. Dagwood must be good at reading between the lines or got a private message from where.? I do not at the moment support them to become a fully professional organization. Becoming fully professional would that disqualify them from lotto grants??? I do not know the answer to that, but increasing the more than reasonable perks, and partial renum
  19. Exactly, that's what I mean by awareness advertising, I also had forgot you where a charity org. That's what promotional advertising is all about. At the bottom of other promotional ads it should read or include ........ The title and that the CG is a charity and a please donate with a hyperlink to your donation receiving page in every ad.and make it condition when writing or supplying articles, stories to magazines that they give you a free trailer mention with a hyperlink to your donation page as a minimum
  20. Fish to use BP's quote you have read to much into my post. I have not advocated the CG moves to a fully professional organization I support them remaining a charity with more / increased funding , their ability to raise revenues via their lotteries, where their premises are near a marina hard stand, a cafe community area, with a licence for six or so poker machines and with more assets in certain areas similar to what Auckland has, better advertising on the lines of promotional advertising, every boating would be aware of the NZ Coast Guard name and the existence of same so awareness ad
  21. Wasted questions Fish. There have been a few severe weather situations in cook strait and further afield from memory that their existing assets would not have been suitable. I have never suggested that the wellington region require or obtain those assets. Don't be surprised if that member does bother to reply you have expressed total disrespect and insulted probably most CG members and officials. "Gee, apparently I've been wasting my time as a Coastguard volunteer all these years." ................ No disrespect fish, sussgest you read the post again in it's entiret
  22. Excellent post and well written. Good to see those involved defending their organisation, clarifying sweeping generalizations and misconceptions. Yes BP you have made a great point re their existence. What if???⛵😎
  23. Pleased to help. The Wellington yacht clubs marina offices and chandeliers could do a lot to educate their members and customers if they had the becon hills, with the channels and the passage I quoted incorporated in a large notice, heading perhaps"Radio proceedures a mandatory requirement when entering and leaving WELLINGTON HARBOUR additional to TORY CH." I to do not claim to know it all. The CG have educated me a lot and I'm entirely gratefull of their existence. Have sent them a email on them with some susgestions in my opinion on how to increase their income revenues especially thei
  24. I was being respectfull it. I did not have a ! mark after the sentence. Sorry if I sounded disrespectful I did not intend to convey that attitude. It's. Statements like some being posted in other threads and topics denergrating the cg that incourages people to b casual. I attended the course run by the Wellington CG. In my opinion it was run by a most learned, well qualified tutor, very thorough who had excellent tutoring and communitive skills. Wellington is one of the most dangerous harbours to enter in NZ. especially on dusk and during the hours of darkness. The ferries
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