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  1. You never seen a cat with a leash before?
  2. You'd be glad its not a GHYC/Weiti race then Jon... 4 weeks ago the start boat got hit... 2 weeks ago the finish boat... I'm picking someones going to hook the wing mark this Sunday and haul it all over the gulf
  3. I've found mine to be Bipolar at best
  4. I seem to recall a lineage of boats for the original owner: Wasted Away Wasted Away Again Margaritaville All purported to be Ross boats? Could just be urban legend though...
  5. If there was a yellow division you could run one of those super absorbent kitchen cloths, could damn near clean up a whole bottle at a time! But on a 930, one decent gust and you'd be 10kg out of balance on one shroud...
  6. Why are all the Y88's only doing the short course? Is it because they are less comfortable than 930's, 830's and SR26's?
  7. That is some great footage. That current!
  8. My 830 was faster upwind at anchor than when underway
  9. For Blue/yellow, I guess you use one of each colour? Cant recall seeing any two tone flags at burnsco...
  10. Man that sucks. No chance of towing her?
  11. Well done guys Wish the conditions were more 930’esque so we could have stuck it out with you
  12. After a wet banging and crashing first night we found ourselves further up the fleet than we thought a tender old 930 should be but as the sun came up the wind started to drop off for us approaching the hen and chicks. Shook the reef out and progressively worked our way up through headsails until we were left flopping about south of the Poor Knights at midday with Moving Violation for company. We were treated to seeing a lot of the bigger boats painfully squeaking around the Knights before the lightest breeze filtered in from the NW and we managed to crawl around at about 3kts just as darkness
  13. Ran the tape over the genny tonight. Seems to have shrunk off season; Black Gennaker Actual Luff 12600 Leech 11300 Foot 8400 .75 cloth UK sails
  14. Just dragged a carbon class jib out of the stack that came with Mean Streak. She’s covered in rust and was built way back by Giddens but most of the hanks unsiezed with a bit of CRC - reckon she’s a race winner!
  15. Trying my hardest not to believe any of the forecasting models ????
  16. I also had a great run with Vivid on my 830, in the Weiti and cleaning regularly for racing. I’ve just applied the same to the 930, by airless. 2 full coats all over and a third on the waterline, bow sections and foils. Went back in a month ago, haven’t cleaned yet but a thin brown coat of slime evident top 100mm. Wipes clean with ease so hopefully will slide off when we motor out for the Enduro????
  17. Still got both these sails, open to reasonable offers!
  18. I’ll have to have a borrow of my missus facepalm... what page?
  19. Want to enter the above on my Ross 930 Mean Streak but short 3 crew. Ideally a bowperson would be great! Dinghy sailors would find themselves at home on this lively boat... Reliability and temperament more important than experience. Racing every second Sunday starting mid May. PM or contact me on 022 044 9171
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