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  1. Went there yesterday with a shopping list for the 830 refit. Got a great deal on a GME multimedia sound system and VHF. Very helpful guys on their corporate stand. Wanted a full set of coastal wet weather gear, and decent life jackets for the kids.... didn't find either Also took roughly 45 mins of slow, deliberate driving around the lower part of the city to find a park thanks in no small part to all the roadworks. The weather was mint however!
  2. You flatter me Richard.... my only skill in that boat was NEVER GIVING UP! anything to haunt you on those long short handers in theTravelling Man
  3. Oooohhhhhhh..... That's tempting Byron! Would be great to get up close and personal with a sorted 830 before the final fitout on mine. I'm out of the country for Novembers races so that would be two drops... I see no substitute skippers but can a series entrant still score points if he races two different 830's? ha ha
  4. Dam you all! The Shapeshifter won't be ready for the first weekend of this series.... somebody lend me a Ross Boat!
  5. I wouldn't think you would need one that big. Trailer sailers are usually pretty well balanced with their weight over or just forward of the axle. i would think something in the 200-250kg range would be more than enough. This looks as good a place as any: http://www.trailerpartsnz.com/product_info.php/jockey-wheel-swivel-mount-p-2105
  6. Thanks - I've passed the number onto the Minister for profit disbursement and shoe acquisitions for follow up.
  7. Thanks Adrian. Am I correct in thinking a substantial saving could be had by sourcing and cutting the actual foam squabs myself - and handing them all to one of these chaps to cover? Looks like a high density 25mm foam sheet glued onto the bottom of a 75mm medium poly foam mattress could be the way to go. Soft enough for comfort but the lower layer would prevent hip/elbow clunking on the bunk tops, while not being too fat...?
  8. Missus FLC wants some "Professional" type to make and cover new squabs for the 830. It seems she trusts my upholstery skills as much as I do... Can anyone recommend a good trimmer who will get it done before xmas without eating into the new sail budget too much? Boat is on the hard in Whangaparaoa.
  9. Ha ha - exactly what I was thinking. I just waded through a couple of years worth of this thread and found the pics of yours and now I want to get the sabre saw out again
  10. I popped down with the family and was quite impressed. The Ponsonby Club sailing school in particular were very pleasant to talk to and took both my boys out for a little sail. Must admit the mullets were a bit out of place though!
  11. Either way, I'll need an anchor point in the stem for either the Forestay to terminate at, or for a block to anchor to. A Any hints on a nice strong way to achieve this?
  12. Ha ha - yes, not the smartest time of day to move an oversized load on an unregistered trailer... She is currently up on Scott Road. Most likely launch from the Weiti Boating Club as she is destined to be a riverboat. The finances can't stretch to a Marina berth, although after the initial launch I may rent one for a month to get all the systems working properly. Thanks for the compliment!
  13. After 20 years of hiding away from the world the 830 is now out in the elements. Phase 1 completed, now for the interior beef up and refit! I can see it from my bedroom window now so no possibility of ignoring my responsibilities ha ha
  14. A customer of mine just sent one of his boys in to ask me for a specification for painting dinghy storage lockers. They have just won the contract to tidy them all up, and maintain them, from Auckland North. So it seems at least some of the money is going to go back into them.
  15. Those boys could come in handy next time I run out of alcohol round the back of the Barrier! Great stuff!
  16. Mast is deck stepped. I'm not really looking for adjustability - just a method of terminating the forestay that won't rip out or have me ruining my paintjob
  17. Me too KM. I'm not entirely convinced I should be left in charge of an adjustable forestay, but in the meantime I was thinking an attachment on my beefy bulkhead with a turnbuckle on it, attached to a wire strop that passes through the pulpit tube and then shackles onto the forestay would be just fine. How do you recommend I make it turn the 90+ degrees it would need to at the front?
  18. Found this on the interweb, Elliott 770. Can't see it but assume the wire runs through a turning block up front and the purchase is anchored to the anchor locker bulkhead. This could work as I have already beefed the bulkhead up considerably to carry the Prod bearing.
  19. The pulpit on my 830 has a tube welded into the back of the center foot designed for the Forestay to run through it to some adjustable type setup in the anchor locker. The stem has no provision for a Forestay attachment point of any kind either internally or externally. The shape of it doesn't lend itself to a traditional through bolted external tab either. How would you go about fabricating a sufficiently strong anchor point for a Forestay without having anything protrude out the front of the stem? I'm going to be putting a hole through from one side to the other lower down for a bobstay (
  20. Ok may have mentioned this earlier but my 830 was originally designed for and sailed in Lake Taupo. Apparently this required it to built with a ballasted retractable keel/centerboard ala Ross780. Fast forward to the refit and it has had a new set of foils made, with a bulbed reasonable draft keel. The bulb is a permanent fixture, and the bottom of the trunk/case was made around the foil. It appears to be a carbon/graphite type arrangement. This was then fitted to the boat and an outer case formed to take it to the cabin top. Therefore, unlike other boats I have seen, the keel needs to be fi
  21. Those bags are legit! No more musty clothes. Although I can see Mrs FLC utilizing a whole bag for herself and jamming us poor three buggers gear in the other
  22. Yes it's essentially tenting on the water, and we are fine with that. Cruised in a Piedy, then a skinny Quarter Tonner then the SR but always shortish trips with adults. Always had things I'd like to install given the chance which I now have. As far as a removable kitchenette goes ala Motorboat - love it but as my boat has a keel trunk floor to ceiling it utilizes a permanent bench to tie it to the hull. If I was to add anything removable I'd look at more bench space - something that folds down from somewhere inside as a workspace for mum and can be removed and fitted in the cockpit a
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